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Police in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province Abduct, Torture and Extort Money From Over 700 Dafa Practitioners

July 10, 2003 |  

June 27, 2003


Since April 22, 2002, directed by the Hegang City Communist Party Secretary Zhang Xingfu, the City Public Security Bureau has senselessly abducted Dafa practitioners. Over 700 Dafa practitioners were kidnapped in the span of 6 days, and over 80 non-practitioners were also arrested. Immediately after they were detained, some of them received notice that they would be sent to Forced Labor Camps. No legal procedures were observed. The Harbin city Drug-rehabilitation Center was filled to capacity as a result.

To increase the "reformation rate," Zhang Xingfu included "reformed" non-practitioners in his calculations. The families of non-practitioners had to pay varying amounts of money before these non-practitioners were allowed to be bailed out for medical treatment.

Sun Shuxia, Wang Zhongqing, and Sun Yunjie from the Dongshan District, Hegang City were sentenced to forced labor camps in 2000. In July 2001, they were "reformed" and had even helped police to persecute other determined Dafa practitioners. But on April 20, they were arrested again. They are among those who help Zhang Xingfu. Falun Gong practitioners who were illegally sentenced forced labor camps in 2000 were transferred to the 2002 list. Many practitioners were still illegally detained at the First Detention Center. Those who did not practice Falun Gong were still detained at different detention centers and forced to do heavy physical work. Each male could create an average income of 1000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] for the 2nd Forced Labor Camp, and each female 800 Yuan.

The old women (non-practitioners) who had been "reformed" had to pay 3000 Yuan for room and board to the 2nd Detention Center after they were released.

Since April 22, 2002, Zhang Xingfu gave each local police officer a quota to arrest 4 to 5 Dafa practitioners. All the abducted Dafa practitioners were detained at the First and Second Detention Center, and consequently both centers were full. Excluding the arrested family members of Dafa practitioners and those who did not practice Falun Gong, over 700 practitioners were arrested within 6 days. Later several criminals who were forced to search Dafa practitioners' bodies remarked: "Those days my hands became numb from all the body-searches." Over 30 people who had stopped their practice of Falun Gong were also arrested.

In May, at the 2nd Detention Center, in order to prevent Dafa practitioners from

going to sleep, police woman Wu Yanfei said: "Among several typical cases, whoever closes their eyes is a Falun Gong practitioner." Female Dafa practitioners in cell #14 raised their hands to send forth righteous thoughts but they were seen by some guards. The Center Head Li Shulin ordered to bind "supporting bars" to their bodies (a bar is about 1.2 meter or 4 feet long). Since the 2nd detention center did not have enough bars, Li Shulin drove by himself to collect bars from all the detention centers in the city including from the 1st Detention Center. Since there were still not enough bars, Li Shulin bought handcuffs and handcuffed Dafa practitioners' hands onto the bars. Dafa practitioners in room #14 all shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The following day, Dafa practitioners in room #13 sent forth righteous thoughts, which made Li Shulin very angry. He then bought lengths of steel pipe and made scores of "supporting bars." He also went to Jiamusi City and borrowed some hand bars (with three rings on them). All fifty Dafa practitioners were put into the bars. With handcuffs and shackles on, they were forced to sit on the ground 24 hours a day. They were not allowed to sleep and were watched by prostitutes and other criminals. If someone was found sleeping, the supervising criminals had to also wear the bars as punishment. Police also promised to reduce the terms of the criminals or release them if they worked hard in monitoring Dafa practitioners.

Compelled by Director Li Shulin, Deputy Head Yu Jie, and Female guard Wu Yanfei, the female criminals used various cruel methods to torture Dafa practitioners. They poured water onto anyone who closed their eyes, slapped Dafa practitioners' faces while holding their heads, and put the supporting bars on them. With both hands handcuffed on the 4-foot long bar, one cannot manage a normal daily life; even using the bathroom had to done with the help of others. Of the 40 practitioners in a room, 25 were put into the bars and forced to sit on the cold ground. To reduce costs, they were given less food and water. An Yuxia was menstruating, but every night, cold wind blew on her wet clothes, and she felt like insects were biting her constantly. Under such unbearable pain, she wrote a "guarantee to stop practicing," and only then were the bars removed from her. The female criminals poured water on Dafa practitioners' faces whenever they were seen with closed eyes, so Dafa practitioners' clothes were always wet and they had to sit on the wet floor. Their bodies started festering after about ten days. One night, a kind police officer loosened the handcuffs, and put some bundles of cloth on the ground to let the practitioners take a break. Since practitioners had not slept for several nights, they quickly fell asleep. Since the handcuffs were loosened, their hands could move freely. Lin Shulin who came for night supervision saw the scene on the monitors. (Each room in the 2nd Detention Center was installed with two monitors in February 2002. Even the toilet was in the monitor's scope. Some bad police officers even intentionally focused the monitor on the toilets--watching every personal matter.) Together with the on-duty police officers, he angrily rushed into the female cells with an inch-wide plastic hose in hand, and slapped Dafa practitioners who had fallen asleep. All of them were slapped and bruised all over their bodies. The last bar was removed after the 17th day.

Throughout May, cries and bitter noises were heard all day long in the 2nd Detention Center. All the police stations and public security bureau branches in the city were interrogating Dafa practitioners. Over 100 Dafa practitioners, regardless of age, were interrogated using various forms of torture. Even criminals were frightened by the scene.

Owing to the torture and pain, Dafa practitioner Chen Mingzhen suffered a mental collapse, causing her to shout occasionally. The Deputy Head You Jie slapped her 30 times with a plastic hose until her back was covered with bruises. Then she had to put on a supporting bar and was forced to sit on the ground. She was not allowed to lie down or sleep. If she closed her eyes, cold water would be poured on her. After 20 days of such torture, Chen's buttocks started festering and two large sores formed on her buttocks. Due to the pain, she could not wear pants, leaving her buttocks exposed. She was sent to Harbin at the end of June, by which time the pus in the festering sores had run out. Her buttocks were left with two large sunken areas.

Fifty-nine-year-old Dafa practitioner Hao Shuxian is from the Gongnong District of the Hegang City. On April 20, 2002, the local police station head Zhang Chenqing, along with policeman Chong Weifeng and two other police officers, searched Hao's home for 4 to 5 hours, but found nothing. Regardless, they illegally sent Hao to the 2nd Detention Center where he was tortured by "sitting on the steel chair" and "bound by thin ropes [in which one's two arms were bound with thin ropes then stretched to the two sides]". The police head kicked Hao's lower leg with their hard leather boots and slapped Hao's face. Police tortured Hao for over an hour. After he was carried back to the cell, Hao's right hand was quivering, and it did not recover for two months.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Yan, 55 years old, is from Xingan Tai of the Hegang City. Police tortured her by hanging her up and beating her. Police officers would step on her hands after handcuffing her, which caused her hands to swell.

Dafa practitioner Ding Fenglian is from the Dongshan District of Dalian City.

After being illegally abducted and taken to the 2nd Detention Center by police, Ding was stripped and beaten up for a whole night. The first time, Ding walked to the interrogation room but had to be carried back by others and was unable to move after coming back. For the second interrogation, Ding was carried in, tortured, and carried out.

Female Dafa practitioner Zhao Yuling is from the Xiangyang District of Hegang City. Police officers at the Xiangyang Public Security Bureau stripped her down to her underwear, then tortured and insulted her for several hours. They also covered the windows with newspapers and beat her up for a whole night. With threats, they warned her not to tell others about the torture.

Dafa practitioner Tan Yanjun is from the Gongnong District. He was tortured and interrogated. Li Shujiang, the Deputy Head of the Gongnong District Public Security Bureau said, "If you do not speak, I'll break your 206 bones one by one. The upper levels have told us that there is a quota arranged for how many of you can be beaten to death. We can beat you up until you have just one breath left." After Tan was tortured to the point of fainting, Tan's finger-print was forcibly printed on the inquiry record. The torture caused a hole in Tan's eardrum, and Tan also developed a heart disease (medical certification available).

Dafa practitioner Qu Jie, 57 years old, lives at the Gongnong District. He was kidnapped and taken to the Gongnong Public Security Branch. The deputy Head Li Shujiang tortured and interrogated him while threatening: "If you die, it serves you right. Our boss will cover it up for us."

Dafa practitioner Si Shangyun is 55 years old and lives in the Gongnong District. He was illegally abducted to the 2nd Detention Center. Owing to his heart disease, he was sent to a hospital where his feet were shackled to one end of the bed, while his hands were handcuffed and shackled to the other end of the bed.

Dafa practitioner Huang Shisheng is from the Gongnong District. After he was abducted to the detention center, Li Shujiang bound Huang's hands behind his back with electric wires, then hung him up to a radiator and torture-interrogated him. The scars on Huang's hands are still visible.

Dafa practitioner Jiang Hejun is 50 years old. He is disabled, with only one leg. Police arrested him and sentenced him to three years of imprisonment.

He is not able to take care of himself. Each time he goes to the bathroom, someone has to support him.

Dafa practitioner Wang Xiuzhi, 59 years old, was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor. She weighed over 80 kilograms (about 180 lb) and had rosy cheeks before she was abducted to the 2nd Detention Center. One month after she was detained she started vomiting blood, and even the mucous membrane of her stomach was vomited out. She lost over 25 kilograms (about 60 lb). Medical examinations showed that most of the mucous membrane of her stomach had separated from the stomach, and her stomach bled in several places. Her feces were purple-colored, and she had a serious case of duodenal ulcer. Despite this, the Detention Center refused to release her.

Dafa practitioner Tan Guoyi's daughter was illegally sent to the forced labor camp. Tan Guoyi has been illegally detained at the 2nd Detention Center.

Dafa practitioner Zang Fengzhi is 69 years old. She was kidnapped on April 20th and was sentenced to two years of forced labor camp. Due to harsh treatment, her health rapidly deteriorated and she became nothing but skin and bones. When she was sent to the hospital, she was unable to walk by herself.

Dafa practitioner Xun Shuqing is 70 years old. When Xun was first abducted to the jail, Xun walked very fast, now Xun's legs and feet are disabled.

Dafa practitioner Jiang Yunjing was abducted by police from the Xingshan Public Security Bureau. Xin Dejun, the Head of the Economic and Guarding Brigade, led several police officers to torture Jiang Yunjing. One night of torture caused Jiang Yunjing to swell beyond recognition. Then Jiang Yunjing was hung up from a water pipe. Since Jiang Yunjing refused to put his fingerprint on the document, Xin ordered a drunken police officer to walk on Jiang Yunjing's hands. Jiang Yunjing's hands were almost smashed. Jiang Yunjing was sent to the jail after 5 days and nights of torture without any food or sleep. He was then placed in shackles for three months. Jiang Yunjing went on a hunger strike to protest, and days later, his shackles were removed.

Over 20 elderly women are currently still detained at the 2nd Detention Center, as they were sentenced to two to three years of forced labor. The oldest is 71 years old. A room designed for 20 people now houses over 40 people. Among the three meals each day, two of them are made of coarse grains. The price of food in the Detention Center is much higher than the market price. Long-term detention has caused serious malnutrition to these women. The Detention Center did not allow their families to send food to them. Since April 20, 2002, nobody was allowed to meet his or her family members. In late November, six elderly ladies went on a hunger strike for six days. As a result, family visits were allowed in December. Most of the 20 elderly women have high blood pressure. The head and guards of the 2nd Detention Center said they would take no responsibility if the elderly ladies die. They are becoming thinner and thinner. Some of them eat little food and have become nothing but skin and bone. The Detention Center refused to release them, and continued mistreating them.

In January 2002, Dafa practitioner Du Guijie clarified the truth about Dafa to people in his work unit (the City People's Hospital). The unit sent him to the police station, and he was illegally sentenced to two years in the forced labor camp. In March 2002, Du Guijie suffered serious anemia in the 2nd Detention Center, and his sister, Du Guihua, bailed him out. On April 20, he left home to avoid being arrested. In September, police kidnapped him. His sister, Du Guihua, was also kidnapped and was detained for 15 days. After Du Guihua was released, her cell phone was illegally tapped by police officers. Du Guihua was arrested again and her home was searched. She was brought to the 1st Detention Center and was tortured there. Her arms were tightly bound up with thin ropes four times. On the second day, Du Guihua was hung up and was beaten. Her home was left a total mess after being searched by police. The clothing store, which her family had relied on for an income, was forced to close, leaving her husband and children with no source of income. Her 72-year-old parents live in constant sorrow.

A List of Criminal Officers in the Hegang City:

Zhang Xingfu, Ren Ruichen, Zhang Chunqing, Jin Longxi, Li Shujiang,

The Public Security Bureau Branches, Officers of the "610 offices." ["610 Office" is a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches]

The 1st Detention Center, the 2nd Detention Center: Li Shulin, Wu Yanfei, You Jie;

Phone numbers of the Hegang City Public Security Bureau:

Director's Office: 86-468-3340126

Deputy Director's office: (86-468) 3353909, 3342233, 3340257, 3344591

Head of the Political Section: 86-468-3357799

Chairman of the Union: (86-468) 3340908; Resident ID office: 86-468-3348473

Head of the Criminal Police Group: (86-468) 3349216

Anti-violence Group:(86-468) 3350206

Bicycle Management Office: (86-468) 3431610

People Collecting and Identification Post: (86-468) 3343362

Police Dog Station: (86-468) 3384380

The Gonglong Public Security Bureau Branch:

Director: (86-468) 3423113 Deputy Director:(86-468) 3422575

Chinese Communist Party Secretary:(86-468) 3450508

Executive Office: (86-468) 3423115

Security Section: (86-468) 3418558 Legal System Section: (86-468) 3415757

Criminal Police Group: (86-468) 3419118 3423798

Anti-violence Brigade: (86-468) 3436110

Tuanjie Road Police Station (86-468) 3422137

Wenhua Road Police Station (86-468) 3342066

Hongqi Road Police Station (86-468) 3343833

Zhanqian Security Police Station (86-468) 3228668

Hubin Police Station (86-468) 3422149

Xinnan Road Police Station (86-468) 3345008

Jiefang Road Police Station (86-468) 3438386

The Xiangyang Public Security Bureau Branch:

Director: (86-468) 3224647 Deputy Director:(86-468) 3222336, 3237544

Executive Office: (86-468) 3220860; Economic Guarding Section: (86-468) 3236493

Legal System Section: (86-468) 3236049; Security Section: (86-468) 3236049

Criminal Police Brigade: (86-468) 3283234

Anti-violence Brigade: (86-468) 3230110; Beishan Police Station (86-468) 3221018

Guangming Police Station (86-468) 3224860, 3225557

Hongjun Road Police Station (86-468) 3224678

Nanyi Police Station (86-468) 3284854; Shengli Police Station (86-468) 3222544

The Nashan Public Security Bureau Branch:

Director: (86-468) 3333777 Deputy Director:(86-468) 3333977

Communist Party Secretary's Office: (86-468) 3336888

Political Office: (86-468) 3332110

Economic Guarding Section: (86-468) 3333969

Criminal Police Brigade: (86-468) 3332118, 3333987, 3333388

Anti-violence Brigade: (86-468) 3344110

No.6 Police Station (86-468) 3336476

Fuli Police Station (86-468) 3383661

Tiedong Police Station (86-468) 3308555

Tiexi Police Station (86-468) 3305108

Lulinshan Police Station (86-468) 3383768

The Dongshan Public Security Bureau Branch:

Director: (86-468) 3567777 Deputy Director: (86-468) 3563700

Phone number for reporting to Police: (86-468) 3569110

Dongshan Police Station (86-468) 3532194

Sanjie Police Station (86-468) 3533711

Xinyi Police Station (86-468) 3562888

Dongfanghong Police Station (86-468) 3564732

Gongrencun Police Station (86-468) 3572787

Shyuan Township Police Station (86-468) 3431587

Xinhua Township Police Station (86-468) 3682215

Hongqi Township Police Station (86-468) 3623523

Xinshan Police Station (86-468) 3529930 3529970

Goubei Police Station (86-468) 3523430

Gounan Police Station (86-468) 3529110

Linnan Police Station (86-468) 3523232

The Xinan Public Security Bureau Branch:

Director: (86-468) 3621601, 3621718

Political Office:(86-468) 3626991

Head of the Criminal Police Brigade: (86-468) 3622854, 3628110

On-duty Office: (86-468) 3336888

The Criminal Police Brigade: (86-468) 3702110, 3621580

The Office of the Criminal Police Brigade: (86-468) 3621662

Economic Guarding Section: (86-468) 3623110

Junde Road Police Station (86-468) 3702084

Xinjian Road Police Station (86-468) 3383661

Xinan Road Police Station (86-468) 3623183

Xinchang Road Police Station (86-468) 3621546

Hedong Road Police Station (86-468) 3601333

The Hedong Public Security Bureau Branch:

Director: (86-468) 3220087

Communist Party Secretary's Office: (86-468) 3226121

Executive Office:(86-468) 3222195

Head of the Criminal Police Brigade: (86-468) 3233319