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Daqing Labor Camp Police Freeze He Huajiang to Death

June 14, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The police from Daqing Labor Camp arrested Daqing practitioner He Huajiang on December 23, 2002 and tortured him to death that same night.

He Huajiang was a 42-year-old male who lived in Qingxin and worked for the Daqing 6th Oil Factory, 4th Unit. He persisted in practicing Falun Gong, and the police from the 6th Qingxin Oil Factory Police Department arrested him and illegally detained him for 30 days in Longfeng Detention Center. They then transferred him to Sa District Detention Center, and kept him there for 50 days. Finally they sent him to another district's detention center and illegally detained him there for 18 days.

On December 23, 2002 at 10 a.m., He Huajiang was sent to the city's forced labor camp for a 3-year sentence. He Huajiang was very healthy. He passed health checkups and they sent him to a cell in the 2nd Unit. The police ordered several prisoners, including Wang Qinglin, Jiang Fa, and Zhao Yanjun to do the torturing. Around noontime, prisoner Wang Qingling boasted that he would "take care of" He Huajiang that night. He Huajiang refused to write the so-called "letter of regret," so from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., the prisoners tortured him by freezing him. They tied him to an iron chair, sealed his mouth and opened the windows. They sometimes took him outside to freeze him. We could hear He Huajiang's moaning and we could hear Wang Qingling's shouting, "Are you going to write it? Do you hear me?" The prisoners Zhao Lizhi and Lu Huashan, as well as practitioner Liu Fubin could hear He Huajiang's terrible moaning when they went to the second floor to brush their teeth. Due to the extensive torturing, around 11 p.m., He Huajiang was frozen to death in the 2nd unit bathroom. Fu Qiang (a doctor in the labor camp) tried to revive him but failed.

After that incident, the prisoners responsible for the torturing went back to their unit. They told some of their close friends but didn't tell anyone else.

The director, Han Jinshan, did a lot of work trying to cover-up the incident. He forbade all practitioners from making phone calls and from receiving family members' visits. He then spread lies in the 2nd Unit, trying to fool everyone. He said that He Huajiang was trying to drink some water in the bathroom, with guard Wang Gang's permission. He said that after the incident occurred he went to the labor camp's clinic, and that they sent him to the People's Hospital, where he died of a heart attack. Everyone in the 2nd Unit knew what really happened, but no one dared to speak out. None of the practitioners were allowed to leave their cells even if they wanted to eat, drink, or use the bathroom. How could He Huajiang go to the bathroom around 11 p.m. for a sip of water? The clinic doctor Fu Qiang was ordered to stay and aid in the torturing, and he never left the scene. When they found He Huajiang's head drooped, it was already too late. But, in order to make a fake rescue attempt, they sent him to the People's Hospital and claimed that they were giving him emergency care. The truth was, Vice Director Wang Yongxiang, together with 1st Unit Leader Wang Xichun, Vice Leader Zhang Mingzhu, policeman Wang Gang, Xu Enjun, prisoner Wang Qingling, Jiang Fa, and Zhao Yanjun brutally tortured He Huajiang. They exposed him to the cold for too long, which stopped his heart and breathing. He Huajiang died of inhuman torture.

Those responsible for torturing He Huajiang include Director Han Jinshan, Clinic Doctor Fu Qiang, Vice Director Wang Yongxiang, 1st Unit Leader Wang Xichun, Vice Leader Zhang Mingzhu, and Officers Wang Gang and Xu Enjun.

Prisoners that tortured He Huajiang include: Wang Qinglin, Jiang Fa, and Zhao Yanjun.

June 2, 2003