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Use Your Heart to Communicate With the Machine

June 13, 2003 |  

(Clearwidom.net May 21, 2003)

Between August and September 2002, the evil in our city went crazy. Truth clarification sites were searched and those who made the truth clarification materials were arrested. Suddenly we lost the source of these materials and were unable to access the Clearwisdom website. Our hearts felt heavy. But as Fa rectification period Falun Dafa disciples, we also clearly felt the weight of these responsibilities upon our shoulders. After studying the Fa and holding discussions, we determined that we must totally deny the arrangements made by the old forces as well as the persecution by the evil beings. We felt that we must rebuild the site for truth clarification materials.

It was very difficult at the very beginning, since we were new in this area, with little knowledge of how to copy, burn CDs or use computers. However, we spent more time studying the Fa diligently and with the wisdom we acquired, we finally mastered ways to use all kinds of machines.

I remember when we first purchased the copy machine, although it was still new, it started to have problems due to our large workload. We did not know how to repair it, and neither could we pull the heavy machine out for repair all the time. We did not know what to do. One day during Fa study, I suddenly realized that I needed to communicate with the machine so that it could work with us to fight the interference from the old forces. So, whenever I was copying the materials, I started to talk to it. I said, "You are working for Dafa, so you must do well. Make sure not to lose this opportunity. Create a good place for your future." In my heart I felt that it could understand my words and it was willing to work to help stop the persecution of Falun Dafa. It then seldom had problems, but due to the old force's interference, I felt that it was working with much difficulty at times. At that time, I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all of the evil substances that tried to interfere with it. Sure enough, the effects were very good and it quickly recovered.

A while ago, because I was very busy, I transferred the task of copying materials to another practitioner. Since this practitioner was new in working with the machine and therefore not very familiar with the machine, sometimes he unavoidably had the attachment of accomplishing things. He also did not pay attention to communicating with it. Then the machine started to again have lots of problems. One day when this practitioner was making copies, the paper continuously jammed. Because of this, his mood was unstable and restless. I asked him to go out for a while to take care of other things so that he could calm down a bit. Since these materials were in urgent need by other practitioners, I started to make the copies. In my heart, I communicated with the machine while I was making copies. When that practitioner returned, one thousand sheets, two thousand pages in two packages were all finished, while I encountered no problems at all. The practitioner was puzzled and asked, "Why did it go so smoothly for you while I had so many problems with it?" I replied, " You should treat it kindly and should not let your consideration of its being tired or not just be put aside because of your strong desire to accomplish things. As soon as it had some problems, instead of helping it to eliminate interference by sending forth righteous thoughts or finding out the cause of these problems calmly, you were restless and blamed it, even smashing and beating it. How could it do well for you? It is also a form of life. Master said:

"...the people within the coverage of your energy field all benefit, and maybe they'll feel great." (Zhuan Falun, from http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/doc/zfl_new.doc).

Think about it, although it is not a human being, it is also a life and a life within your energy-covering field. When you are restless and frustrated, how could your energy be pure? When you have a very strong attachment and you feel very uncomfortable, how could it feel comfortable? Not to mention that there is evil interference." The practitioner said: "There is so much to learn and I truly need to study Fa better and look within my heart." After our communication within the Fa, our Xinxing (heart and mind nature; moral character) level was upgraded. The machine now works normally. Later this practitioner learned from my approach and it worked quite well.

After Master's "Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference" was downloaded, we worked from the morning until close to midnight in order to let every practitioner read the Fa as soon as possible. We made several hundred copies. That day our copy machine did not rest for second and also did not have any problems. I could feel within my heart that it also knew that it was making copies of Master's Fa lecture and it was as happy as we were (of course if it had been a large copy machine it would not have been a big deal to make several hundred copies, but to our machine, which can make only 10 copies every minute, you can imagine how large its workload was that day). I remember the day when another practitioner went to the shop to purchase toner and asked the shop owner for the maximum number of copies our machine could make. The owner told him that the machine would only last for about 100,000 copies. However, our machine has now already made close to 300,000 copies and was still working quite well. Isn' this another manifestation of the Fa?

There was another incident several days ago. That day the practitioner who works on making CDs told me that the CD burner was broken so the machine had to be sent out for repair. A while later he said that he thought the problem was probably caused by bad CDs. I observed that his mood was not very stable. So I asked him: "How does the problem manifest?" He described: "The CD on the burner was making empty turns sometimes, while sometimes the CD does not rotate at all." I thought about the situation calmly. The CD burner was purchased not too long ago and the brand is relatively advanced at present. To assure the visual quality of the CD, we bought good quality CDs even though they are more expensive. Considering all of our precautions, there should not have been any problems. So I told him: " The problem is not from the machine or the CDs. You should look inward. Is it because you are lagging behind in studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts? Or do you have some attachment you need to eliminate?" Later we studied Fa together and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil in other dimensions that interfered with him during Dafa work. Master said:

"Any time some kind of interference comes along in your practice, you have to look within for the cause and find what it is you still haven't let go of." (Zhuan Falun, from http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/doc/zfl_new.doc).

After studying the Fa, this practitioner realized his laziness during this period of time. He did not always do the four-times hourly sending forth of righteous thoughts; he failed to get up early to do the practice; even though he had had enough sleep, and he was falling asleep during his Fa study. Isn't this obvious interference? Based on this, we all studied the Fa together. We realized that if one person has a loophole, then our group as a whole has loopholes. We all looked within and found that we all had a common attachment, the attachment of losing respect. Whenever we noticed the attachment of another practitioner, we were too shy to point it out because we were worried that the practitioner would misunderstand and therefore created a rift between us. We mistakenly took such compromises as forgiveness. Such a loophole was taken advantage of by the evil. After we all found out our own shortcomings, I told this practitioner: "The machine also has life. It is also working for Dafa. When it saw your lack of diligence, it was feeling bad for you. Quickly wake up and re-adjust your cultivation state. Make sure you study Fa well and send forth righteous thoughts more. Every morning you must get up early to do the practice. Communicate with the machine through your heart and together do what you must do. Then you will see whether it will be upset and refuse to rotate."

After two days, the practitioner came to tell me: the day after our Fa study, he got up at four in the morning to do the practice, then send forth righteous thoughts at the set hour, then studied a chapter of Fa. At ten, he started the CD burner and also told the machine: "I now know what I did wrong and have already started to correct the mistake. I hope you and I can cooperate and together make even better CDs to save more beings." The machine truly understood his words and started to work smoothly! Within one day, it made 250 CDs without any mistakes.

There are four people at our site for making truth materials. When needed, we find another person to help. Although our group is small, we can access the Clearwisdom website, download articles, write articles, print truth materials, make brochures, burn CDs and make truth-clarifying banners and signs. The materials we make cover nearly half of the city. They are also up-to-date, rapid in circulation and very well received by the public. Our success cannot be separated from our sustained Fa studies and sending forth righteous thoughts. No matter how busy we are, we always study the Fa. Besides the group Fa study every night, everyone can still find free time to study the Fa after finishing their own jobs. This has already become our daily schedule. We discovered that when we study Fa well, we are twice as efficient.

Practitioners, let us join hands and do even better in fulfilling our historical missions in assisting Master during Fa rectification. Let us encourage each other with Master's words:

"Your own cultivation, your own improvement, your validating the Fa amidst the evil, saving sentient beings, and steadfastly walking the path that you should take, doing all these well, that's what counts most." (Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference)

Please kindly point out any misunderstandings.