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Facts About the Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners at the Women's Labor Camp in Qinghai Province

May 20, 2003 |  


The Women's Labor Camp in Qinghai Province is another dark den where the Jiang Regime persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners. Led by the Deputy Director He Mei and the Administrative Chief Duan Hairong, authorities in the labor camp have used various cruel methods to torture Dafa practitioners physically and mentally. Some examples are as follows:

1. Sleep Deprivation and Brainwashing: Police and criminals from both local and remote areas repeatedly took turns trying to brainwash Dafa practitioners. In order to torture them mentally and break their will, the police did not allow the practitioners to sleep or rest for several days and nights consecutively.

2. Starvation: Each practitioner was given only one small bun and one small cup of water twice a day. After this starvation method was carried out for a long period of time, many practitioners became as thin as skeletons and even had difficulty walking.

3. Torture by freezing: During the winter nights on the plateau where the labor camp is located, the ground freezes solid. Dafa practitioners were locked inside freezing cold prison cells with insufficient clothing and were forced to sleep on ice-cold cement floors.

4. Monitoring and Abuse from Criminals: The labor camp guards despicably ordered drug addicts and prostitutes to monitor and beat Dafa practitioners. Even elderly practitioners were not spared. The beating left bruises and scars all over the practitioners' faces and bodies.

5. Shackling and Physical Torture: The labor camp guards often shackled the practitioners, beat them with their bare hands and shocked them with electric batons. If the practitioners did not give in, their "prison terms" were extended. Before being tortured to death, practitioner Tan Yingchun's body was covered with bruises after being beaten by thugs in the No. 2 team under orders from officer Zhang Wenjing and other authorities.

No. 1 grand team leader Wang Haijie ordered a group of drug addicts and prostitutes to forcibly shackle and cuff Dafa practitioner Chen Jiping after she refused to cooperate with them. Ms. Chen struggled with all her strength to resist the evil persecution. Irritated by her resistance, Wang Haijie ordered two male and three female guards, including Xiang Jianmei and Duan Hairong, to force Ms. Chen to obey. They slapped Ms. Chen in the face angrily, and repeatedly punched and kicked her inner and outer thighs and shocked her armpits with electric batons. More than ten days later, someone met Ms. Chen in the bathroom and saw that her entire body was covered with bruises and scars from the torture. After Dafa practitioners questioned the authorities about Ms. Chen's beating, the police shamelessly denied it and tried to intimidate them by saying, "Who has witnessed anything?" Afraid of exposing their criminal acts to more people, the authorities separated Ms. Chen from the rest of the detainees.

One Dafa practitioner named Ms. Li Guixiang refused to cooperate with the guards and went on a hunger strike for over 40 days. During this time, the guards and a medical doctor named Mr. Chen force-fed Ms. Li and tortured, beat, and abused her at the same time. Ms. Li refused to be intimidated or submit and kept shouting "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is righteous" during the force-feeding. She also continued to recite Teacher's articles and practice the exercises when she could. The guards were very angry and ordered drug addicts to beat and torture her and imprisoned her for an extended period of time. Ms. Li was soon in critical condition, but she continued to hold strong righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Eventually, the evil was forced to surrender and Ms. Li was released from the labor camp at the beginning of this year.

To avoid further persecution and harassment by the police, Ms. Li was forced to leave her home and family and move from place to place. Currently, Ms. Li has regained her health by practicing the exercises more frequently, which shows the mighty power of Falun Dafa. There are more and more Dafa practitioners like Ms. Li who have been released from labor camps with strong righteous thoughts and continue to do what they should do in the current period of Fa Rectification.

Here, we once again remind the general public and police officers that "good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil." Please pay serious attention to the various warnings that have come in recent years, such as the natural disasters and the current SARS epidemic. Please listen carefully to the facts that Falun Dafa practitioners tell you so that you may give yourself and your family a chance to judge right from wrong and good from evil in the future.

We solemnly warn those thugs who persecute Dafa practitioners: immediately stop your evil deeds and reform yourselves. Treat Falun Dafa practitioners with kindness and do not foolishly sacrifice your future for Jiang and his regime. The grand trial has already begun before the dawn has arrived. Overseas Dafa practitioners have put Jiang and the "610 criminal group" on trial for crimes against humanity and genocide in a United States court. Justice is now judging Jiang.

Women's labor camp in the Qinghai Province:
Address: 61 Eighty-one East Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province, 810007

Criminal list:

Deputy person in charge, Xiang Jianmei, tel: 86-971-8016657 ext 802
Administrative chief, Duan Hairong, tel: 86-971-8016210
No. 1 grand team leader, Wang Haijie
No. 2 grand team leader, Zhang Wenjing