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The Inside Story of Dafa Practitioner Chen Xiangrui's Death

April 12, 2003 |  


Chen Xiangrui was a 29 years old Dafa disciple from the city of Henyang in the Hunan Province, who obtained Dafa in January of 1996. Mr. Chen went to Beijing to appeal three times on October 27 of 1999, March 2, 2000 and late April of 2000, and was unlawfully detained in the Baishazhou Detention Center and a Detention House in Hengyang. In January 2001, Mr. Chen was arrested at home together with his mother and then imprisoned in the detention center for as long as half a year. His father was also sent to a forced-labor camp, and his older sister was detained and sent to a brainwashing class.

On March 11, 2003, at 9 pm, the head of the National Security Team of Hengyang's Public Security Bureau Lei Zhenzhong led a group of policemen and broke into Mr. Chen's home. They arrested Chen Xiangrui, taking him to the city's Public Security Bureau. Mr. Chen was then beaten badly and died as a result of these injuries the next morning on March the 12th. The autopsy revealed that his internal organs had suffered trauma resulting from severe beatings, 2500cc blood was removed out of the lower abdomen, there was blood in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth; the two collar bones were broken; the bones of the left foot and wrist were broken; both feet were twisted; there were two red bruises on the knees; the skull was fractured and there was blood inside the skull; the brain tissue was damaged; there were over one dozen bruises on the left leg; there were three bruises behind the right ear; the right eye was swollen; there were bruises consistent with those made by a rope on the neck; and a 2-inch cut on the forehead.

On the morning of Chen's death, the police arrested Mr. Chen Xiangrui's parents, sister, brother-in-law and several other relatives, taking them to the Jingyuan Hotel, where they attempted to force his parents to affix their signatures to already written statements. In order to prevent the news from spreading, the police sent two truckloads of armed anti-riot police to escort Mr. Chen's body to the crematorium and made sure it was quickly cremated. Because Mr. Chen's parents refused to sign the statements, the public security bureau didn't release the entire family from detention until March 14. During this time the police and public security bureau officers spread the lie that Chen Xiangrui had died from falling from the 5th story of the City Public Security Bureau at 8:45 am on March 12.

The criminals involved in this case include Nation Security Team leader Lei Zhenzhong and officers from the City Public Security Bureau.

At 9 pm on March 11, 2003, policemen went to Chen Xiangrui's home and knocked on the door while shouting loudly. Mr. Chen's family refused to open the door. These policemen then broke down the door. From the start, they beat and kicked Mr. Chen while they dragged him out and forced him into their van. Policemen pulled Mr. Chen and at the same time cursed, "We will beat you, the stubborn Falun Gong member to death when we go back today." When Mr. Chen was dragged into the van, they shoved him face down under the seat, and police held him down with one foot on his body. Witnesses to this event were numerous as the policemen were quite loud, causing a big disturbance.

When they arrived at the Public Security Bureau of Hengyang City, the policemen beat Mr. Chen with an electric baton, a metal hammer, books and a rubber club. In the morning of March 12, Mr. Chen's breathing was extremely weak, and his pupils were dilated. As the police found that his condition was very bad, they were reported to have carried Mr. Chen from the 5th story to the bike awning on the ground. At this point they drew a circle around Mr. Chen' body and claimed that Mr. Chen had jumped out of the building. They then sent Mr. Chen to the hospital. However, prior to Mr. Chen arriving at the hospital, the public security officers called ahead and informed the hospital that they had a patient that was seriously injured from being beaten and that this patient required emergency treatment. When they arrived at the hospital, the hospital refused to accept Mr. Chen, but the officers were reported to have said, "We feel regret about our actions, so please do accept him." After police affixed their signatures, the hospital started to give emergency treatment to Mr. Chen. However, even before the first examination had been completed, Mr. Chen had already passed away. Some other policemen then made up a fake interrogation record and forged Mr. Chen's signature, but they could not attain the necessary fingerprints for the confession to be valid, as the body was at the hospital.

In the evening of March 12, the police asked nine coroners to conduct an autopsy and examination. The police did not think there were any mortal wounds on the body and decided to do autopsy, so as to indicate that police were not responsible for his death. Though Mr. Chen's family objected, they still carried out the autopsy forcibly, only to reveal the extent of the crimes that they had committed.

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Written on March 19, 2003