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Stripped, Handcuffed to a Tree in Winter and Beaten: How I Was Brutally Tortured for My Lawful Appeal

April 17, 2003 |  

April 4, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner in Henan Province, Mainland China. The following is a partial account of how I was persecuted by the Jiang regime because I practice Falun Gong.

After Jiang started to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, I went to Beijing twice, according to the law, to appeal. Both times I was taken back to a detention center by personnel from the Dancheng Police Department. I was detained for ten and a half months, and another ten months, respectively, then sentenced to forced labor for two years.

The first time I went to Beijing to appeal I was detained in Beijing for six days. The police stripped me of all of my clothes to search my body and later sent to a detention center by personnel from the Dancheng Police Department. During my detention period I was physically tortured. The intensive forced labor, which sometimes lasted 18 to 19 hours a day, painfully exhausted my body and deformed my fingers. They would not give me enough food and would not allow me to have enough sleep. I became emaciated from the hunger and torture, and could not even walk without supporting myself by holding on to the wall.

The second time I went to Beijing to appeal, I was detained in Beijing for eleven days. It snowed heavily, with the low temperature at about 1o F in those days. The police stripped all my clothes off and forced me to stand barefoot in the snow. They handcuffed me to a tree in the cold weather for five days and nights and kicked me with their boots. My chin and mouth were bleeding from the kicking but they did not allow me to spit the blood out. They did not allow me to eat or drink, and did not allow me go to the bathroom. They inserted a piece of ice about two feet long behind my back and poured cold water over my head. They beat me with electric batons and broke two left ribs and the elbow of my right arm.

Later, persons from the Dangchen Police Department took me back to a detention center and detained me for another ten months. I was forced to sleep on the floor by the door of a toilet room. Because of the damp floor I had scabies all over my body, which bled and had running pus for over a year. During the detention periods I was on a hunger strike six times. The shortest one lasted nine days; the longest one 17 days. They force-fed me once, with six prisoners forcing me down. They forced the feeding tube through my nose three times, causing my nose to bleed. They also forced me to have an infusion once and jabbed me with a needle in my arms more than 30 times.

During the periods I was detained, the police would not leave my family alone, including my over 80-year-old mother and my teen-age child. My wife was illegally detained in the police station for three days and nights. My elder son was detained for one year, and my younger son left home and moved from place to place for two years to avoid further persecution. On many occasions they even searched my relatives' homes and fined them many times for nearly 20,000 Yuan*. Because of my family's difficult financial situation, they snatched away the piglets we were feeding. In this way, the police broke up my family and forced us to go deeply into debt.

Freedom of belief and freedom to speak the truth are citizens' rights. Pursuing good health is the wish of the citizens. Doing benevolent deeds is a sign of good morality that citizens should have the right to express. I did not violate any laws. I now formally appeal to every international human rights organization: The former chairman of the Chinese government and his accomplices have committed crimes of cruelty and murder, they have infringed upon human rights and endangered the society. I ask every human rights organization to uphold justice and to strongly call for an end to the brutal torture and killing.

*[500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.]