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In This Period of SARS, We Must be Even More Compassionate

June 02, 2003 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China


A month ago, when the official media announced the news regarding SARS with so little importance attached to it, the public did not realize its gravity at first. Recently, however, with the large number of cases being revealed, people have begun to realize the seriousness of this epidemic.

Teacher wants to extensively save the sentient beings, and we are assisting Teacher in his journey in this world. How must we face this calamity of the entire human race? I think we must compassionately assist in the salvation of sentient beings. Some lives have made the wrong choices, and that is their misfortune.

We must use every opportunity to expose the evil and save the people of the world. For example, during the early days of the epidemic, Jiang political group was concealing the truth, which resulted in the virus becoming more and more widespread. Such utter disregard for human life revealed the intrinsic nature of the evil. We should let the people know that the persecution of Dafa is the suppression of goodness, and it is also a crime against humanity. In exposing the evil, we must have a sense of rationality and good sense. We should tell people that those who are determined to persecute Dafa are extremely few in number. The majority has been deceived by those few. At present, many people who have a sense of righteousness and responsibility are beginning to oppose this persecution, and this leaves these few evil persons in a precarious and dangerous position. Because the people can distinguish between real righteousness and evil, they can therefore choose a bright future for themselves.

The situation is now more complex. In the case of SARS, we should remain calm, and neither be overly focused on this issue nor indifferent. There should not be excessive words or actions, lest the public misunderstand us, which may turn into an obstacle to their salvation. We must now help the people around us become more aware that we are pure, compassionate, selfless and kind, and are concerned with the future of the human race. We must care for them and console them. They will understand and come to respect Dafa practitioners, which will enable them to find the opportunity for salvation.

Now is the urgent period for the salvation of lives. Let us take a stand to be responsible to the Fa, for the sake of all lives, and pay attention to our words and deeds. Everything must be done with consideration for the sentient beings, as saving one more is another life saved.

These are my personal understandings and I earnestly request that you point out my mistakes so that they may be corrected.