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More Information About the Deaths by Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners Wang Baoxian, Zhang Xiaochun and Liu Xiaoling from Heilongjiang Province

March 26, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In 2001 and 2002, Clearwisdom had reported the news that practitioners Wang Baoxian, Zhang Xiaochun and Liu Xiaoling from Heilongjiang Province had been tortured to death. Here we are publicizing more information obtained since then.

1. Mr. Wang Baoxian, a cadre at the Railroad Vehicle Factory of Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang, was tortured to death at the Fuyu Detention Center

In 1999, Dafa practitioner Wang Baoxian was unlawfully abducted by vicious policemen and taken to a forced labor camp in order to force him to give up his belief. However, he never gave in to the pressure. In 2001, while he was illegally detained in the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Wang, along with other practitioners, demanded to be set free since they were innocent of any crime. He was beaten by Captain Jia Weijun and other wicked policemen, and then taken to Fuyu Detention Center. The policemen in the detention center tried to instigate other prisoners to torture Mr. Wang, however, they refused to do so. Mr. Wang was then transferred to Unit #5. Under orders of the vicious policemen, prisoner Gao Delin beat Mr. Wang and prevented him from drinking water or using the toilet, and said that whoever beat him would be rewarded with a bread bun. Eventually, in mid-August 2002, Wang Baoxiao was tortured to death.

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2. Mr. Zhang Xiaochun, 43-year-old employee of the Tuohua Railroad in Heilongjiang, was killed due to force-feeding at the Fuyu Detention Center

On January 1, 2001, wicked policemen abducted Zhang Xiaochun because he went to Beijing to appeal. Mr. Zhang went on a hunger strike for over twenty days. The policemen were forced to release him. However, right after the Chinese New Year, the vicious policemen abducted him again. Mr. Zhang went on another hunger strike, this time for nine days, and was illegally sent to the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp for detention.

In June 2002, the vicious policemen told Mr. Zhang, "We will detain you for an extended period of time although you have finished your term. Falun Gong practitioners have no place to appeal." Mr. Zhang went on a hunger strike, demanding to be freed as he was innocent to begin with. On June 29, 2002, he was killed due to force-feeding by authorities at the Fuyu Detention Center.

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3. 35-year-old Ms. Liu Xiaoling from Wuzhang Town, Zhaodong, Heilongjiang was killed by force-feeding

At the end of 1999, Ms. Liu, a Falun Gong practitioner, was arrested because the regime persecutes Falun Gong. In the prison, she was excruciatingly tortured because she resisted their attempts to force her to stop practicing, and insisted on practicing Falun Gong. In the spring of 2001, while she was being illegally detained because she had gone on a hunger strike, she was forced-fed with foul bean curd soup and thusly tortured to death. According to the inside information, her ribs had been beaten to the point of breaking.

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The responsible units are as follows:

Qiqihaer City Police Bureau
Pukui Street, Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province
Phone number: 86-452-2486112

Qiqihaer City Fuyu Forced Labor Camp
Phone number: 86-452-3123712