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Harbin City Female Rehabilitation Center Police Savagely Torture Dafa Practitioners

March 1, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Harbin City Female Rehabilitation Center had previously achieved "outstanding results" by deceiving Dafa practitioners and distorting Master's new articles to try to brainwash them. But with practitioners becoming clear-minded, these tricks no longer had any effect. This rehabilitation center thus started to use cruel tortures against Dafa practitioners.

If the practitioners did not sign the "statements" that slandered Dafa and Master, they would be tortured. Of the torture methods that we know of and have experienced, a few are mentioned below:

  1. Being allowed to eat only one meal a day; not given enough to eat and still forced to participate in hard labor.
  2. Practitioners were beaten with fists and kicks; practitioners were slapped and beaten until covered with bruises.
  3. Not being allowed to sleep for as long as 56 hours. If the eyes were slightly closed, the police would use rubber bands or fingers to flick the eyeballs.
  4. Practitioners were handcuffed to the floor so that they could not stand straight.
  5. Female Dafa practitioners had half of their heads shaved.
  6. Use of high voltage electric batons to shock practitioners all over their bodies. Practitioners were shocked until they were covered with injuries.
  7. In winter the police opened the windows of the washroom, stripped practitioners naked or let them wear only underwear, and then threw them into the washroom. They poured cold water on to the practitioner's body to freeze them, or forced practitioners to sit in water basins filled with cold water.
  8. The center chief, instructors and police dragged practitioners to the basement to beat them. Terrible cries of pain echoed from the basement everyday.

There were even more cruel torture methods that the rehabilitation center has tried to keep secret. We will use different ways to expose these torture methods.

One Dafa practitioner in Mudanjiang City was tortured for one month but still refused to sign any coerced statement. The police continually increased the tortures. Tang Zengye of Dalian City was tortured so badly that she lost a dangerous amount of weight in a short period of time. She is still shut up in a small cell to date. One Dafa practitioner in Jixi City was tortured to death.

Some practitioners really could not withstand the pain and thus signed the statement to agree to be "transformed." In the end, they were badly beaten until they agreed to "take the initiative to be transformed." The rehabilitation police, however, told the family members of the Dafa practitioners who had inquired about them, "They are better off here than at home. They eat their fill of three meals everyday."

Telephone of Chief of Harbin City Female Rehabilitation Center Chen Guiqing: 86-451-2412172
Office: 86-451-2424014, 86-451-2424046

February 19, 2003