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Amazingly Rapid Recovery Astonishes Even the Doctors

March 30, 2003 |   By a Dafa practitioner


Story 1. After the Bone-Fracture

One time when I was distributing truth-clarifying material, I fell while walking down a flight of stairs and broke my leg. My foot and lower leg swelled like a balloon, but it healed within a few days. My younger brother suggested that I have my leg checked in a hospital. The doctor's diagnosis was that I had an exterior ankle-bone fracture in my left leg and that I must stay in the hospital for treatment. I told him that I had already gone back to work. Working in a textile mill, I have to walk over a dozen miles a day to check and maintain the textile machines. I also told him that I practice Falun Dafa. The doctor was astonished; he kept saying that this was a miracle. Coincidentally, one of my fellow workers also had leg bone fracture and spent more than 1,000 Yuan for hospitalization and medication. My experience became a hot topic among my fellow workers when they chatted.

Story 2. After My Finger Was Pulled in Between the Gears

I deal with gears every day in my work. One time, my finger was accidentally pulled in between the gears and it bled profusely. According to the common expectation, this finger should have been finished. My supervisor and the plant manager got me to the hospital right away. The examination showed that the bone of the finger was not impaired, and only the flesh was torn. After I went back home, my finger healed in only five days. Some people found it hard to believe, but someone said, "You don't understand, Dafa practitioners have their master's protection."

March 16, 2003