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Summary of Experiences and Understandings from the Nancy Chen Urgent Rescue Team

February 15, 2003 |   By Falun Dafa practitioners from Australia

(Clearwisdom.net) We practitioners are encouraged by having successfully rescued Nancy Chen. Many practitioners felt that the entire process of this rescue embodied the power of being one integral entity. The Nancy Chen Urgent Rescue Team share their insights on the rescue effort in the following summary.

1. Practitioners had sufficient experience, shared their understandings, and were able to understand the Fa from the Fa. In the beginning, practitioners had many kinds of judgmental thoughts, such as Nancy should not have gone back to China and she must have had some attachments. Through sharing our understandings, we quickly realized that at present, our most important mission was to do everything possible to rescue our fellow practitioner, rather than to criticize where she fell short in her personal cultivation. Thus, although we had unnecessary thoughts, we quickly put aside our individual understandings and instantly devoted ourselves to the rescue work. Different teams and individual practitioners all felt a sense of urgency and put their efforts into the rescue work. For examples, the media team promptly contacted newspapers and prepared a news release. The practitioners that clarify the truth to government officials also quickly contacted members of the Australian Congress. Local practitioners discussed the issue with their local governments and the local government officials paid a lot of attention to the incident. Some practitioners contacted the Chinese Associations regarding Nancy's arrest. Practitioners on the phone team rapidly wrote a truth-clarifying script for broadcast. A good many practitioners phoned China to explain the persecution facts and to suffocate the evil.

2. Practitioner's thoughts must be righteous. During the entire rescue process, we felt our fellow practitioners' thoughts were really powerful. Especially after exchanging our understandings, we had only one thought: our priority was to rescue Nancy. Master said in Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A., "As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." Thus, practitioner's thoughts about the wrongful arrest of Nancy Chen would influence the outcome of our efforts. If we criticized our fellow practitioner Nancy for being abducted, we would then have fallen into the old force's arrangements, which would be equivalent to assisting the old forces' persecution of our fellow practitioner. As Dafa disciples, we should completely deny the old force's arrangements and not even acknowledge the old forces themselves. So after the incident occurred, practitioners understood that it was not the time to discuss whether our fellow practitioner had allowed some loophole. Instead, it was time to completely break the evil arrangements. We could also have many kinds of attachments during our cultivation, and even if we had loopholes, we would not allow the vicious old forces to persecute us and we should fundamentally deny them. Powerful righteous thoughts are the determinant factor for a successful rescue.

3. During the entire time that Nancy was in detention, she also fought against the evil. She might have had some fear in the beginning when she was followed, but she quickly became calm and steadfastly faced the evil. She used her righteous thoughts to deny the evil's arrangements. It was her strong righteous thoughts and her wisdom gained through cultivating Dafa that let her use the opportunity in an extremely difficult situation to inform her family of her arrest. This allowed the rescue work to begin promptly. When she encountered danger, her first consideration was for others. She thought about how to avoid entangling her fellow practitioners in China and how to help more practitioners in China to step out and participate in the Fa-rectification. She thought about how to break the evil field in her hometown. She also considered the precious Chinese people in her hometown who were deceived by the lies and hoped that practitioners from Australia and the entire world would better utilize this opportunity to explain the facts to people in Sichuan province. She also hoped that Australian practitioners could do even better in explaining the facts about the persecution to both media and governments. When she was interrogated, she continually sent forth righteous thoughts and made up her mind that she would definitely gain freedom so as to completely deny the old force's arrangements.

4. Dafa disciples throughout the world are one integral entity. This rescue effort was supported by practitioners throughout the world. We shared our understandings from the perspective of the Fa. In addition, phone calls from all over the world effectively suffocated the evil. Although previously we had understood from the Fa that our Dafa disciples should be one body, because we were from different areas, we did not maintain a deep feeling about this all of the time This rescue mission suddenly shortened the distance between us and practitioners throughout the world as if we were not separated by the oceans. Instead, we were as close as being right next door and everything seemed to happen right beside us. We truly experienced the state that there is no separation among practitioners throughout the world and we are an integral body.

5. Our own media reports were very timely. Almost every event was promptly reported on our websites, in the newspapers, and on TV. In addition, follow-up reports were continuously published, something we had not been able to achieve previously.

6. The extensive attention from the Australian and world-wide media and the government's concern helped to move the issue forward. The Australian government made every effort it could. Actually, it was the righteous thoughts from Dafa disciples as a whole that made the rescue possible. Righteous thoughts let practitioners pay attention to Nancy's latest news every day. Both Chinese and English media, government officials from different levels, the Australian government (especially the Department of Foreign Affairs) as well as the public were very involved and interested in this issue. The attention made the rescue work go smoothly and achieve a good effect.

7. Dafa disciples closely communicated with each other. After Nancy was abducted, news about her situation was updated almost daily. Different teams also closely cooperated with each other. The media team's daily summary of media reports provided very good references for the practitioners to explain the facts to government officials, and helped practitioners to write articles for our own website and other forms of media. The phone team also shared with us their experiences of calling China. Our urgent rescue team also wrote their experiences, understandings, and plans to share with practitioners, which allowed all practitioners to share the information in a timely fashion; and our own media were able to promptly report the most up-to-date news. The close communication and cooperation were another important factor in the success of this rescue, which allowed us to participate in the Fa-rectification as a whole. From this, we now know that it is really important for us to communicate with each other in our future work. Under the situation that it is unlikely for all practitioners to get together, it is important for each team to write down its progress, experiences, or understandings so that we can improve as one body. Many practitioners also realized that it is really important for us to write articles, because while writing, we straighten out our thoughts and understand the Fa more clearly. Sufficient experience sharing allowed us to do things better. We felt that it was really important for us to write experience sharing articles and progress reports during the process of participating in the Fa-rectification.

8. Studying the Fa well is extremely important. No matter what we do, no matter how busy we are, no matter how urgent the situation is, we must make Fa-study the first priority. Otherwise, we would be everyday people doing Dafa work and therefore have no power from the Fa. Our Master requires that Dafa disciples do Dafa work.