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Police Torture Practitioners in Chenxi County, Hunan Province

June 22, 2003 |  


On March 5, 2002, police raided a Falun Gong practice site and arrested practitioners Zhang Jiaoyu, Yu Shanmei, Jin Qiqiu, Xia Moumou, and Zhang Shiyu. The practitioners were taken to the local police station, where some of the most inhuman and brutal torture was dealt to them.

Practitioner Jin Qiqiu is in his forties. The police began slapping him in the face and kept asking what they were doing there together. Jin protested with silence. The police then tied his limbs in four opposite directions and gradually increased the tension of the rope while at the same time continuing to beat him. After that, they hung him upside down and continued the beatings. The torture continued from four in the afternoon to eleven at night. Jin was severely injured and could not get up for three days.

Ms. Yu Shanmei is a practitioner in her fifties. From nine in the morning until midday, the police tortured her continuously. They forced her to sit on the ground with her legs and arms wide apart as they beat her. They kept asking her, "Do you still want to continue practicing Falun Gong?" Upon hearing an affirmative answer, they carried on with their torture. The police also stomped on her thighs and kicked her with heavy boots. She was not allowed to use the restroom. Her body was bruised all over and she could not move for a long time. The other practitioners suffered similar torture.

Ms. Liu Liumei is in her thirties. She was arrested for distributing Dafa materials that clarified the truth. After the police stripped off her clothes, they beat her hands, wrists, ankles, and feet with an iron rod. The pain was excruciating. At the detention center, the guards attempted to force her to sign a statement renouncing her faith, but she refused. The ordeal went on for two hours. One officer slammed her head against a wall so forcefully that she fell unconscious for two days. Later, when she was sent to a forced labor camp, her head injury still caused her great discomfort. Occasionally she lost control of her thoughts and spoke erratically.

In November of 2000, practitioner Zhang Yeye, a young man in his twenties, Ms. Chen Manfen, who is in her forties, as well as many others, formed a group of about forty practitioners to go to Beijing to appeal for the fair treatment of Falun Dafa. They were arrested and sent back to their respective county detention centers, where they received different forms of hostile treatment. For example, after being beaten by the police officers, Zhang Yeye was thrown into a pond, which was deeper than his own height, and was left in the water for a long time. After that, they let him lie in a cold draft for one whole day. They then said to him, "If you practitioners don't get sick after this, I will believe you."

As for Chen Manfen, after being slapped in the face several times, she was thrown into a pond. After pulling her up, they left her in the draft of a fan for a whole day. They also forced her to swallow human excrement. Later she was sent to the Zhuzhou Forced Labor Camp. All the practitioners with the courage to step forward to clarify the truth had received different levels of torture. Some had to pay huge sums of money as "fines." For example, 63 year old Liu Bizhen, a retired teacher, was forced to pay out 8,000 Yuan,* most of which went straight into the executive officers' pockets.

The following are names of people who have persecuted Dafa practitioners:

Assistant Party Secretary, Tang Xiaojun: 86-13907457186 (Cell)
Former Chief Police Officer, Zhu Shunan: 86-13607456881 (Cell)

Local 610 Office**:

Head Officer: Yang Wenjun:
86-745-5230670 (Office), 86-745-5224743 (Home), 86-13973081208 (Cell)

Assistant Head Officer, Chen Qiuzhen (Female):
86-745-5230670 (Office), 86-745-13974516116 (Cell)

Assistant Head Officer, Duan Qingyun:
86-745-5230670 (Office), 86-745-5222515 (Home), 86-13707457282 (Cell)

Assistant Head Officer, Li Huimeng:
86-745-5230670 (Office), 86-745-5253801 (Home), 86-13974504532 (Cell)

Police Department:

Chief Officer, Song Dafeng:
86-745-5232543, 86-745-5236851, 86-13907457321 (Cell)

Council Executive, Liu Diqing:
86-745-5232543, 86-745-5232540, 86-13907457067 (Cell)

Deputy Officer, Zheng Xianghai (Head Persecutor of Practitioners):
86-745-5232543, 86-745-5232680, 86-13807457372 (Cell)

Zhu Shunan, former Chief Police Officer of Chenxi County Police Department, who was later appointed as District Council Secretary, has now been relieved from all his duties.

* Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

**The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.