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Latest News from China - 03/12/2003

March 28, 2003


[Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province] Unlawful Long-term Prison Sentence for Dafa Practitioner Wang Xingyun and His Wife

Mr. Wang Xingyun was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment and is currently being held at Wulumuqi City's No.5 Prison in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. His wife Ms. Zhong Yang was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment and is being detained at Guangdong Province's Shaoguan Prison.

[Liaoning Province] Urgent Rescue for Practitioner Gao Dong

Persons from the Security Section of Mr. Gao Dong's workplace, the Liaohe Oil Field Exploration Bureau's Zhenxing Company, confirmed that Gao Dong was again arrested upon arrival of his workplace on March 4.

Prior to this, Gao Dong had written letters to officials of the central government and also tried to have Dafa books returned from his workplace. As a result of writing these letters, he was illegally detained at Liaohe Oil Field's Detention Center. During his ten days of detention, policemen beat him to his last gasp of breath, so severely that he registered no pulse. As a final act, policemen even threw him outside the door of his workplace. After immediate medical emergency treatment he regained consciousness.

We call on everyone with a sense of justice and people from all walks of life to help him get out of the demon's den.

Phone Numbers of Persecutors in Liaohe Oil Field Exploration Bureau's Zhenxing Company

Area Code: 86-427

Sun Renqiang, director, 86-427-7828938 (O), 86-427-7827935 (H)
Sui Jinghui, chief of Security Section, 86-427-7821304 (O), 86-427-7822804 (H)

[Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Work Place House Arrest of Practitioner Zhang Following Expiration of His Forced Labor Term

Mr. Zhang Guochen, 33 years old, is a worker in Tangshan City's Kaiping District in Hebei Province. In January 2001 he was illegally sentenced to two years of imprisonment due to appealing for Falun Dafa in Beijing and was detained at Tangshan City's Detention Center. Zhang Guochen staged a hunger strike to resist the persecution. Several policemen beat him up. He was shocked with electric batons and twice "tied with ropes"* as punishment for reading Master's articles. As he was very determined in his faith in Dafa, he was taken to a brainwashing class far away from his place of residence. After 40 days of inhumane torture he was so emaciated that police had to send him back by car. Once, he and several other practitioners shouted pro-Dafa slogans in a meeting slandering Dafa, and as a result, he was beaten up and his detention term was extended. In February 2003, after his detention term had expired, he was illegally held in his workplace and not allowed to go back home.

[Jinlin City, Jinlin Province] "Arrest Dafa Practitioners" - Order from the "610 Office"

Prior to the "People's Congress and Political Consultation Conference," Jinlin City's "610 Office*" enforcers issued a secret order to districts and counties under its administration to arrest Dafa practitioners and force everyone to write the "guarantee statement"* to give up Falun Gong practice; otherwise, practitioners would be put into brainwashing classes. The Jiangmifeng Township's Police Precinct officials attempted to arrest Dafa practitioners by going door-to-door. Practitioners absolutely resisted the persecution. For those practitioners who did not cooperate, policemen forcibly pried their doors open. Longtan District's Yushugou Police Precinct persons ransacked every practitioner's house. They forced every practitioner to write the "guarantee statement" to give up Falun Dafa.

[Minhe County, Qinghai Province] Facts of Persecution against Dafa Practitioners

During the past three years and seven months, officials from Minhe County's Police Department and from the "610 Office" sent practitioners Mr. Bao Yuanjin, Ms. Qu Shuyun, Mr. Sun Dayou, Mr. Li Congfeng, Mr. Xin Yunong and some others to forced labor camps. In August 2002, they arrested practitioner Li Congfeng and ransacked his home. After more than three months of torture, Li Congfeng was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. Several other practitioners were illegally detained and extorted.

After Bao Yuanjin was released from his detention, his workplace fired him. Mr. Liu Hailiang and Ms. Sun Lijiang were laid off from their jobs under duress and now have to live in exile. Qu Shuyun's retirement pension was suspended during and after two and half years of forced labor. At present, she is forced to live in exile.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Arrest of Practitioner Ms. Jia Zhihong

On February 20, 2003, practitioner Ms. Jia Zhihong, 32 years old, was arrested at home when she was making Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Her home was ransacked and her whereabouts are unknown.

[Chongqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Arrest of Practitioner Jiang Qiu

On March 6, practitioner Jiang Qiu experienced a deception. The president and the director of the Security Department of Beipei District's Glassware Manufacture tricked her into going to Beibei District's Police Precinct. Following that, she was detained in Beibei District's Detention Center.

[Hailun City, Heilongjiang Province] Arrest of Practitioners Han Huaigang and Wang Baocheng

On January 15th, Hailun City "Falun Dafa Day" according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, officers from Hailun City's Police Department started to search and arrest Dafa practitioners at each bus stop. Plainclothes officers located Mr. Han Huaigang at Hailun City's New Bus Transportation Station and followed him to Suiling where he was living and making Dafa truth materials. The police staked out at his home and arrested two other practitioners. Computers and materials were confiscated. Policemen also went to practitioner Mr. Wang Baocheng's home to confiscate a license plate, "2020S," and drove the car away. Practitioner Ms. Xiaohui, too, was arrested at home and many Dafa truth-clarifying materials were taken away.

[Linxia City, Gansu Province] Arrest of Mr. Li Jiankui

Practitioner Mr. Li Jiankui is a retired employee from the 212th Team of the Northwestern Geographic Research Institute, in charge of the National Nuclear Industry Department. He was arrested during the "People's Congress and Political Consultation Conference". His whereabouts remain unknown. The work unit suspended his pension for more than two years, so his son, a student in Xi'an City, could not pay his tuition and has to live in exile.

[Nong'an County, Jilin Province] Arrest of Practitioner Ms. Guo Xiufen

Ms. Guo Xiufen, 68 years old, obtained Dafa in 1996 and started her cultivation. She was a coordinator in the Nong'an District. After she obtained Dafa, her morality was upgraded and her health improved. She has done a lot of work to spread Dafa. Because of this, police from Nong'an District attempted to arrest her many times. She had to leave home to avoid the persecution. At noon of March 10, 2003, Xu Shaolin, a policeman from a local precinct arrested Guo Xiufen when she was shopping at Nong'an County's Quanlou Market and now her whereabouts are unknown.

[Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province] Long-Term Prison Sentence for Practitioner Mr. Yue Yangjun

Mr. Yue Yangjun, 30 years old, was arrested and sentenced to five years of imprisonment because he clarified the truth of Dafa to the public. He is now detained at the No. 5 Division of Jixian County's Bijiashan Prison in Shuangyashan City.

[Sanhe City, Hebei Province] Police from Chengguan Town Arrest Dafa Practitioners

On February 20, 2003, two Dafa practitioners' homes in Lan'gezhuang Village, Chengguan Town were ransacked.

On February 27, 2003, Yang, a teacher from Youkuyuan, was taken away from home and the home was ransacked. On the same night, Zhang Shanglin, chief of the police department, led a group of people to arrest Dafa practitioners Mr. Kang Jingtai, Mr. Xin Baodong and the Ms. Gao Shuying couple at their homes. They didn't find Xin Baodong at home nor in his store, so the police officers posted a guard for a whole day at his home and store, and prohibited his family members from going out. They even didn't allow the relatives who stayed at Mr. Xin's house to go home. Also, at present, Kang Jingtai's situation is unknown.

[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Illegal Detention of Dafa Practitioners Wu Jiqiang, Xu Guang'ai and Han Pusen

On July 19, 2002, police from Boli Town, Jiaonan City, arrested practitioners Mr. Wu Jiqiang, Mr. Xu Guang'ai and Mr. Han Pusen while they were clarifying the truth and distributed some truth-clarifying materials. Wu Jiqiang and Han Pusen are detained at Jiaonan City's Detention Center. Mr. Xu Guang'ai has been detained at Qingdao City's No.1 Detention Center up to now. Their family members tried to visit them many times but all were refused admittance by the detention center.

Telephone number of Jiaonan City's Detention Center: 86-532-8180060

[Gongyi City, Henan Province] Persecution History of Dafa Practitioner Jiang Shaohua's Family from Xiaoguan Town

All four members of Jiang Shaohua's family practice Falun Gong. In 2001, the whole family went to Beijing to appeal and was later separately detained by people from the Xiaoguan Town "610 Office." The son was sent to Zhengzhou City's Baimiao Forced Labor Camp and the daughter was detained at the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp. Up till now, Jiang Shaohua is still detained at a detention center in Gongyi City.

Hereafter is a partial list of names of practitioners who are now detained at the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp: Mr. Zhao Zhongdang, Mr. Shao Zhendong, Mr. Zhang Yongli, Mr. Zhao Songmao, Mr. Zhang Yongheng, Mr. Li Dianjun, Mr. Xue Jindong and Mr. Liu Qilun.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Experiences of Dafa Practitioners Wang Zhiliang, Liu Juhua, Wang Yiman and Zhao Lishan

Mr. Wang Zhiliang; no news has been heard about him since he was arrested in April 2002.

Ms. Liu Juhua was tortured so severely in the detention center that she became mentally unstable, and her body has become emaciated. Her whole body is covered with scabies.

Ms. Wang Yiman has been staging a hunger strike at the detention center for more than half a year.

Mr. Zhao Lishan, Ms. Zhu Hong and Mr. Shi Yan are being detained at Shijiazhuang City's No.2 Detention Center.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Record of Criminal Deeds Committed by Guo Xu

Guo Xu, female, is supervisor of the Hygiene Center in Changchun City's Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. She used her power to cruelly persecute Falun Gong practitioners, cursing, beating and kicking Dafa practitioners at her whim. What is the most vicious about her is her extremely cruel force-feeding of practitioners with a great amount of saline solution. She even accused those practitioners whom she tortured to the point of twitching and death that they were pretending. She simply ignored those who were diagnosed with diseases and said that there was no problem.

[China] Get Rid of the Attachment to Fear; Let's Walk Well the Last Part of the Fa-Rectification Path

A police officer in Mainland China told a Dafa practitioner this story: during the three-day Lantern Festival this year, while he and his colleagues were on duty, when they saw Dafa practitioners distributing truth-clarifying materials in an open and dignified manner, they didn't do anything because they knew that Dafa is good. Later they saw two female Dafa practitioners looking a little scared while distributing materials. They took them to the police station, hoping the two can clarify the truth about Falun Gong to them. The practitioners, though, didn't even say a word for several hours. The police officers let them go with their materials, but expressed pity that they didn't hear any stories about Falun Gong.

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