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In a Few Words: Laziness

December 21, 2003 |  

December 3, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) For a period of time I treated studying the Fa and practicing Falun Gong exercises with an attitude of "waiting for tomorrow." Although I understood that this was wrong, I did not want to change myself. What was the reason that I was so lazy? I found the reason in the surface structure of the Chinese character for the word "laziness" ("lan3"). This character is formed with a "heart" radical and a word "lai4." Phrases related to "lai4" are "shameless or unreasonable," "act shamelessly," and "be perverse."

Examining myself I found that while the process of Fa-rectification advances forward at a lightening pace, instead of making the best use of my time and being diligent in my cultivation practice, I wasted a lot of time acting shamelessly in my heart. I was unable to do the three things well as Teacher taught and be diligent and strict with myself in my cultivation practice. Wasn't my behavior like neglecting my own duty? There was no difference between my performance and an ordinary person's drifting along aimlessly. Realizing the reason that hindered my progress, as indicated in the poem "New Life" of Hong Yin that "Notions changing, The decayed extinguished," I have not been lazy in my cultivation practice since then.