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Policemen in Yanshan County, Hebei Province Fabricate Guo Yuliang's Story

May 09, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net May 1)

One day towards the end of March, the child of a fellow soldier and comrade of mine was married. I attended the marriage ceremony to help my friends celebrate. At the dinner table, another friend from Hebei province told us the following story:

One day in March 2003, six police vehicles drove to the house of Guo Yuliang, in Xilou village, Bianwu Town, Yanshan County, Hebei Province. About twenty fully armed police officers got out of the vehicles and they carried a video camera with them. Villagers were very curious and watched them, but police wouldn't allow them to stay close. However, some people were still able to witness the "big show."

The last person who got out of a vehicle was an actor who played the part of villager "Guo Yuliang" who was arrested last year because of practicing Falun Gong. The police had come to film a re-enactment of the arrest of "Guo Yuliang." Under the direction of the police, the false "Guo Yuliang" wielded a tile knife for the camera(Guo Yuliang did not even have a tile knife in his house. Last year when he was arrested, he had nothing in his hands). Seeing this, villagers immediately recalled the real scene last year...

One day in the summer of 2002, Guo Yuliang had just finished planting corn in the field. As soon as he arrived home, he was stopped by policemen. He had nowhere to go so he climbed up the roof, and sternly told the policemen, "Do not believe in the slanderous propaganda of Jiang. Do not be Jiang's flunky. Do not persecute innocent people who practice Falun Gong." The villagers all witnessed that Guo Yuliang had nothing in his hands.

But today the false "Guo Yuliang" held a tile knife and shouted loudly, "Come on! I'll fight you one on one!" Seeing such a fabricated scene, villagers in Xilou village came to understand how the government propaganda against Falun Gong was all for the purpose of framing and deception. At that moment Guo's sister-in-law said to the policemen, "He never said those words!"

According to reliable sources, this show was put on by the Baoding Police Department (the jail where Guo Yuliang was detained) in conjunction with the Changzhou police Department. That day, the head of the Yanshan "610 Office" Gao Zongde was also on the scene. He said to villagers that it was for organizing materials. In order to make the show, the Baoding jail used all kinds of torture methods, threats and deception, and even tried to bribe the real Guo Yuliang to play himself by reducing his prison term. That failed, however, so they grabbed a false "Guo Yuliang."

In past years, although the Hebei police department had made for itself a distinct "reputation" in persecuting Falun Gong, they had little in terms of propaganda materials. Unlike Kaifeng City, Henan Province and Beijing, they didn't have anything like the "Wang Jingdong Self-Immolation" (produced by Henan) or the "Fu Yibing Murder Case" (produced by Beijing), which each had a big impact on society. So the Hebei police department received criticism from the central "610 Office." Thus, the Hebei police department tried hard to urge the jails and labor camps in Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Changzhou to search for and to fabricate materials. They arranged and shot this video to frame Falun Dafa, and used it to cheat people by broadcasting it as "news." How long will those who play politics will continue to lie?

In addition, when the lawless officials of Yanshan sentenced some Dafa practitioners, they did not notify their family members. Even after the practitioners had been in prison or labor camp for a long time, their families still did not know their whereabouts.