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"I Won't Tear Down These Posters - The Dafa Practitioners in Our Village Are Good People!"

April 27, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) "I won't tear down these posters. The Dafa practitioners in our Village are good people!" said a kindhearted village leader.

"Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" are posted on the telephone pole in front of the village leader's home.

His neighbor asked him: "Why don't you ask us to tear them down?"

He answered: "Did you not see that beneath the poster it is written, 'whoever tears these posters down will be punished'? Also, what the Dafa practitioners talk about is all true. The Dafa practitioners in our village are all good people, I will not tear the posters down."

A village woman realized, "I must treat the Dafa materials with care"

Ms. Liu lives in a village in Shandong Province. One day she picked up a few pages of Dafa materials clarifying the facts, but had used a couple of pages as toilet paper. After she got home, she developed a severe stomachache, and diarrhea, and began vomiting. A relative who practices Dafa happened to come by, and told her that Dafa practitioners live frugally to save money for making all these materials and that it is not right to not treat these materials with respect. Ms. Liu understood that she had done a bad thing, suffering for it, so she passed the rest of the Dafa materials to others, so that they too could have the opportunity know about Dafa. When she got home, her stomachache was gone. From then on, she always tells others: " You must treat Dafa literature with care...."

The might of Dafa VCD clarifying the facts

1. A co-worker told me that when she got home yesterday, her husband told her to hurry up and finish her dinner because he wanted to take her someplace. Driving a car, her husband picked up a few people along the way to a co-worker's home. After watching a VCD clarifying the facts together about Dafa, all of them were angry and remarked that they were disillusioned with the Communist Party. How could it be so bad and do all those unthinkable things? How could it make up all those terrible lies only out of jealousy because there are so many Falun Gong practitioners?

2. I met a classmate of my brother one day and we talked about the truth about Falun Gong. He told me that one of his co-workers had received a VCD clarifying the facts about Falun Gong. After watching the VCD, he began to understand everything. People at his work unit are lining up to watch this VCD. His turn will be next Monday.

3. When I talked to a retired Communist Party member about Falun Dafa, she told me excitedly that her daughter had brought home a Dafa VCD which an elder worker had received though the mail. A few people had already watched it that day. The VCD covers topics such as Chinese history, the so-called "self-immolation" incident, and the people practicing Falun Gong around the world. People now realize that the broadcasting from the Chinese TV station has been lying about everything. Both this woman and her husband watched the video and now understand everything. She said, "The VCD is very convincing!"

4. In a market place, people were discussing the VCD clarifying the facts about Dafa and the so-called "self-immolation" incident in Tiananmen. A middle-aged man came over and interrupted the discussion. He said, "Who needs to watch the VCD to know that the so-called 'self-immolation' is a fabrication? I knew it was fake right away when I watched it that night [the first night it was broadcast]. The camera pictures showed police cars and seven or eight policemen sitting there doing nothing, even while the man poured gasoline on himself. They did not do anything to stop him until the flame was lit? They all carried fire extinguishers. Where did all these fire extinguishers come from? Let me tell you that this is how the Communist Party and Jiang have gotten power by doing all these kinds of things."

Dafa disciples' relatives who know the truth about Dafa

1. I visited my sister-in-law in her office one day. She took out two copies of

Dafa literature clarifying the facts and said, "I picked up seven or eight copies of these pieces of literature in the building, and let others read them." She pointed at the people beside her.

2. My sister told me that a Communist Party member in her unit made a slanderous remark about Falun Dafa and she told him at once: "You had better not try to spread your party stuff. Let me tell you something: Falun Gong has done nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with them."

The party member argued: "Then how do you explain what they have been broadcasting on TV?"

My sister replied to him: "What they said on television were all lies. Have you ever seen a Falun Gong practitioner who behaves like what they have been reporting? I don't want to hear you saying any more bad things about Falun Gong."

3. My younger bother always reads the Minghui Weekly. He looks out for Dafa materials clarifying the facts lying on floors in buildings or in the neighborhood where he works. He picks them up, and has us wrap them up to send them to somebody else. Once, he saw two VCD's on the floor, and he carefully wrapped them with newspaper and brought them home.

4. My young cousin (not a Dafa practitioner) went to Ireland in 2001 to work. In his letter to his parents (not Dafa practitioners either), he would attach some photos and reports, cut up from various newspapers and magazines, about the activities of Dafa disciples and praises from local officials and local people. Last time he came home, he brought us more materials. We are all very excited while reading them! He hopes that someday soon Chinese people won't be fooled by their government. He said that many people from Mainland China working in Ireland have a VCD about Dafa. From his words, I can appreciate what the overseas practitioners have done, and see the hope and anticipation of those good people who know the truth about Dafa.