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Dafa Practitioner Cheng Yuanlong Brutally Force-Fed in the Fushun City Labor Camp, Liaoning Province

February 17, 2003 |  


Falun Dafa practitioner Cheng Yuanlong had been detained at the Fushun City Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province for 10 months. While in detention, one day at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, policeman Wang Dan came to tell him that Instructor Ren wanted to have a talk with him. This way Wang Dan deceived him into coming to the 9th brigade. After arriving there, Yuanlong realized that he was going to be force-fed, so he asked to meet Instructor Ren. However, Wang Dan ignored his request. Instead, he left Yuanlong in an office on the second floor with several policemen watching over him.

A few minutes later, Wang Dan came back. Yuanlong explained to him a few more times that he would like to see Instructor Ren. But Wang Dan simply called in a few prisoners and ordered them to push Yuanlong to the ground, where they started to force-feed him. Yuanlong would not submit to this unfair brutal treatment and he refused to cooperate. These evil people used a spoon to pry his mouth open, shouting loudly that they would knock out all of his teeth. Still, the first time they failed to force-feed him, and merely made his clothes all wet. Next, these people forced him to take medicine. Yuanlong had already been detained illegally for around ten months and had been barely able to stay alive as he endured such torments. Many people knew that his body was in bad condition, because every time they were let outside he had to find a place to sit down.

Since Yuanlong's body was very weak, and there were so many people torturing him for such a long time, the second time when they forced him to take the medicines, he couldn't breathe and nearly died.

The labor camp adopts such cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners, yet they claim that what they do is for the good of practitioners. One of the prisoners who participated in the torture said, "It would be treated as an accident if I really beat you to death. I am still fine after beating seven or eight practitioners to death." Using abusive language, they threatened to beat Yuanlong to death.

At present, the evil people are threatening to sentence Cheng Yuanlong to prison because he is alleged to have disobeyed the discipline of the forced labor camp.