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Jiang's Policies Targeting Falun Dafa Bring Police to Moral Depravity

December 12, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) For the past four years, the police officers at the Public Security Bureau in Dong'gang City, Liaoning Province have abandoned their conscience and morality for fame and wealth. They have been turning a blind eye to criminal suspects at large, while pointing their guns at Falun Dafa practitioners who are law-abiding citizens, living their lives according to the Falun Dafa principle of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. For persecuting Falun Gong practitioners relentlessly according to Jiang's directives, the police force at Dong'gang City's Public Security Bureau has been highly decorated with awards and bonuses. According to incomplete statistics, the Dong'gang City police have abducted more than 400 Dafa practitioners and illegally sentenced over 100 to serve time in prison and forced labor camps. The Dong'gang City police force has amassed at least several tens of thousands of Yuan from ransacking Dafa practitioners' homes, and seizing their personal assets as well as extorting illegal fines from practitioners and their families simply for exercising their constitutional right to hold a personal belief,. [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.] Mr. Wang Yunlong is one of the police officers at the Public Security Bureau in Dong'gang City who has committed crimes against Dafa practitioners.

Mr. Wang Yunlong is the Chief of the Political and Security Section at Dong'gang City Public Security Bureau. Soon after he started to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, he discovered that practitioners would not fight back when they were beaten or sworn at, and was thus encouraged to abduct and torture practitioners at will. Wang also discovered that his boss became increasingly pleased with his work as he abducted more practitioners. In addition, he was starting to make quick and easy profits by extorting illegal fines from Falun Gong practitioners. Under Jiang Zemin's personal policy of persecution, no one has to take any legal responsibility if they torture practitioners until they are disabled or they die as a result of the abuse. Instead, any police officer can attain fame and wealth by making a career out of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Wang Yunlong decided that in regards to his career opportunities, "his time had finally come" as a result of his efforts to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Wang started working as a police officer at Heigou Village Police Station. Immediately after he abducted three Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Zhu Xiaoyan, Ms. Liu Meirong, and Mr. Zhang Jinlong, to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Wang was promoted to the Chief of the Political and Security Section at the Dong'gang City Public Security Bureau. The former Chief there was fired for failing to sufficiently persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Moreover, Wang extorted nearly 10,000 Yuan from the three practitioners as well as other illegally detained Dafa practitioners. He did this at the time when Jiang Zemin's instigation of persecution against Falun Gong brought about instant job promotions and quick, easy profits. As a result, Wang Yunlong enthusiastically pursued a path of corruption, self-interest and evildoing against Falun Dafa practitioners.

Since his job promotion, Wang became increasingly indulgent and reckless in persecuting practitioners. Each of Jiang Zemin's secret orders for persecuting Dafa practitioners or each so-called "sensitive day" provided him an additional opportunity for job promotion and quick profits built on the crimes he committed against Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. For the past four years, Wang Yunlong abducted or ordered the abduction of more than 400 practitioners, sending more than 100 to prison and forced labor camps, and extorting several tens of thousands of Yuan from them.

Since Wang Yunlong was promoted as the Chief of the Political and Security Section at Dong'gang City Public Security Bureau, his first target of persecution was Mr. Liu Zhiyun, a practitioner who owned a restaurant. Back in 1996, Mr. Liu Zhiyun suffered from an abscess the size of an egg on a main artery of his neck that doctors had declared incurable. When Mr. Liu obtained the Fa, he conducted himself strictly according to Falun Dafa's cultivation principles, practiced the Falun Dafa exercises, and the abscess disappeared miraculously by itself. Afterwards, his entire family also started to practice Falun Dafa.

Wang Yunlong targeted Mr. Liu Zhiyun because he believed Mr. Liu to be a rich man. Wang tried harassing Mr. Liu on multiple occasions in order to extort money from him. Although Mr. Liu saw through Wang's true intention, he still patiently and repeatedly shared with Wang the benefits he had obtained from cultivating in Falun Dafa, and clarified the truth to him. Unfortunately, Wang was not interested in anything but gaining his money, and could care less about Mr. Liu's words. Moreover, Wang became furious after his several attempts to extort money came without success. In July 2000, Wang illegally arrested Mr. Liu and with a fabricated excuse, threw him into the Dandong Forced Labor Camp, leaving Mrs. Liu Zhiyun to take care of their two small children. Wang Yunlong also forced the family to close down the restaurant.

"If I don't get any money from you, I will throw you into prison." This is the most common phrase heard from Wang Yunlong, a Chief of the "Public Security" Bureau. After Mr. Liu was released in 2001, he revealed the persecution that Wang subjected him to, and filed a civil lawsuit against him. With a potential litigation looming, Wang responded by complaining to the Public Security Bureau, "If we don't send Liu Zhiyun back to jail, we cannot relax and play Mah Jong (a traditional Chinese gambling game played by four people.)

In April 2002, Wang abducted Mr. Liu again on fabricated charges, and detained him at the Dandong Forced Labor Camp. Wang also abducted Mr. Liu's younger sister (Ms. Liu Mei or Mrs. Zhu Changming) and her husband (Mr. Zhu Changming). Based on fabricated charges and evidence that Wang put together, the Dong'gang City People's Court sentenced both Mr. and Mrs. Zhu Changming to 13 years in prison at Dabei Prison in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. During their detention in Dong'gang (and before they were sent to Dabei Prison,) Mr. Zhu was beaten while he was hung in the air for six consecutive days, and Mrs. Zhu lost consciousness several times during the torture he received.

Following the abduction of Mr. Liu Zhiyun, Wang Yunlong feared his elder brother, Mr. Liu Zhiqing, might also file a civil lawsuit against him. Wang started to harass Mr. Liu Zhiqing since 2003. Because Mr. Liu Zhiqing owned a restaurant, Wang "hinted" to him several times to pay a bribe, but Mr. Liu Zhiqing refused to comply with his illegal demand. On June 18, 2003, Wang abducted both Mr. Liu Zhiqing and Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Chundi. Ms. Yang questioned Wang regarding the legality of the abduction and the lack of arrest warrant, but Wang answered jeeringly, "You want to see an arrest warrant? No problem. I will produce one later."

Mr. Liu Zhiqing passed out multiple of times from the brutal torture he suffered during his detention (and prior to the transfer to Dabei Prison). It was only after Wang Yunlong was satisfied with the amount of torture he forced Mr. Liu to bear that he sent Mr. Liu to Dandong Hospital. Wang did not send Mr. Liu to the hospital to give him the medical treatment he needed, but as a tactic to extort money from his family. After he had collected the money from Mr. Liu's family, he transferred Mr. Liu from Dandong Hospital directly to Dandong Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Liu Zhiqing's household was left to the care of Mrs. Liu, their small daughter, and Mr. Liu's elderly mother.

Wang Yunlong also persecuted another Dafa practitioner, Ms. Liu Yanjun and her family using a similar strategy. First Wang abducted Ms. Liu Meirong (Ms. Liu Yanjun's younger sister) to the detention center. During the detention period, Wang extorted several thousands of Yuan from her family. Because Ms. Liu Meirong exposed Wang's crimes, he transferred her to the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for over a year of torture fabricating an excuse that she refused to turn in Dafa materials. Following her release from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, Ms. Liu Meirong continued to reveal Wang's crimes against Dafa practitioners. As a result, Wang started to use all sorts of excuses to harass and intimidate her. She was forced to leave home, going into hiding for more than six months. After Ms. Liu Meirong returned home, the very next day, Wang brought more than 10 police officers with him to her family's vegetable greenhouse where these men physically beat an unarmed woman until she was unconscious. Before she even gained consciousness, Wang abducted her to the Dong'gang Detention Center. Later the Dong'gang People's Court sentenced her to three years in prison based on the reason that "the police found Dafa truth-clarification material at Liu Meirong's home during the police's search." Ms. Liu Meirong was sent to Dabei Prison in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Two of Ms. Liu Meirong's elder sisters, Ms. Liu Yanhua and Ms. Liu Yanjun, were also victims of Wang Yunlong's persecution. He ordered Hongguang Police Station to arrest Ms. Liu Yanhua several times. They also abducted both of Ms. Liu Yanhua's son and daughter, and illegally detained them at the Dandong Forced Labor Camp (for men) and the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (for women.) Wang also sent Ms. Liu Yanhua to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and collected an illegal fine of more than 2,000 Yuan from her [4-month salary of an average urban worker.] The only person left in Ms. Liu Yanhua's family was her husband. After Ms. Liu Yanhua returned home from the labor camp, Wang continued to give her a difficult time. Before the 16th National People's Congress, Wang again abducted Ms. Liu Yanhua from her house for no reason at all. He kept her in illegal detention until she was at the brink of death due to the torture she suffered. In June 2003, Wang ransacked Ms. Liu Yanhua's home without even bothering to give any fabricated excuse, and abducted her for the third time to the detention center. In July 2003, he transferred Ms. Liu Yanhua to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp again. Fortunately, the labor camp refused to accept her in because she her physical condition in extremely poor condition and they did not want to take responsibility if she should die in their custody. [Based on Jiang Zemin's persecution policy, each forced labor camp gets a "death quota", or "the number of Falun Gong practitioners a forced labor camp is allowed to kill." Each forced labor camp is also rewarded for making a Falun Gong practitioner renounce his/her belief in Falun Gong. The camp officials did not want to forfeit one of their death quota numbers for a dying Falun Gong practitioner without obtaining their bonus reward from making her renounce Falun Gong.. Therefore, a dying Falun Gong practitioner, such as Ms. Liu Yanhua was at the time, was a highly undesirable case for the greedy staff at the forced labor camp.]

Ms. Liu Yanjun is the elder sister of Ms. Liu Meirong. Ms. Liu Yanjun was a teacher at Dong'gang Third Junior High School. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in December 2000 and was arrested by Dong'gang City Public Security Bureau's branch office in Beijing. The Dong'gang policemen at the branch office brutally beat her up and caused her to become paralyzed from the waist down. After Ms. Liu Yanjun was transferred back to Dong'gang City, Wang Yunlong interrogated other practitioners who had gone to Beijing with her and forced them to give fingerprints as a form of acknowledgement on a pre-written "confession," which stated that Ms. Liu Yanjun was the coordinator who organized them to go to Beijing. In September 2001, Dong'gang City People's Court used the fabricated "confession" with the forced fingerprints that Wang produced as evidence against Ms. Liu Yanjun, and sentenced her to 6 years in prison, combined with discharging her from her teaching job. She was sent to Dabei Prison in Liaoning Province. Her 14-year-old daughter was left home all by herself.

The Public Security Bureau in Dong'gang City was also directly responsible for the death of Mr. Wang Yuanjing (Ms. Liu Yanjun's husband.) Mr. Wang Yuanjing was the Deputy Chief of the Taiwan Affairs Office at Dong'gang City Committee. After July 20, 1999, Dong'gang City Committee and Dong'gang City's Public Security Bureau told him, "Falun Gong is a political organization because it is associated with the Taiwanese government," and coerced him to renounce Falun Gong. They also coerced him to make Ms. Liu Yanjun renounce Falun Gong, or they would be fired from their government jobs.

Due to the intense pressure, Mr. Wang Yuanjing came down with an illness, which Dong'gang City Central Hospital diagnosed as a stomach cancer. The hospital told him that they had no way of treating his stomach cancer, so Mr. Wang decided to seek medical treatment in a large hospital in Beijing. On August 30, 1999, Mr. Wang Yuanjing brought referral letters from his boss and the local Health Center, and left for Beijing with Ms. Liu Yanjun. At the Dandong Train Station, they ran into Wang Yunlong, who claimed that he was on police duty. He held onto Mr. Wang Yuanjing's arms with force and forbade him to get on the train. Mr. Wang Yuanjing showed Wang Yunlong the medical referral letters and explained to him that he was leaving for Beijing only to seek medical treatment. However, Wang Yunlong still refused to release his arms. Finally, Mr. Wang Yuanjing became enraged, pushed Wang Yunlong off, and got on the train.

Afterwards, Dong'gang City Committee and Dong'gang City's Public Security Bureau forced the couple's respective work organizations to fly to Beijing and bring them back. They also threatened Mr. Wang Yuanjing's friend, who helped him find good doctors in Beijing, to locate him in Beijing. When Mr. Wang Yuanjing heard the news, he decided that he did not have the heart to drag his friend into his trouble, so he flew back to Dong'gang City the next day after he arrived in Beijing without receiving the medical treatment that he had come for. When we went to visit Mr. Wang Yuanjing, he could barely talk, but he struggled to tell us this story with tears in his eyes. Soon Mr. Wang Yuanjing passed away. He died at the young age of 36, leaving his 13-year-old daughter in the care of his wife, who was also subjected to the Dong'gang City Public Security Bureau's persecution.

In order to cover up the truth of Mr. Wang Yuanjing's death, the Dong'gang City Committee and Public Security Bureau spread a shameless rumor that it was under the encouragement of his wife (Ms. Liu Yanjun), Mr. Wang Yuanjing practiced Falun Gong, refused to take any medicine for his stomach cancer, and thus died. They fabricated and spread the rumor to deny any responsibility of their crime, to slander Falun Dafa, and to instigate people's hatred toward Ms. Liu Yanjun. This is how the Dong'gang City Committee and Dong'gang City's Public Security Bureau ruined a family. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 50 residents in Dong'gang City that have been persecuted to death in a similar way that Mr. Wang Yuanjing was subjected to.

Another Dafa practitioner, Mr. Wang Qiang, a highly promising college student at Dalian Foreign Languages College, became mentally deranged due to Wang Yunlong's tortures. Mr. Wang Qiang also lost his ability to speak and suffers from amnesia. Every day, he has to depend entirely on other people's care.

Mr. Yu Shuxin, a local practitioner has collected much evidence that Wang Yunlong extorted money from Dong'gang Falun Dafa practitioners. Since Wang has learned of this news, he has been extremely worried and fearful. Wang also made multiple attempts to persecute Mr. Yu in retaliation for Mr. Yu's collecting evidence against him. In August 2003, Wang borrowed some officers from Dandong City's Public Security Bureau and tried to abduct Mr. Yu. Although Mr. Yu Shuxin successfully escaped the police's raid, he was forced to leave home and go into hiding.

Currently, every Dong'gang Dafa practitioner, who Wang Yunlong illegally detained in prisons and forced labor camps, has solid evidence against him for extortion and other crimes of persecution.