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Remembering Master's Hardships and Righteous Purity In the Process of Teaching the Fa

March 02, 2003 |   By Liu Xinyu

(Clearwisdow.net) I was not a diligent practitioner and frequently stumbled on my cultivation path. I'm ashamed to say that, even though I actually felt Falun rotating and saw Master's Fashen when I first started practicing the exercises, I still doubted Dafa and Master.

It was only when a veteran practitioner told me something that happened in Wuhan that I relinquished my doubts of Master. I don't remember exactly which lecture it was, but one day when Master finished his teaching and stepped out of the auditorium, a practitioner followed him at a distance, curious to know where Master was going. He saw Master speed up and quickly cross the street, followed by a car. The vehicle stopped beside him and a few people got out. They asked Master to get in the car but He said a few words to them and declined. The car left. Master continued to walk and found a vendor selling steamed buns, and He bought a few for lunch. The following day, the practitioner happened to see those people in the car, and recognized them as being from the local Qigong Association. Master's lectures were usually sponsored by local Qigong Associations, which conventionally treat visiting Qigong masters to three meals each day, but Master rejected their offers. They said all Qigong masters accepted their invitation except Master Li, who did not follow this corrupt custom.

Today I write this story to encourage myself as well as fellow practitioners. Let's remember Master's hardships in introducing the Fa to the public, follow the Fa-Rectification course closely and not let Master down.

I also ask that all practitioners write down what they know about Master to let people know his greatness and benevolence. This can help expose the evil and also let more people respect Dafa and Master, thereby planting the cultivation seeds in their hearts. This can also let the future Dafa disciples know the Fa, allowing Dafa to pass steadily and unchanged to the next generation.

February 12, 2003