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Yang Chunbao's Leg Amputated as a Result of Repeated Torture in the Handan Forced Labor Camp

December 05, 2003 |  


Mr. Yang Chunbao, a Dafa practitioner from Handan city, was a worker in a textile and dye factory. He was abducted and taken back to Handan City because he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. While being detained in Section 5 of the Handan forced labor camp, he suffered much torture. His right leg had to be cut off from the knee as a result of repeated torture involving frostbite and burning. Even when he was tortured to the point of being unable to walk, the TV station of Hebei province showed a program framing him as "intentionally causing trouble, defecating and urinating on the bed, making the bedding dirty." They failed to mention that he could not walk from the torture and was not receiving any care.

At the end of 2000, Yang Chunbao was carried out of the forced labor camp. The director of the forced labor camp said, "We must move him out of here. It would cost us thousands if he died here." According to several prisoners, Yang Chunbao was often beaten up by the police and prisoners as a group. When he could not move any more as a result of being beaten, they would take off his clothes and leave him out in the snow for a long time. After being frozen, he was taken in and placed by a heater. This was repeated many times. Yang Chunbao's body suffered severe frostbite, which led to the amputation of his leg.

Hebei TV station showed a program to defame Yang Chunbao. Part of the program said, "Yang Chunbao caused trouble intentionally in the forced labor camp. He did not use the washroom. Instead, he relieved himself on the bed, making the bedding dirty." There were several enlarged shots of him. According to several informed prisoners, Yang Chunbao was tortured to the point of being unable to walk. He had to relieve himself on the bed since he could not walk to the washroom and nobody was taking care of him.

At present, Yang Chunbao is still detained in Anhang Hospital (a mental hospital) in Handan city. He has been tortured for more than two years.

Zhang Qinchi, the party secretary of the factory (Home address: Changxinli resident community, Lingxibei Street)

Bei Dun, manager of the factory, (Home phone: 0310-3060719) has been seriously sick and waiting in Beijing to have an operation.

Wang Ruobin, director of Ankang hospital, (Home phone:0310-3037059). Home address: Dangxiao resident community in Lingxibei street.