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Karmic Retribution for Yushu City Policeman Who Enjoys Beating Dafa Practitioners

March 08, 2003 |  

Feb. 5, 2003


Sun Fuzi, head of the supply division in Yushu City Police Department, Jilin Province, has been eagerly acting as Jiang's lackey since July 20, 1999 when Jiang's regime began persecuting Falun Dafa. He beats Dafa practitioners brutally and has shamelessly said, "Falun Gong practitioners cultivate Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance; it feels so good to beat them."

His attitude in dealing with people and his philosophy of life constantly influenced his child. In the fall of 2002, his only son joined a theft-ring and was arrested for stealing cars. His son was thrown in jail, punished by the law.