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An Infiltrator From China Says "I Will Not Damage Dafa - I Didn't Expect You Were So Nice"

March 14, 2003 |   By An Overseas Chinese Practitioner


One day, a fellow overseas practitioner received a phone call. The caller said that he was leaving the country, and before leaving, he would like to say goodbye to him. This practitioner had only heard of the caller by name, and had never met him, so he asked how he had obtained the phone number. Unexpectedly, the caller calmly explained, "I have everyone's phone number. To tell you the truth, I am a secret agent. Six months ago I came from Mainland China and pretended that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. I brought everyone's phone number with me when I came. My duty was to collect information about all of you. But after a while, I hadn't made even one phone call, because when I first arrived, I wanted to initially observe you, as a bystander, to see if there was anything suspicious going on."

"My job requires me to read Zhuan Falun everyday. You know, I like what the book says, and I didn't believe you would be such nice people. I assumed that you had another purpose, so I was observing you. After making observations for a period of time, I found that you indeed behaved according to what is required in the book. You are indeed trying to be good people. I did not damage Dafa before, and I don't think I will in the future."

"Actually, regarding what your teacher says about supernormal capabilities in the book, I believe them all, because one time I had this kind of a personal experience. When I was a child, and was playing with other kids, all of a sudden the other kids couldn't see me. At the beginning, there were just a few kids looking for me, but later, the adults and kids together in the whole village were looking for me. I didn't understand that they couldn't see me, you see. I thought they were joking with me. So wherever they went, I followed them, and not until later did I find out that they truly couldn't see me. After two hours, they all gave up, saying that I mustn't be in the village. So I stood in the middle of them and said loudly: 'Am I not here?' and I popped up in front of them. They all felt very strange, and so did I."

"After reading the Dafa book, I realized that this was actually a supernormal capability. I also believe in the other supernormal capabilities that your Teacher mentions. I have never doubted their existence."

"I will not damage Dafa, I simply didn't expect that you were so nice."

"By the way, that practitioner, the one who always gives her husband a hard time, she should be looking inside. When you have time, please tell her."