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Understanding the Fundamental Issues of the Work We Do for Fa Rectification from Charles Li's Case

May 27, 2003 |  


(Clearwisdom.Net) Local practitioners in our area organized a series of activities to help rescue Dr. Charles Li. During group study, fellow practitioners shared their opinions regarding this issue, and afterwards, many of them went to send forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate overnight. During this period of time, many people learned the truth about Falun Gong and many state legislators and US Congress members showed their earnest support, which brought about very good results.

As I understand, our work during the period of the Fa rectification is complicated, so we need to keep examining to see if our ideas are too limited or even incorrect. Dr. Charles Li's case aroused my contemplation on such a question: why did we slow down the rescue work once he was illegally sentenced? Some of us, including myself, didn't pay much attention to the "project" after being disappointed by the outcome.

For several years I had made a model for my way of thinking that centered on a variety of "projects." My thinking towards the work for the Fa rectification was often affected, with or without intention, by the superficial details that appeared in the "projects," which made me either active or indifferent, either excited or disappointed. Quibbling over side issues faded from my mind a principle part of the Fa rectification, which is also the starting point: clarifying the truth and saving people.

Teacher said in Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference, "I often say that we don't seek worldly things, right? When you do things, I consider the process most important, because during the process you can have people see the truth, during the process you can save the world's people, and during the process you can reveal the truth...But you often emphasize the results, instead of fully explaining to them the facts that you should explain during that process. Only when all people know the truth that they should know are you really validating the Fa and clarifying the facts."

When the Chinese authorities illegally sentenced Charles Li, a US citizen, the case provided timely opportunities to tell the facts to the American people, government and media on a large scale. In addition, the topic of the so-called "sabotaging T.V. and/or radio equipment" gave us a chance to speak about the Falun Gong practitioners' noble spirit for righteousness, intuitive knowledge, and peaceful resistance for the sake of others from the perspective of human justice. Meanwhile, we can expose the lies and persecution conducted by the evil forces against Falun Gong. With the international society witnessing through the SARS issue the Jiang regime's hideous deceptions, it will be easier to further clarify the truth about Falun Gong. "No matter what the end result will be, through doing this you will have chances to interact with more people and you'll clarify the facts on a large scale. Under normal circumstances you don't have the opportunity--if you just pull someone over to tell them the facts you might feel a bit awkward, right? Now that you have something to do, go and tell people." (Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference)

Therefore, as long as the Chinese authorities still imprison Dr. Charles Li, based on the principle of saving people, we should speak out everywhere and every place so as to let all circles in America and the international community realize the Jiang regime's criminal activities. We can make use of the case to explain the facts, eliminate the evil forces and save people. Clarifying the truth in all aspects on a large scale roots out the evil factors at different levels and also limits the losses to Falun Gong practitioners while creating more opportunities to offer people salvation.