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The Persecution and Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Qiqihar City

May 29, 2003 |  



In the spring of 2003, Falun Dafa practitioners Zhang Shuzhe and An Jingtao, from Qiqihar City, Helongjiang Province were unjustly sentenced to four years in the Harbin Female Prison.

The Political and Public Security Division of the Tiefeng District Police Bureau and the Xingongdi Police Station arrested practitioner Fan Hongdong illegally in September 2001. The police of the Tiefeng Prison Police Team tortured her brutally with all kinds of torture instruments, including shocking her genitals with electric batons. After she was tortured beyond recognition she was sent to the Second Detention Center in the city. At the end of 2002, she was unjustly sentenced to ten years in prison. In the spring of 2003, Ms. Fan was sent to Tailai Prison for further torture. She is currently doing hard labor in the rice fields.

Practitioners Duan Xiuying, Zhou Cuilian and Jia Guilan from Qiqihar City, were arrested by agents from the Wenhua Street Police Station in the Jianhua district and are now detained in the Second Detention Center.

The prison telephone: 86-452-2711511

Telephone of 6-10 Office, Police Station, and Police Bureau: 86-452-2712993.

In March 2003, police officers and the director of the Xinjiang Street Police Station in the Jianhua District of Qiqihar City ransacked the houses of Falun Dafa practitioners who still remained determined, and extorted money from them. They also claimed that they could beat Falun Dafa practitioners to death without taking any responsibility. (They could not beat criminal offenders but they could beat Falun Dafa practitioners.)