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Police in Changji Labor Camp Torture Practitioners for Exposing Their Crimes

April 27, 2003 |   By a Practitioner in Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) Since Clearwisdom Net published several articles exposing the crimes committed by the Changji Forced Labor Camp in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the police officers have been more violent, using even more severe methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners detained there.

The Director of the Sixth Squad Gu Jianhai, Assistant Directors Ning Tao and Tian Hu chose several prisoners to form a so-called "transformation team" to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They physically tortured and verbally threatened Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioners who had recently been detained, such as Xu Jian, Wang Jianping, and Cai Wenxu were brutally beaten and tortured by two criminals named Ma Dehai and Mu Jiang during the first week of their detention in the labor camp. In addition, Assistant Director Tian Hu ordered several prisoners on duty to beat practitioner Chen Yujiang. After being beaten, for long time, he continued to cough up blood. The torture he suffered also made it difficult for him to get up every morning. The pain in his chest lasted several months. Practitioners Ma Jujun and Liu Anhong also endured brutal beatings by police and prisoners in this forced labor camp.

On November 25, 2001, Supervisor Ka Mili beat practitioner Liu Yulin. Several practitioners stood up to protest. Upon hearing the news of this protest, the Director of Education Section Zhang Yan dragged Liu into his office and beat him further. Zhu, the Secretary of the Political Committee of Changji Forced Labor Camp came over and ordered that the practitioners who had participated in the protest be tortured. He accused them of "disturbing the peace of the labor camp." The collective protest helped three Falun Gong practitioners who had written "repentance" letters to wake up to the truth of the persecution and they returned to practicing Falun Dafa. The camp's attempts to "transform" practitioners completely failed. The police officers were angry and vengeful and they illegally extended the sentence terms of Liu Yulin, Zhao Aijun, Ma Jujun, Liu Anhong and three others practitioners by 100 to 120 days. Later, they also tied Ma Jujun and Liu Anhong to a bed for four months.

In September 2002, the Director of the First Squad beat practitioner Liu Zhijun and Cui Guilin. Cui protested during a flag-raising ceremony. Some practitioners in the Fifth Squad and the Sixth Squad also joined the protest. Changji Labor Camp immediately transferred three police officers from the Fourth and Ninth Squad and attempted to suppress the protest. They beat and shocked practitioners Guo Shuyan and Zhong Kai with electronic batons. They also handcuffed practitioner Zhao Aijun for more than twenty days. Practitioner Song Juzhuang and Chen Yujiang were beaten as well.

Once, during a TV interview Chen Yujiang told a reporter "You must report the truth." Immediately after the reporter left, Zhang Yan dragged Chen into an office and used an electric baton to shock him. Authorities in Changji Labor Camp are afraid of people outside the camp knowing they violate laws while they are supposed to be enforcing laws. Whenever there is some investigative group or other visitors coming through, they hide Falun Gong practitioners. They also don't allow practitioners to see their family members for months.

Changji Labor Camp is the only so-called "Civilized Labor Camp" at the state level in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Outsiders would be surprised to know how dark it truly is. For example, some police bribe prisoners by buying liquor and beer for them. They get drunk with the prisoners. Some Squad Directors choose cell supervisors from among the prisoners and order them to extort money (100 to 500 hundred Yuan) from the others. Cocaine and crack are freely and frequently brought into the labor camps. Cocaine use is very common among prisoners in some squads. Even some of the directors take it. The directors also take home prostitutes. Some squads do all the work that requires heavy labor and they are frequently forced to work sixteen to seventeen hours a day. If there are deadlines to meet, they are sometimes forced to stay up for an entire week. What is more, if some practitioners work slowly or make mistakes due to exhaustion from lack of sleep, their supervisors will beat them brutally and use electric batons to shock them. Some prisoners have been beaten to the point that they are spitting out blood.

On April 12, 2003