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"610 Office" Responds Viciously to Truth-Clarifying TV Broadcast in Nahe City, Heilongjiang Province

December 09, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On October 26, some facts about Dafa were broadcast on TV in Nahe City, Heilongjiang Province. After this happened, the "610 Office"* sent a special group to Nahe City to deal with the case. The provincial police department also sent persons to Nahe City, as well as to Molidawa Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and other nearby counties. According to sources within China, Luo Gan (a member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the Central Committee who follows Jiang Zemin closely in persecuting Dafa), and Li Changchun also gave "written instructions."

Sometime around October 26, 2003, practitioners successfully sent signals from the northern side of the water tower of Nahe Train Station, broadcasting the facts about Dafa between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Shortly after, aided by "610 Offices" in various administrative levels of Heilongjiang Province, Nahe police arrested Dafa practitioners from Nahe City and more than 30 districts or villages subordinate to Nahe, as well as from Molidawa Banner and other counties around Nahe. In Nahe City alone, more than 200 people were arrested, and many Dafa books, along with audio and video Dafa materials, were confiscated during the house searching.

During that period, a female practitioner from Suiling County of Heilongjiang Province took a copy of Zhuan Falun with her and brought her baby to Nahe for a visit. She was arrested, and her innocent baby was sent to the Welfare Center of Nahe City. Her situation is now unknown.

During these activities of the "610 Office" of the Central Committee, it is confirmed that the following practitioners were arrested:

-Mr. Liu Mingkang, about 35, a well-respected businessman from Molidawa Banner, who was illegally sentenced to 3 years in jail with 4 years probation.

-Ms. Xia Shuwen, about 37, a citizen of Molidawa Banner, who held a hunger strike for 15 days to protest her illegal arrest.

There was a certain man called Ouyang who was illegally sentenced, together with Liu Mingkang, to 3 years in jail with 4 years probation. Accounts of his whereabouts vary, with one saying he escaped and yet another saying he was arrested. His situation is unknown.

To again deceive the common people who watched the truth of Dafa, the Police Department of Nahe City printed flyers and distributed them. They also surveyed ordinary people on their opinions about the Dafa programs. Some civilians said, "The truth of the Tiananmen immolation has been broadcast before and this is not the first time."

During the time of the Dafa practitioner illegal arrests, police cars in Nahe City were hurriedly speeding from street to street. In the detention center, policemen were rushing around, making a big mess. In interrogating Dafa practitioners, a policeman with a guilty conscience asked a practitioner, "I treated you badly. Am I heading for karmic retribution?"

After the Nahe police arrested the above-mentioned four practitioners, they announced such news on local TV on November 3 or 4, 2003. Currently, one account says that these practitioners have been transferred secretly to Harbin while another says they are still detained in Nahe City's Detention Center.

While Nahe City's policemen were illegally arresting Dafa practitioners, Molidawa Banner's police were also searching and arresting practitioners there. Besides Mr. Liu Mingkang and Ms. Xia Shuwen, who were believed to be responsible for the TV interception, more than ten practitioners who distributed Dafa flyers were also arrested. Among them are Ms. Ao Shuhua, Ms. Zhao Shuzhi, Ms. Yang Wenhua (Mr. Ouyang's wife), Ms. Zhang, Ms. E and Mr. Yuan Yanbo. There are still several other people whose names are unknown.

Can those who know the situation please offer further detailed information?

We appeal to the righteous people all over the world for support and help in rescuing Falun Dafa practitioners persecuted in Mainland China.

Units and persons who are responsible:

Sun Degui, Director of the Police Department of Nahe City;
Fu Libing, Head of the "610 Office" of the Police Department of Nahe City, once broke a lady practitioner's leg while beating her;
Lu Dingzhi, in charge of security affairs in the Police Department of Nahe City;
The Political and Judiciary Committee, phone: 86-452-3323585;
The Police Department of Nahe City, phone: 86-452-3324113;
The Criminal Investigation Brigade of Nahe City, phone: 86-452-3383340;
Nahe City's Detention Center, phone: 86-452-3399223;
The office of the editor-in-chief of Nahe City's TV station, phone: 86-452-3360106 (can request the names of the four Dafa practitioners);
The Welfare Center of Nahe City, phone: 86-452-3371490 (can get information about practitioner's baby);
Jiang Fuzhong, Vice-director of the Police Department of Molidawa Banner;
Zhang Shibin, Director of "610 Office" of Molidawa Banner, cell phone: 86-13804704013;
Zhao Lei, Vice-director of "610 Office" of Molidawa Banner, cell phone: 86-13804703908;
National Guard Brigade of the Police Department of Molidawa Banner: Ao Xiaoguang, cell phone: 86-13947087350, Gu Xiaopeng;
The First Detention Center of Molidawa Banner: Yi Ying, Zhao Zhenfa, Meng Yuhong.

Related situations in Nahe City summarized:

Over the past four years, people from the "610 Office" of Nahe City have illegally arrested many Dafa practitioners and sentenced a significant number of them to labor camps and jails.

Between January and February of last year, they were arresting practitioners whose names were on their blacklist and imposing a fine of two thousand Yuan** on each practitioner, with no receipt given;
In July of last year, they illegally sentenced Mr. Zhao Changhai (from the fourth battalion of Chahayang Farm, Heilongjiang Province) to four years in jail. He is currently detained in Bei'an Jail of Heilongjiang Province.
Ms. Guo Jingfang, citizen of Nahe City, sentenced to four years in jail;
Ms. Liu Shuyue, citizen of Nahe City, sentenced to four years in jail;
Elder sister of Liu Shuyue, citizen of Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province, sentenced to four years in jail;

The above-mentioned three female practitioners are detained in the Women's Jail of Harbin City.

* "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

** Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.