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Dafa Practitioner Xiong Fengxia was Beaten to Death in A Brainwashing Class in Dingxing County, Hebei Province (Names and Phone Numbers Included)

February 27, 2003 |   By a Mainland China Dafa Practitioner


Female Dafa practitioner Xiong Fengxia of Gucheng Town, Dingxing County, Hebei Province, age 56, was tortured to death in Liyuzhuang Town's brainwashing class in Dingxing County, Hebei Province.

Around 4 a.m. on October 1, 2002, policemen from the Dingxing County police station climbed over the wall, snuck into Xiong Fengxia's home and took her away by force without even giving her time to put on her socks and shoes. Eighteen people were arrested at the same time in Gucheng Town.

According to an informant, at 7 p.m. on September 30, the prime secretary of Gecheng Town ordered all personnel to an emergency meeting and that no one should divulge any of their activities. At around 2 a.m., seventy to eighty policemen went to Dingxing Town. Guided by the precinct, they dashed into Dafa practitioners' homes after climbing over the walls or otherwise breaking into their houses. Some Dafa practitioners were awakened from sleep and were forcibly taken away by the police without even being allowed to put on their clothes. Some were handcuffed. The police ransacked Dafa practitioners' homes and took whatever they wanted. The children were so scared that they dared not move an inch. The police also resorted to physical violence.

Those evil perpetrators led by the department head of the Law Education Section of Dingxing Town's police station, Zhang Jun, took Dafa practitioners to City Hall and then sent them to Dingxing Town's detention center. Some were sent to a brainwashing class in Liyuzhuang Town, Dingxing County. They resorted to all kinds of inhumane torture to force Dafa practitioners to give up their faith. One of the Dafa practitioners, Xiong Fengxia, was beaten over a two-week period and finally died. Another male practitioner who was in his sixties was beaten so badly that he suffered from loss of hearing and weakened vision. Another female practitioner who was in her seventies was slapped in the face and kicked by the evil perpetrators, 300 RMB was extorted from her and she was detained for three days before her family was allowed to take her home. The rest of the Dafa practitioners were detained an average of ten to fifteen days, with the longest one detained for two months. The 610 offices in both Gucheng Town and Dingxing County collaborated to extort money and possessions from Dafa practitioners. The highest amount extorted was 3000 RMB, and the lowest amount was 900 to 1000 RMB.

When Dafa practitioner Xiong Fengxia arrived at the detention center, several misguided 'enforcers' approached her at once. They beat her and knocked her down onto the floor. They also shouted at her insanely: "We'll beat you all the way to the crematorium." During those two weeks, the evil enforcers resorted to all sorts of violent means to brutally torture Dafa practitioners. They hung Dafa practitioners up, they beat Dafa practitioners with rubber hoses, wooden clubs or other weapons. Xiong Fengxia could not eat because she was beaten so badly that she could no longer take care of herself. She had to rely on several practitioners to carry her to the toilet and she had blood in her stool. Nevertheless, those evil perpetrators shamelessly accused her of faking those symptoms. They forced several Dafa practitioners including Xiong Fengxia, who was not able to walk or run, into the courtyard. On October 13, the evil perpetrators again tortured her with forced feedings and eventually persecuted Xiong Fengxia to death.

It wasn't until the noon of October 14 that the perpetrators notified Xiong's family members that she was dead. In order to escape responsibility, they lied to Xiong's family, claiming that she suffered from a high fever due to influenza and that they were not able to resuscitate her in time. When Xiong's family members saw her corpse, her teeth were clenched tightly, her whole body was covered with bruises and injuries and her wrists showed deep marks from being hung with iron-chains. Her family questioned the cause of death and demanded that a coroner inspect her body. However, the chief of the 610 office in Dingxing County, Shi Tianyuan denied that Xiong was beaten to death. Consequently the family members went to a coroner of Baoding City Procuratorate and inquired about the time needed for a coroner to inspect a corpse, and they were told 7-10 days. Yet they stalled and stalled until a month had passed by. When the family members spoke to the city Procuratorate, they were directed to call the county, and the county tried everything they could to stall things further. Afterwards, they found out from secretary of the county's Political and Judiciary Committee, Hao Guochi, that the coroner dared not make any statement or sign his name. Eventually they submitted Xiong's case to the Province. After the Province "researched" the case, they concluded that Xiong's cause of death was lung perforation, which was completely inconsistent with the report of Xiong's autopsy and the many bruises and injuries evident on Xiong's body.

Names of the criminals:

'Enforcers' in the brainwashing class: Ma Dehua, Li Gang, Wang Zhigang, Lou Biaowen and Liu Shengchun.
Chief of the 610 office in Dingxing County: Shi Tianyuan
Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, Dingxing County: Hao Guochi
Chief of Law Education Section in Dingxing County's Police Station: Zhang Jun
Chief of brainwashing class: Li Aijun
Prime Secretary of Gucheng Town: Sun Jianmin
Vice Chief of 610 office, Gucheng Town: Tang Ruixin.
Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committed, Gucheng Town: Li Wenxiu and their enforcers
Related organizations: Dingxing County Police Station, Hebei Province: 86-312-6922421
Dingxing County Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-312-6922174
Gucheng Town Mayor's office, Dingxing County: 86-312-6994206
Gucheng Town Hall: 86-312-6994216
Dingxing County's Political Security Office: 86-312-6924404 (Chief: Zhang Jun)
Police Brigade: 86-312-6925777; Chief, Qin Weisong: 86-13323126697