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The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners Sun Fengjie and Wang Guanrong at the Jixian County Detention Center

June 05, 2003 |  


On December 7, 2002, when Dafa practitioners Ms. Sun Fengjie and Ms. Wang Guanrong took a taxi, they clarified the truth to the taxi driver and gave him a flyer, But the taxi driver reported them to the authorities. The Jixian County police arrested the two practitioners and sent them to the detention center. They were then interrogated repeatedly. The two sessions where they were mistreated the most took place on December 12 and December 30, 2002.

On December 12, the two practitioners were interrogated starting at around 3 p.m., and it did not stop until 1 a.m. of December 14, a total of nearly 50 hours. A task force was established in Shuangyashan City just for the two practitioners, and comprised of 14 people from the county police department and the "610 Office,"* plus 4 or 5 people from the police criminal division. The team was divided into two groups to interrogate and torture Ms. Sun Fengjie and Ms. Wang Guanrong. The police punched and kicked them, struck them across the face, grabbed their ears, etc. They forced the practitioners to bend at the waist at 90 degrees with legs spread wide, arms raised backwards, and head down. If they could not maintain that posture, they would be kicked in the face. Wang Guanrong was forced to keep that posture for nearly two hours. Sun Fengjie was smothered with a plastic bag. The prison guards punched Wang Guanrong's spine repeatedly. As a result, she was covered with cuts and bruises. Ms. Wang was unable to walk for two weeks and coughed up blood for days afterwards. Ms. Sun was in such a condition that the police had to drag her back into the holding cell.

Ms. Sun Fengjie was interrogated for 12 hours on December 30. She was forced to remain standing for 12 hours and to stand barefoot for 2 hours in the cold. After the abuse she suffered during the interrogation, She had swelling all over her body and couldn't walk. One policeman named Dai set Ms. Sun's hair on fire with a cigarette lighter. A policeman named Li Sen tried to force them to step on the picture of Master Li. When they refused, the police stamped on their feet with their boots, breaking Ms Wang's shoes in the process.

Members of the Shuangyashan City task force:
Leader of the team: Ling Qingfan, deputy leader: Gao Moushan
Team members include: the assistant director Li, Dai, Liu from the city "610 office", Xing Tiefeng, Ling Dawei, Chang (driver for Li Sen).

Detention Group Leader: Li Sen
Police from Jixian County Detention Center- Zhang Yushan, Xiao Geng (only 19 years old).

On May 10, 2003, the Shuangyashan City Court held illegal proceeding for Sun Fengjie, Wang Guanrong, Zhao Xiangping, Wang Lihua, Wu Yueqing and Zhang Xinghua.

*The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.