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Hubei Province "610 Office" Extends its Persecution of Falun Gong Even to Non-Practitioners

December 26, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The evil police in Ezhou City not only persecute local Dafa practitioners at the cost of massive manpower and financial resources, but they also extended their persecution into neighboring Huangzhou City. They illegally detained Huangzhou Dafa practitioners Shi Wei and Xu Lamei for about one year, during which the thugs severely tortured them. Later, they illegally sentenced both practitioners to three years of forced labor. Shi Wei has served the full term and is now released. But Xu Lamei is still suffering severe mistreatment in a Wuhan City prison. Even after she was diagnosed with severe tuberculosis, the police still denied her medical parole because she did not write a promise to stop practicing Falun Gong.

Another Dafa practitioner Wang Jiansheng from Huangzhou City was detained in the Ezhou Detention Center for over a year. Prison guards and head inmates took all the money and clothing sent by Wang's family. After his release, Wang distributed Master's lectures and Minghui Weekly articles to practitioners in Ezhou. Ezhou police are currently engaged in a manhunt to capture him. They not only tapped Wang's family telephone, but also monitor his home and follow his family members on a regular basis. They even teamed up with Huangzhou City police and went to Wang's hometown Wuxue to search for him. Frustrated from their failure to capture Wang, the evil police raided his house. They not only took all Dafa books from his house, but also took a motorcycle and a computer that belonged to Wang's son. Wang's wife was so angry with the corrupt policemen that she could not restrain herself from crying out loud. The evil policemen showed no regret for their robbery. They even said, "If we had gotten Wang Jiansheng this time, we would have tortured him to death!" Wang has no choice but to stay away from home to avoid illegal arrest.

Huangzhou Dafa practitioner Ms. Tong Jinxian was repeatedly detained, he had to pay a fine of ten thousand Yuan. This fine was a huge psychological and economic burden for her low-income family (her mother is blind and her two children are good students; they all depend on her meager salary). After persecuting her relentlessly, the Huangzhou City "610 Office" authorities still would not leave her alone.

The authorities forcefully sent her to a brainwashing class in Hubei Province. They also monitored her home phone. Once they even broke into her home and hid inside to wait for her. After Tong was forced into hiding, the Huangzhou "610 Office" authorities began to harass her school officials. They demoted and suspended Tong's school principal. The principal was told that his job was contingent upon Tong's capture and the principal was supposed to send Tong to a brainwashing class. The principal suffered huge mental pressure and pain from being forced to go through with this ordeal.

December 6, 2003