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Dafa Practitioner Ms. Zhang Nengxiu is Killed After Exposing the Murder of a Fellow Practitioner in Chongqing City

June 10, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) June 7th report: Dafa practitioner Zhang Nengxiu was an employee of the Wangjiang Factory in Chongqing City. Recently, she was killed after she exposed the truth about the murder of Dafa practitioner Xu Huijuan, who worked in the same work unit (the Wangjiang Factory) as Zhang Nengxiu.

Zhang Nengxiu, female, in her 50's, lived in the residential area of the Wangjiang Factory, Chongqing City. On April 25, 2003, Dafa practitioner Ms. Xu Huijuan was pushed off a cliff by thugs while distributing Dafa truth clarification literature, and she died upon impact. Afterwards, the police placed the truth clarification literature on her body and took pictures. They broadcast the story on factory-run T.V. programs, claiming that Xu Xiujuan fell and killed herself while distributing Falun Gong flyers.

To expose this lie, Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Nengxiu went to related work units, including the local police station, and clarified the fact that Xu Huijuan was murdered, which shocked and terrified the persecutors. Sooner after, the residential community office invited Zhang Nengxiu to participate in travel activities and she agreed. After that, she disappeared. Several days later (around May 15), the neighbors smelled a stench coming from Ms. Zhang's home, and discovered that she had been dead for a while.

Presently, the evil is using its old tricks and is spreading the lie that "Zhang Nengxiu committed suicide to reach consummation." Suicide is not consummation. Zhang Nengxiu would never commit suicide. Why did her death occur right after she exposed the truth about the murder of Xu Huijuan? Why did the community officials persistently invite her on a travel venture after she exposed the truth about the murder? How did the local government investigate and deal with the strange and sudden death of Zhang Nengxiu?

Wangjiang Machinery Factory in Chongqing City: 86-23-67101754

Fax: 86-23-67101794

Address: Guojiatuo, Jiangbei, Chongqing City

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Factory security division: 86-23-67110110, 86-23-67110865

Chongqing City Police Department

Address: Linjiang Road, Chongqing City

Phone: 86-23-63844756

Chongqing City Legal Bureau

Address: Qiaobei Village, Huaxin Street, Chongqing City

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Chongqing City People's Prosecutor

Address: Jinlong Road, Longxi Town, Chongqing City

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People's High Court for Chongqing City

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Chongqing City People's Government

Address: People Road, Chongqing City

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