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Policeman Gao Ke from Jiutai City Labor Camp, Jilin Province Is the Main Criminal for the Murder of Dafa Practitioner Sun Shizong

May 22, 2003 |   By a Dafa Practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) During March and April 2002, when the Jiutai City Labor Camp in Jilin Province intensified the "reform" of Dafa practitioners, determined and unyielding Dafa practitioner Sun Shizhong was brutally beaten to death. Only a few criminals such as Zhang Zuohai were sentenced as scapegoats for the crime. Through further investigation it was discovered that the real murderer who instigated this crime is policeman Gao Ke from the "education team" in Jiutai City Labor Camp.

Under the directions from Gao Ke, beating Dafa practitioners is commonplace for the education team in Jiutai City Labor Camp. At the end of 2001, I was an eyewitness to policeman Liu Xiduo saying sarcastic things to a group of criminals who were beating a newly arrived Dafa practitioner, "Take it easy, don't injure him." With this hint, some criminals understood what he meant. An inmate leader (named Zhu Yonggang from Dunhua, Jilin Province) yelled out in front of many criminals and Dafa practitioners, "I could do anything the police can do!" He is extremely vicious and often beats up people as he wishes.

During March and April 2002, when authorities in Jiutai City Labor Camp intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners, the police instigated common criminals to assist them in "reforming" Dafa practitioners, saying they would have their terms reduced each time they "reformed" a practitioner. As a result, the criminals brutally beat up and tortured practitioners at will in a frenzied manner. In April, I was taken from No. 4 Division to Gao Ke of the education team, who said to me, "It would have been better if I had used electric batons on you when you first arrived, for you would have been 'reformed' by now." He also said, " It is nothing to have a few dead these days."

At the time, No. 4 Division political chief Zhang Mingcai and the administrative section head Zheng Hailing were also present. Not long after, we heard the news that Dafa practitioner Sun Shizhong was beaten to death. The only punishment Gao Ke got for the crime was a transfer from the education team.

Policeman Gao Ke is the real murderer, and he should be held accountable.