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Switzerland: Practitioners Introduce Falun Dafa at the Zurich Health Expo

March 14, 2003 |   By a Swiss Dafa Practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently Dafa practitioners in Switzerland are doing everything they can and using every opportunity to explain the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong to the public. From February 27 to March 2, there was a national Health Expo in Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland. Practitioners used this precious opportunity to tell people more about Falun Dafa.

At the Health Expo, the Falun Gong display stand happened to be located beside the entrance. When entering the exhibition hall, one would see an eye-catching banner reading "Falun Dafa Is Good". Below the banner there was a big chart made by a famous doctor in Zurich, which showed how the energy field of practitioners varied before and after they began to practice. From the chart, it was seen that practitioners had a weaker energy field before they practiced Falun Gong and the diseased part(s) of the body had no energy field. On the other hand, practitioners had a significantly more powerful energy field after they started the practice and also the diseased part(s) of their bodies were healed. The doctor also displayed graphs to make a comparison of the health situations prior to and after beginning the practice. Once more, facts and statistics show that Falun Gong brings miraculous benefits to our health.

During the Health Expo, the Falun Gong display stand was among the most popular. Peaceful and beautiful Dafa music attracted many visitors to the stand. The visitors were eager to take leaflets as well as Video-CDs. Some of them even asked for extra materials for their Chinese neighbors or relatives. Others attentively listened to the practitioners talk about Falun Gong and watched the exercises being demonstrated. One 2-year-old child of a practitioner also practiced exercises to the Dafa music; his attentive and solemn facial expressions surprised onlookers and brought praise from the audience. There were still more people waiting in line for some Chinese calligraphy on which were drawn the Chinese characters of "Falun Dafa Is Good". It was not long before the calligraphy was seen everywhere in the exhibition hall.

During the last two days of the Health Expo, practitioners arranged a programmed to introduce Falun Gong. On a big TV screen, practitioners played videotapes of Master Li's exercise instructions. Another videotape was also played describing the development of Falun Dafa and how it has spread to all parts of the world. Two practitioners then talked about the differences between Falun Dafa and other cultivation methods. They offered concrete evidence and facts to illustrate that practicing Falun Gong brings numerous benefits to health. The audience attentively watched the tapes, listened to explanations, and finally showed their appreciation by applauding enthusiastically.

When the program came to an end, the audience around our display stand was unwilling to leave. Practitioners used this precious opportunity to further expose the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa by the Jiang regime. The audience was informed of practitioners' selfless and magnificent deeds when making peaceful appeals, and how they upheld "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" in their lives. These kind persons were deeply touched by the selflessness of practitioners. With excitement, they expressed, "It is such a good practice that can bring extreme benefits to our mental and physical health as well as our society. It's incredible that [Jiang's regime] is slandering and cracking down on it."

Many of the people had various questions to ask. Some said that they had already heard of Falun Gong and some had traveled very long distances just to obtain information and materials. One man said that he wanted to take many different types of materials from the Expo but his top priority was to take Dafa materials. A disabled person told the practitioners, "Falun Gong has the best and most powerful energy field. Please give me materials of Falun Gong. I would like to read them carefully." There were still many others who learned the first set of exercises, asked for the phone numbers of practice sites and expressed an interest in practicing Falun Gong. Others also bought Dafa books.

During the four days, over 15,000 visitors came to our stand and practitioners handed out around 8,000 leaflets and over 300 Video-CDs. Overall, through the activities practitioners introduced Dafa to more people and were delighted to see the audience understanding the truth.

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