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Additional Information on the Death of Dafa Practitioner Shi Zhongyan at the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province

May 25, 2003 |  

May 9, 2003


Shi Zhongyan, male, 45 years old, lived at 45-119 Anleli, Linghe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. He used to work at the Jinzhou Department Store. For appealing in Beijing for Falun Gong, in July 2000 Shi was kidnapped and taken to Jinzhou Labour Camp. Enduring various means of torture by his captors, Shi refused to give up his beliefs and was therefore kept in detainment beyond his two-year sentence. At 1:00 a.m. on April 26th, 2003, Shi Zhongyan passed away in #205 People's Liberation Army Hospital, after enduring long-term, brutal persecution.

Shi Zhongyan suffered all kinds of inhumane treatment in Jinzhou Labour Camp. After September 2002, Jinzhou Labour Camp held forced brainwashing classes intended to bend the wills of those determined Dafa practitioners. Violent torture was used on people who refused to be "converted." Some of the tortures used included being beaten, hit with high voltage electric batons, deprived of sleep, struck with wooden planks, and being forced to sit on tiny stools for long periods of time. Those still not "transformed" were kept in isolation and subjected to even more severe torture. Shi Zhongyan was tied to a "tiger bench" (see illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html) for 7 days and nights without sleep, and struck with planks. Mr. Shi's time in the labour camp was prolonged many times, as they failed to force him into giving up his beliefs.

By April 21, 2003, Shi Zhongyan's detention had already been prolonged for 10 months. The labour camp authorities refused to allow visitation from his family and to let him go home. Around April 23, as a result of relentless persecution, Mr. Shi's life was in danger, and he was sent to the emergency room of the 205 Hospital (Military Hospital in Jinzhou City). On the morning of April 25, some time past 6:00 am, labour camp policeman Zhang Jiabin called the Shi family. He claimed that Shi Zhongyan suddenly fell ill; he was in a coma and had difficulty in breathing, so he was sent to the Respiratory Ward of the 205 Hospital. An eyewitness said that Mr. Shi was extremely thin, his toes were dark purple with one of them covered with dried blood, and he was in a deep coma. When the family asked why Mr. Shi was so thin, labour camp policeman Mu unintentionally gave away the truth, "It was caused by a hunger-strike. We've been force feeding him." Witnesses also said that on the morning on April 25, there were around 6-7 police vehicles with Judiciary Department signs, and two police vehicles from the Public Security Department. About 10 policemen patrolled the front of the hospital, while 5-6 policemen stood guard at the entrance to the Respiratory Ward. One of them was Zhang Jiabin.

At around 1:00 a.m. in the early morning of April 26, Shi Zhongyan passed away. A witness said that after Mr. Shi died, police were in such a hurry to take away his body that they did not even allow time for his family to put clothes on him. The family tried to follow where they were taking his body, but could not keep up with the police's frenetic pace. Later on it was learned that on the same night, the police shipped the body to a crematorium. Jinzhou Labour Camp told the family that they will need Ling'an Police Station's permission in order to attend the funeral, and that they are not allowed to go the Crematorium without permission. They also said that everything concerning Shi Zhongyan's death would be taken care of by the Ling'an Police Station.

When the Jinzhou Labour Camp notified the family on April 27 to go to the Ling'an Police Station to discuss the cremation, the policeman on the phone said that the involved parties are not the Ling'an Police but the National Security Bureau, the Law and Judiciary Bureau, Department of Labour Reform and the Neighbourhood Committee. The Shi family did not agree to the cremation and hired a lawyer to bring the matter to court. The lawyer's first response was that this was "total disregard for human life," and he accepted the case. The lawyer advised the family to:

  1. Request the patient's medical history file from the hospital, as this record should be completed and handed over to the family according to normal procedures
  2. Not to go to the Police Station, as it is neither the right place to handle this matter, nor is it affiliated with the labour camp
  3. Request an autopsy in the presence of the lawyer and the family

On the morning of April 28, a family member went to the 205 Hospital to see the doctor in charge of Shi Zhongyan's treatment, and asked for the medical history file. After phoning the labour camp, the doctor said that he could not give it to the family. When the lawyer made the request again, the Deputy Chief of the Labour Camp Li Fenglin said that the records couldn't be given out, because they might disclose it on the Internet. In the afternoon, after two men from the Jinzhou Law and Judiciary Bureau talked to the lawyer, his attitude changed dramatically. Saying that he could no longer be involved for the sake of his job and his family, he also commented by saying that there was no way to win a lawsuit against the Jinzhou authorities.

On April 29, Li Fenglin, Deputy Chief of Jinzhou Labour Camp sent a notice to the family to bring fees for the autopsy (the total cost is around 5,000 Yuan). However, only Shi's wife and younger son were allowed to attend the autopsy. Li also threatened the family. Mr. Shi's wife did not consent to the autopsy under these terms and refused to attend.

At 10:50 a.m. on the morning of April 30, Chen Ligang, Head of Education Division from the labour camp, notified Mr. Shi's family that Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau had decided to proceed with the cremation at 11:00 a.m. in spite of their objections. He told them that the family could be present if they brought the fees for the cremation. The crematorium is more than 10 li (more than 5 km) away from Mr. Shi's home, and there was no way for them to get there in 10 minutes. They were clearly not wanted at the site. After the cremation, the authorities did not even give the ashes back to the family.

After Shi Zhongyan's death at the hands of the Jinzhou Labour Camp, the authorities later informed his family that he died from a normal illness. Why wasn't the family allowed to access Mr. Shi's medical history file for a normal death? Why was the involvement of a lawyer disallowed? Why did they cremate the body hurriedly without consent? Why did they keep the family from being at the crematorium? Why did the case need to involve the National Security Bureau, the Law and Judiciary Bureau, Department of Labour Reform, the Bureau of Public Security and the Neighbourhood Committee?

The fact is that they are murderers. The more they tried to cover things up, the more it revealed the fact that Dafa practitioner Shi Zhongyan died at the hands of the labor camp authorities. For those who still follow Jiang's order to persecute kind people, let it be known that your crimes are being recorded by history, and will be used as evidence in your future trial.

Perpetrators from Jinzhou Labour Camp:

Director - Zhang Haiping
Political Committee Chairman - Jin Fuli
Deputy Director of Labour Reform C Li Fenglin
Brainwashing Class Instructor C Feng Zibin
Squad Supervisors Li Songtao, Yang Tinglun, and Policeman Zhang Chunfeng were the direct perpetrators of the persecution.

Appendix: Phone numbers of the criminals from the Jinzhou Labour Camp, and related departments and personnel

Director - Zhang Haiping: (cell) 86-13941655333, (home) 86-416-4562868
Political Committee Chairman - Jin Fuli: (cell) 86-13941606459
Deputy Director of Labour Reform - Li Fenglin: (cell) 86-13840656988, (home) 86-416-4162888
Brainwashing Instructor C Feng Zhibin: (cell) 86-13941642104, (home) 86-416-4170078
Deputy Head of Labour Reform C Li Songtao: (cell) 86-13604164126
Deputy Head of Brainwashing Reform C Yang Tingluan: (home) 86-416-2343435
Brainwashing Reform Team Policeman - Zhang Chunfeng
Brainwashing Reform Team Policeman C Zhang Jiabin: (home) 86-416-2342945
Former Head of Brainwashing Reform C Han Lihua: (cell) 86-13050469855
Head of Education - Chen Ligang: (cell) 86-13591251918, (home) 86-416-3141638
Head of Administration C Liu Xingjiang: (cell) 86-13804169251, (home) 86-416-2343055


Jinzhou Labour Camp

53 Jinchaolu Road

Director's Office: 86-416-4566882
Director's Fax: 86-416-4567366
Administration: 86-416-4566753
Political Department: 86-416-4566725
Mail Room: 86-416-4567330