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"Teacher Protected Me from an Exploding Pressure Cooker!"

May 12, 2003 |  


I loaned a copy of Zhuan Falun [the main text in Falun Gong] to a friend who was interested in reading it. A few days ago, she told me excitedly, "Teacher has been protecting me!" Then, with sincere gratitude, she related the following incident:

"One day, our pressure cooker suddenly exploded while I was standing right in front of it and soup burst out into my face. 'My face will be burned!' I thought. But strangely enough, the liquid that landed on my face was cold. I was not scalded, nor was there a single burn mark on my skin. There was no damage to my home either." She continued, "It's a miracle. I must write it down and tell all of my friends. Thank you, Teacher!"