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Phone Numbers of the Daqing City Forced Labor Camp Authorities Who Tortured Dafa Practitioners by Forcing Human Feces and Urine into Their Mouths

April 24, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In December 2002, policemen at the Daqing City Forced Labor Camp started a new round of brutal persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. In each of the administrative and technical offices of the forced labor camp there were persons and teams specially designated to carry out the persecution. Every team was equipped with a clinic where they had oxygen and other equipment for emergency resuscitation. In these clinics there were people on duty around the clock. Their duty was to treat those Dafa practitioners who were dying due to the torture. The labor camp also rebuilt several solitary compartments where camp officials ordered the so-called "personal cangue" [cangue, the name of an instrument of torture, is now used to indicate the criminal inmate who was designated to supervise the practitioners] to persecute, verbally abuse, beat and torture Dafa practitioners. Whoever was more wicked and merciless in carrying out the persecution would have more opportunities to have his or her sentence reduced as an incentive. "Reforming" a practitioner can reduce the sentence of a "cangue" by several months. The policemen forbid the Dafa practitioners held in the solitary compartments to meet their family. Only items specified by the policemen could be sent to practitioners. However, all these items would be checked and doubled checked by the gatekeepers and the officers of the teams in an effort to block the passage of information.

This persecution was concentrated on Division One and Division Two. Division Two was the most brutal and vicious. The most vicious perpetrators included Wang Yongxiang (Deputy Head of the forced labor camp), Wang Xichun, Zhang Mingzhu and others. There was a "training team" under Division Two. Everyone who was sent to Division Two would have to go through the so-called "Camp Orientation." Dafa practitioners would be cruelly tortured by the policemen there. At the end of December Dafa practitioner He Huahong was tortured to death in the training team.

The main perpetrators of the Division One included Ying Chengli (Head of the Camp, Han Qingshan (Section Leader), Lai zhonghui, Wang Yingzhou and others. At that time, 12 Dafa practitioners, one after another, were kept in the solitary compartments. Their names are Liu Fubing, Yu Ruojun, Guo Fadong, Hou Guangqin, Du Guocong, Bai Shuan, Ren Liang, Xhu Bin, Wei Bensheng, Huang Tairen, Feng Guangyun and Zhou Guangchun. Once there, each one of the practitioners was persecuted.

The policemen did not allow Falun Dafa practitioner Guo Fadong to go to bed and tried to force him to slander Falun Dafa. When Guo refused, they poured cold water all over him, beat him up and abused him. Most of the tortures took place in the evening when the camp staff were having a rest and a lot of times the policemen ordered a few of the most vicious inmates to play the part of thugs. In order to drown the sound of beating and Guo's moans of suffering they even turn up the volume of the television in an attempt to cover up their crimes.

Inmates who played the part of the "personal cangue" often beat and verbally abused Dafa Practitioner Du Guocong. They frequently did not give Du enough to eat and poured cold water over him. When Du was shivering because of the cold these "cangue" would tell him to run to get warm. Many times they forced Du to adopt various poses, either squatting or standing, while they punched and kicked him. After Du told them that he was injured, the policemen ordered the "cangue" to strip off Du's clothes and to carry him by his arms from one end of the dormitory to the other and back to have everyone in the the team, who were subjected to reform through labor (about 30 in all), examine his wounds. One day, the policemen beat Du with a rubber hose until he was black and blue all over his body and his nose was bleeding.

The policemen in the labor camp stripped off Dafa practitioner Ren Liang's clothes, forced him into a steel chair and then poured cold water onto the chair, making it unbearably cold. This lasted for several hours. After that the policemen even forced human excrement and urine into his mouth twice. Ren could not walk for a whole week as a result of the beating and the torture.

Dafa practitioner Xu Bin was tied onto a steel chair. He was not allowed to go to bed for two days and two nights. He suffered from very severe torture and as a result had difficulty in walking. Everytime that he wanted to go to the toilet he needed other people's help. After that, the policemen arranged inmates to sit beside his bed in turns. They would wake him up whenever he attempted to go to sleep so that Xu could not have any rest at all.

The policemen beat 60-year-old Huang Tairen so badly that he could not move and had to lie on the floor for several hours before he was able to get up. Sixty-seven-year-old Dafa practitioner Feng Guanyun was illegally held in the forced labor camp and also suffered from various inhuman tortures including being deprived of sleep, "sitting on a small stool," and having urine poured into his mouth.

These are just some of the facts of torture and persecution suffered by Falun Dafa practitioners at the Daqing City Forced Labor Camp.

The following are the telephone numbers of the responsible members of the Daqing City Forced Labor Camp:

  1. Head of the Daqing Forced labor camp Ying Chengli: 86-459-4661192
    This man was the deputy head of the Daqing Prison and became the head of the Daqing Forced Labor Camp in early 2001.
  2. Commissar of the labor camp Song xx: 86-459-4689260
    This man was formerly a carder at the Daqing Brewery and took the post as the commissar of the camp in early 2001.
  3. Deputy Head of the labor camp Wang Yongxiang: 86-459-4680996 (office); 86-459-4631816 (home); 86-13069642099 (mobile)
    This man was the commissar of an army regiment in Northwest China and came to Daqing Forced Labor Camp in 2000. He was promoted to deputy Head of the camp in early 2001, and was a major player in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. A series of persecution activities were orchestrated by him.
  4. Political Department of the camp: 86-459-4661754
  5. Office: 86-459-4665860
  6. Production Section: 86-459-4662334
  7. Head of the Education Section Liu Qianli: 86-459-4664860
  8. Head of the Administrative Section Han Qingshan: 86-459-4662724
  9. Finance Section: 86-459-4604228
  10. Welfare & Health Section: 86-459-4665860
  11. On-duty Office: 86-459-4661744
  12. Division One of the Daqing Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4604903
    Division Chief Lai Zhonghui
    Deputy Division Chief Wang Yingzhou
    Deputy Division Chief Wu Weiguang
    Political Instructor Wang Junping
  13. Division Two of the Daqing Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4604902
    Division Chief Wang Xichun
    Deputy Division Chief Zhang Mingzhu
    Deputy Division Chief Wei Junjiang
    Team Leader Wang Gang
    Political Instructor Zhang Bo
  14. Division Three of the Daqing Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4662808
    Division Chief Xing Guoyou
    Deputy Division Chief Wang Hongjun
    Deputy Division Chief Liu Fucheng
  15. Farm: 86-459-5834962
  16. Division of Guard: 86-459-4664858 (controlled all the solitary compartments)