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Delivering the Legal Documents on the Prosecution of Jiang to Congress

April 16, 2003 |   By a practitioner in the U.S.



The prosecution of Jiang is a momentous event in the human world. As head of the ruling party in China, Jiang has committed such serious crimes he must not escape justice. I decided to go to the capital to deliver the indictment documents pertaining to the lawsuit. In addition to studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts everyday, clarifying the truth is also very important, which is also something people like me without legal expertise can contribute to this important legal action.

One day this week some fellow practitioners and I went to Washington D.C. to deliver the legal packages to various branches of the government. I was rather apprehensive beforehand, as not having any legal background I was at a loss as to how to explain legal matters. Then a thought came to mind: since bringing Jiang to justice is the victims' basic human rights according to the laws in the human world, why not just tell the officials the reason Jiang is sued? Jiang has committed genocide for his persecution of Dafa practitioners. I am also one of the victims of the persecution; therefore I am also one of the plaintiffs in this class action. Moreover, clarifying the truth to the people is the basis of everything we do in the human world. If we could not let the society clearly see the crimes committed by Jiang's regime, this lawsuit might not proceed smoothly, and people would not truly understand the truth of the persecution.

With this lawsuit we would be able to let the American people and government officials know directly how Jiang has been persecuting people who believe in "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance," and that the persecution is a challenge to all kindhearted people in the world, and the collective conscience of humanity that value basic human rights. On that thought, I became full of confidence. Besides, the people who we planned to deliver materials to were either legal experts or intellectuals who were representatives of popular opinion. If we could clarify the truth to them, we could then bring together their knowledge and influence in the human world to effectively uphold justice, and insist on human rights principles. The evil is most afraid of being exposed.

As it turned out, we had plenty of opportunities to clarify the truth that day.

I put myself in the shoes of a potential plaintiff, and spoke from the bottom of my heart rather than from the key points prepared by other practitioners, about how Jiang had committed heinous crimes against humanity. My heart was filled with compassion for the sentient beings. When we went to the offices and asked the staff members, "Would you please pass this package to the members of the congress? It is about the legal action to bring the former Chinese leader Jiang to justice. He has committed genocide against Falun Gong." Stunned at first, the staff members were soon imbued with a sense of justice. They gladly accepted the packages and told us, "We will pass this on immediately."

One representative said, "He is finally put on trial. Justice is reaching out!"

One secretary told me, "Our congress person will be back this afternoon. I will be picking him up at the airport, and I'll personally give this to him then."

We ran into a couple of people from a certain non-governmental organization three times in the congressional hallway. They repeatedly broached the idea of them helping and working with us on projects, and asked us to look them up and keep in touch with them.

In the course of a day, we managed not only to deliver the packages to the offices of all the congressional representatives from our state, but we also went to some other offices. People listened to us talk about the lawsuit and expose Jiang's crimes with great interest. Their positive and enthusiastic reception made us feel that people were waiting for us to tell them the details of the lawsuit, and they wanted to know the truth surrounding it. Wherever we went, our righteous thoughts and faith in the Fa suffused the places. We believe that our clarifying the truth can help establish a righteous field in the human world, restrain and eliminate the evil, and ultimately prevail in this historical legal action.