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The Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners Inside the Hohhot Forced Labor Camp

June 12, 2003 |  


The Hohhot Forced Labor Camp held a meeting on July 2, 2001. Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Zhenyu, a 25-year old college graduate, walked over to the platform and clarified the truth to the people at the meeting. That same evening, as punishment, the police handcuffed her to metal bars and shocked her with an electric baton. Upon seeing their fellow practitioner being beaten, Dafa practitioners Wang Guimei and Shi Xiujie tried to reason with the policemen. They responded by severely beating all three practitioners. Practitioners Wu Xiuzhen, Li Cuizhi, Li Xudong, Du Zaili, Zhang Xiuxia, and Hu Suhua were also beaten. The next day Liu Zhenyu, Zhang Xiuxia, Shi Xiujie, Wu Xiuzhen, and Hu Suhua were beaten again. Because these practitioners remained steadfast and determined the police finally saw the futility of their efforts and stopped beating them.

Liu Zhenyu was sentenced to forced labor education twice. At the Hohhot Women's Forced Labor Camp she refused to cooperate with the evil and was tortured many times. In May of 2002, the police did not allow practitioners to sleep, and forced them to stand facing walls. Liu Zhenyu's legs were badly swollen after four days of forced labor and no sleep. After May, the police hid all the facts about her persecution from the outside world, other practitioners, and even from other policemen at the same camp.

In April, Zhang Xiuxia, a 57-year old female practitioner, was abducted and sent to a forced labor camp for practicing exercises by the side of the road. While she was held in detention at the Yuanbaoshan District Detention Center in Chifeng, Zhang was cruelly tortured many times for studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. One time, after getting drunk, the detention center director whipped her with a plastic hose and placed her head on the ground and ground his leather boots across her head back and forth.

The police tortured Falun Dafa practitioners using various methods. On hot summer days, they forced Dafa practitioners to stand along a wall, facing the sun, or to waddle like a duck while carrying a bag of flour on their backs. On the coldest winter nights, they forced practitioners to crawl alongside the wall, which left their hands frozen and feet cracked from the cold. Around the Spring Festival of 2001, beginning on February 10th, they did not allow practitioners to wear shoes. For nine days, the police forced these practitioners to run around in the courtyard with bare feet all day long. They refused them meals and forced them to work until late at night.

Zhang Xiuxia was illegally detained in this center for a year. Seven days after she was released, she headed toward Beijing to appeal. On her way there she was abducted and sentenced again, this time to three years of forced labor. On May 30, 2001, she was taken back to the Hohhot Forced Labor Camp. The policemen forbade her to practice the exercises and handcuffed her to steel bars for 18 days. They beat and kicked her, all in an attempt to force her to give up her beliefs. Her feet were swollen to the point that she could not fit into her shoes. Blood and pus ran down her wrists.

Hu Suhua is a 49-year old female practitioner from Chifeng. She was transferred from the Tumuqi Forced Labor Camp to the Hohhot Forced Labor Camp. She kept her righteous faith and thoughts at all times, and protested with hunger strikes. She was beaten, handcuffed, publicly humiliated, and subject to all kinds of torture. On chilly winter days, inside a big room, the police handcuffed her to the steel bars in a window, with only her toes touching the ground. They kept the door and all the windows wide open. She was forced to wear only thin undergarments and forbidden to use the restroom.