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Canada Must Protest China's Abuse of the Bilateral Human Rights Dialog in Extending Religious Persecution in Canada

March 02, 2003 |  

Ottawa -- On February 27, Falun Gong representatives and Member of Parliament, Mr. Rob Anders, jointly held a press conference on the Hill, expressing serious concern and disappointment over the twisted outcome of last week's Canada-China bilateral human rights dialogue. China's Religious Delegation abused the venue and intentionally spread hatred and further harmed Falun Gong; which is an internationally established spiritual practice.

Last Thursday, February 20 at the end of their 5-day trip, the delegation perpetrated an inappropriate action and used a press conference, targeting and attacking Falun Gong practitioners, advancing its persecution onto Canadian soil.

Anders said: "I am very upset that the Chinese propaganda (was) brought over from China to spread against Falun Dafa, not only against Chinese practitioners, but against practitioners in Canada. It is particularly astonishing that this is done under the guise of a Human Rights visit, using the people who are purportedly religious to go ahead and spread that type of propaganda and mistruth... I think it's incredible and unfortunate."

He continued "I think our government ought to send a clear message to the PRC that we will not tolerate, and condone any human rights abuses that's going on there... that our government, will do everything we can to make sure that we certainly protect the freedoms that we cherish here, and hold the People's Republic of China accountable for those types of actions here, and not allow them to go with our sanction or condonation."

"We urge our government to look into this matter and protest to their Chinese counterpart", said Ginette D'Aoust-Castonguay, an Ottawa Falun Gong practitioner. She continued; "the accusations, made by the delegation; that they have been threatened and interfered with by Falun Gong practitioners, during their visit, is false and totally groundless. Our intention was to relay the message that 'the persecution is wrong and it has to be stopped'. This was attempted in a lawful, peaceful and rational manner. Practitioners in China have been arrested and sent to jail for saying/doing the exact same thing". "As Canadians we do not need to conform to Chinese regime's standard or request with this regard."

Mr. Zhixiong Li, the founder of the Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China (http://religiousfreedomforchina.org/English/contactus.htm), stated "this so-called China's Religious Delegation Officials have been the 'religious politicians' utilized as 'weapons' of the regime's religious persecution to paint a rosy picture of religious freedom in China." The key members have been actively outspoken in China and abroad, spreading hate and justifying China's persecution toward Falun Gong and persecuted religious groups.