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Expose Spies Using Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

March 05, 2003 |   By an Overseas Falun Dafa Practitioner

February 18, 2003


Whenever we hold large group activities, there is always someone around taking pictures and videotaping Dafa practitioners, sometimes secretively and other times brazenly. They use this footage to create carefully edited TV programs filled with defamatory narration to show in China. Many have been repeatedly deceived by such anti-Falun Gong programs. Pictures and video clips of practitioners have also been archived and are manipulated and used to justify the evil persecution. All of these are obvious and careful arrangements by the old forces.

How have we practitioners dealt with this matter as a whole? Generally, Falun Dafa activities are public and open. We have nothing to hide, and have used these opportunities to show them the beauty and goodness of Dafa and we have left them alone.

Dafa practitioners' understanding of compassion and tolerance has been taken advantage of by the evil forces. Inadvertently we could be following old force arrangements. Several times recently, Teacher has taught us to deny the arrangements made by the old forces. If together with the practitioners in China we can break the old forces' arrangements on the issue of picture-taking and videotaping, won't we be making great strides in improving as one body of practitioners?

Aside from sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the corrupt elements behind these individuals that spy, we can do much more. For example, we can reverse the situation by openly taking pictures and videotaping these same people that spy on practitioners and then expose their abhorrent actions to others. It will not only stop the evil from damaging the Fa further, but will also act as a deterrent because these hired people are afraid of being exposed. "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" cannot be abused by the old forces. Sentient beings cannot continue to be confused by the evil in this way.

We are on the path to cultivate to our true selves and should do our best to face things with peaceful minds. If an individual practitioner doesn't have a perfect attitude or doesn't have strong enough righteous thoughts, we should work together as a group and break through the evil's attempt to damage Dafa.

This is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please, kindly point out anything inappropriate.