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Summary of Other Articles and News - 05/05/2003

May 10, 2003 |  


Practitioners Exchange Insights

Currently, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is spreading in China and many people are in a panic. Saving sentient beings is of great urgency. However, we ourselves have to adopt a serious attitude towards the incomparable sacred principle of the universe and use a cultivator's maturity and rationality to ensure a proper standpoint and proper limits of speech and action. During the course of clarifying the facts, if we ourselves fail to talk to people from the standpoint of Fa-rectification about the reason of this calamity, and how to get rid of the root of trouble from their hearts, we would not be able to achieve the effect of saving sentient beings. We cannot just superficially let people who are anxious to seek a way to save themselves from damage to "try out" Dafa. We are not providing a folk prescription or a last resort. Even worse, if in choosing our words we lack rationality or preciseness, or we carried a mentality of pursuit or human sentiment, it might induce people to be disrespectful towards Dafa.

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

After July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing twice to appeal for Dafa, but as a result, I was wrongfully sentenced to forced labor. During my hunger strike, I was force-fed. I was afraid of being beaten. Later, after I was beaten a few times, I began to realize that the evil just had these few tricks. I did not fear it anymore and was not beaten anymore. A few people in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp started spreading their self-deceiving lies. I deeply realized as long as we are determined, the evil will not dare to touch us and those former practitioners who turned against Dafa under pressure will not harass us anymore. Afterwards, I learned about sending forth righteous thoughts. At a meeting to release ahead of schedule people who had been brainwashed, the guards ordered some criminal inmates to beat practitioners who shouted out. I immediately recited the verse of righteous thoughts. After I just recited it twice, all of the vicious people in the meeting place stopped beating practitioners. The guard was flustered and announced, "The meeting is over!" Later, I walked out of the evil den with righteous thoughts.

Facts of Persecution

Over the past three years, because I refused to give up cultivating Falun Gong, I endured both physical and psychological torture. I had been illegally imprisoned three times. My company wrongfully fired me and expelled me from the Party. When I was held in the detention center, I was forced to do intensive hard labor and to sit on a bench all day long. As a result, my body was festered with sores and I became deaf. It was hard for me to walk or sit. Later, because of the municipal public security bureau put both my spouse and I are on a blacklist, and we had to take our one-year old baby and leave home to avoid being further persecuted. The persecution over the past few years has made me lose all sources of income.