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Practitioner Wang Jianhui, Morning News Anchor at Tangshan Radio, Is Put Under House Arrest

March 14, 2003 |  


Wang Jianhui, Dafa practitioner and distinguished broadcaster and anchorman of the Morning News at Tangshan Radio, was arrested on December 24, 2000 for appealing for justice for Falun Dafa in Beijing. He was imprisoned in a forced labor camp for two years, during which time he was tortured. There were times when he was tied down, his limbs bound with ropes that cut deeply into his flesh and veins. A guard was standing beside, monitoring the time to ensure that the torture did not exceed five minutes. Wang would die if it did. Wang was also battered with electric batons and was not allowed to sleep for a long period of time. In November 2002, Wang was released. However, since he refused to write a "guarantee statement" to denounce Falun Gong, the heads of his work unit planned to send him to a brainwashing center, then later decided to put Wang under house arrest in Tangshan Broadcasting Station. During the Chinese New Year, Wang was allowed to go home briefly to spend the holidays with his family only after he and his family wrote to guarantee that Wang would not go to Beijing to appeal during the holidays. Wang is currently still under house arrest.

Li Qingshan and Xiong Guoxiang are responsible for the house arrest of Wang Jianhui. We appeal to practitioners abroad to clarify the truth about Falun Gong.

Li Qingshan, the Executive Director of Tangshan Broadcasting Corporation: 86-315-2832266
Tangshan Broadcasting Corporation: 86-315-2827665
Xiong Guoxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Tangshan Broadasing Corporation: 86-315-2853314