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Energy Cluster In the Light of the Early Morning Sun (Photos)

February 08, 2003 |   By Huizhi

(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of February 5, 2003, after practicing the sitting meditation, it was exactly 7 am. I erected my hand and sent forth righteous thoughts. I saw more than one small golden Falun rapidly spinning in front of my forehead. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I experienced the divine power of Buddha Fa with an air of "destroying all evil in the cosmos" (Righteous Thoughts"). It was so grand and sacred. When I opened my eyes, a small margin of the Sun appeared.

I recalled the words from Teacher's new article: "The endless journey has come to a close/ And the pervasive haze is gradually dispersing" ("New Year's Greetings from Master")

I rapidly fetched a camera and took a group of pictures. In the light of the early morning sun, one can see an energy cluster in red and green. And at the lower green edge of the energy cluster, there is a small red energy cluster (see photos)

The energy clusters let me recall: at one time, I was in a state in which I seemed asleep but was not asleep. I saw two identical beings attempting to do something bad in another dimension. I thought "this is not allowed". Once this thought came forth, without even thinking how to stop them, I saw a red energy cluster fly out and hit one of the two beings. That being was instantly burnt and disappeared. This was one manifestation of righteous thoughts' power at a low level.