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Police Bear No Legal Liability When Beating Practitioners to Death Due to the Permitted Death Quotas in the Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province

March 05, 2003 |   By Dafa practitioners in China

February 16, 2003


On April 8, 2002, the Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp in Fushun City, Liaoning Province forcibly sent some of their detained female Dafa practitioners to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The authorities transferred the remaining 80 plus female Dafa practitioners to a far-away deserted chemical factory that had been modified into a jail. All the Dafa practitioners were forced to sleep on the floor in very poor conditions.

At dinnertime on April 12, 2002, all the practitioners in the men's brigade were suddenly called together, and the guards ordered another personnel move. This is a method used by some of the authorities in order to exhaust Dafa practitioners and it has been repeated on a number of occasions. The move lasted until late at night and practitioners could not go to sleep until very late.

We knew it was a sign that a new round of abuse against us would come. The reason was that the 9th brigade in which we moved to has been the darkest place in the Wujiabao camp. Usually the newly arrived criminals were kept at this brigade. The authorities have been using the 9th brigade as a place of strict control and abuse.

On April 13, headed by Communist party secretary Liu Zhigang, the brigade head Wu Wei and policeman Li Lin and others charged forward into the big cell, and started beating up the 60 year old Liu Shaochang. Secretary Liu kicked Liu Shaochang with his leather boots and then dragged him out of the room. Dafa practitioners around there shouted: "No hitting people, you policemen!"

But policemen Wu Wei and Li Lin savagely beat up whoever spoke up to them.

They pulled out Dafa practitioner Li Gang, kicked and punched him, then took out Li Gang's belt, and whipped Li Gang's head viciously with the belt. They stopped only when the belt was broken. Li Gang was left with bloody marks on his face which were still bleeding. Dafa practitioner Zhong Hongxi is a veteran who fought in a war before, he was not hurt in the battle field, but was tortured until his body was full of injuries. Policeman Li Lin asked him: "Have you just shouted 'no beating people'?" Zhong said: "yes." As soon as Zhong finished the word, Li Lin kicked Zhong in the corner of his eye, and followed with more kicks. Dafa practitioner Liu Yue was also beaten up. That day, there were five Dafa practitioners tortured and sent to the intensely monitored group for further torture.

Then Liu Zhigang ordered that we could not sit in the crossed-leg position nor close our eyes to prevent us from meditating. To protest the inhumane treatment, more than 40 Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to seek better conditions and an environment from the higher authorities.

Hearing the new of the practitioner's hunger strike, Wu Aidong, the head of the 9th brigade, organized all the policemen in the 9th brigade, together with dozens of veteran criminals, pulled out the Dafa practitioners who went on the hunger strike and tortured them by cruelly beating and shocking them with electric batons. They used four electric batons to shock each Dafa practitioner at the same time which badly injured the Dafa practitioners causing their skin to become burned and blistered, shortness of breath, weakness and sweating due to the pain and trauma.

After the event, Wu Aidong, who was self-satisfied, told people: "This one time, 27 people were shocked by electric batons, I've never did that before." They coerced the veteran criminals to torture Dafa practitioners. Wu Aidong kept on saying he would reduce the term of those criminals.

In July, the authorities in the Wujiabao camp increased their persecution against Dafa practitioners. The authorities said that the central committee had ordered and permitted a death quota. Within the quota, policemen could take no responsibility even if they had killed Dafa practitioners during their torture. Following this order, Wu Aidong organized more vicious tortures aimed at "reforming" Dafa practitioners in various brutal ways. Those atrocious scenes were too horrible to look at.