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Dafa Practitioner Li Jingyi and Her Sister in Dalian City Clarify the Truth in Court

December 22, 2003 |   By a Dafa disciple in Dalian, China

December 12, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of December 11, 2003, Dalian City Zhongshan District Court held an open hearing for the trial of two Dafa practitioners Li Jine and Li Jingyi, who are sisters. Their alleged "crime" was hanging banners with "Falun Dafa is Good" written on them. At 9:40 am, the hearing proceeded in Courtroom One. Nearly thirty fellow practitioners attended the hearing.

On the morning of August 23, 2003, the Li sisters hung several banners in front of Dalian City Hall and Navy Square. The banners read "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." The police arrested the Li sisters on the morning of September 14.

The sisters maintained Dafa practitioners' honorable demeanor in the courtroom. Li Jingyi's firm belief in Dafa and defense on her own behalf deeply touched everyone present in the room. Even the judge listened carefully.

Li Jingyi said, "I am innocent. I will not sign any documents as you require me to do. Dafa practitioners are a group of good people. I hope all kindhearted people in this room can help the practitioners. Dafa is solemn and dignified. I call upon all good people to embrace the bright future with me."

Fellow practitioners in the hearing were sending forth righteous thoughts. Those who did not attend also sent forth righteous thoughts to assist the Li sisters. The hearing failed to reach a verdict. The judge decided to hold another one in the near future.

Fellow practitioners, please clarify the truth to local responsible government agencies. Please also continue sending forth righteous thoughts to resist the persecution.

Dalian City Zhongshan District Court address: 58 Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province.