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A Practitioner from Israel: My Experience in Mexico Last Year

December 10, 2003 |   By David

(Clearwisdom.net) I knew that in October last year, Jiang was supposed to arrive in America, and that many sentient beings from different dimensions controlled his physical shell. In addition, this was a particularly good opportunity for sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, eliminating the evil to save as many sentient beings as possible. I understood that if we send righteous thoughts by putting in our minds this understanding with the great power of Gong, and directing this concentrated energy toward the evil which has been gathering in other dimensions, then this evil will not be able to escape at all.

I understood that our Teacher gave us Gong for Fa-rectification and elimination of the old forces; therefore as a Dafa practitioner, it was my duty. I sensed the great power within myself, and the ability to participate in the battle against the evil forces. I also understood that in the first place, I am rectifying and annihilating evil residing in my dimensions. By rectifying them, I am helping other people who are within my field to hear and receive Dafa in their hearts. I understood there are certain things in the Fa Rectification that depend only upon me, for which only I am responsible and carry the full accountability before all the sentient beings.

My previous trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, and the Baltic States, where Jiang had arrived changed my understanding of Dafa considerably, and I saw many of my gaps. On every such trip, a giant breakthrough occurred inside my Universe. I did not add any thought to the importance of how necessary it was for me to go there. My financial resources were depleted, but once I decided to go the next day, I received a phone call and an extra job offer. That way, for the rest of the month, I earned enough to completely cover all my trip expenses.

I received a "green light" when doing all the arrangements for my trip and I received the visa within three days, although the travel agency said they rejected visa application from many people.

I had 8 days for this trip so I decided to go to Houston and Mexico. On the first days of sending forth righteous thoughts in Houston, my acquaintance and association with other practitioners from different countries gave me an unforgettable feeling of one body.

When we were sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Houston, they brought a big group of Chinese students with flags and banners who supported Jiang. Behind me were six or seven students who shouted something and waved their flags. I took my book Zhuan Falun in Russian and approached them. I showed them the book and told them in my broken English about the Teacher Li Hongzhi, and what a magnificent Law Falun Dafa is. One Chinese woman spoke something angrily, but I knew to what extent these people had been poisoned by the lies of the Chinese government. I continued telling her that Falun Dafa is the Great Law, Falun Dafa is very good, and smiled to her. After a few minutes, all those students to whom I had been speaking left the place and I never saw them again. Only their banners were left there.

After three days, I arrived in Los Cabos, Mexico. On the way, we passed a big traffic circle connecting the area's main roads. We saw there two big beautiful Falun Dafa flags, some banners and a few dozen practitioners. Mexican soldiers and security agents were everywhere. The police passing by smiled at us and one man from security stopped the traffic whenever any of us had to cross the road. Later, I found out that the practitioners who came to Mexico earlier had clarified the truth about Falun Dafa and about the persecution to all levels of the government and various officials. Thus, we could freely be there and wear our yellow shirts.

Here we were waiting for the Chinese delegation led by Jiang to come. There were also many representatives of international mass media. I saw that the other side of the square was empty. There were no practitioners there. I felt that if there were no practitioners at that place, our collective force of all practitioners who arrived in Mexico to validate the Fa would be insufficient. I knew that the old forces always enter where there is a gap in our understanding, and this concerned the place where we were as well.

Some driving force directed all my actions. I picked up a flag with Chinese and English words: "Falun Dafa is Good" and headed for that abandoned corner. Everyone who exited the town and the lodges, where the presidents of different countries had been staying, had to pass this square because it was the main route. To all those who had been passing on this side, I was immediately getting into their field of attention. The flag I had brought with me was half a meter long. When I opened it up my body suddenly started getting big and filled in all the space around. It got huge, to such dimensions that I felt myself being a giant shield for other practitioners. All who passed by me beeped and waved greetings. I smiled to everyone and continuously sent forth righteous thoughts. Thus, I had been standing at that corner for several hours, but my hands were not getting tired from holding the flag. Later some practitioners came to replace me or help out and somebody put his cap on my head. I knew that every Dafa disciple's way of cultivation was arranged, and if I did not do a certain thing then this would become the responsibility of another practitioner. I could not allow this to happen, so I stood at that corner and felt that at this historic moment, I represented Dafa in this area and space.

Soon, from afar, the Chinese delegation seemed to appear and immediately two buses turned up which covered us so we would not be visible. I realized how fearful the Chinese dictator was and how they had tried to protect him and those like him. However, could some buses cover us up when the powerful motion of our Gong, stemming from another realm, had rectified all that did not comply with the characteristics of the cosmos: Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance? Several practitioners and I ran forward to open up Falun Gong flags in front of the Chinese delegation. At that moment, Mexico TV and the mass media photographed us and in my soul, I yelled to the departing delegation, "Falun Dafa is the true Fa!"

The next day, us, three practitioners decided to find the conference hall where the leaders' meeting was held in order to send righteous thoughts from close proximity. After we told the Mexican taxi driver everything necessary, he took us to a place not far from the resort where Jiang had been staying. On the way to the hotel a police patrol stopped us; apparently they had been warned. We showed them our passports but they did not let us in. They told us where we could receive permission to enter. That place was closed, but then a man from a Mexican delegation approached us and offered his help. He told us where the APEC conference was held, and told the driver how to get there. We went there at once. All the way there, we continuously sent forth righteous thoughts. When we got to the conference place, we saw many soldiers and security officials. The driver talked to the security agents at the door to the conference. All the conference participants had special cards with their photos. We were asked to show our permission, but instead we showed them our passports. To my amazement, the door in front of us opened and we entered.

Upon recalling how we found ourselves there, I realized that our Teacher arranged our appearance there. Everyone around was dressed smartly and everyone had these special delegates' cards, yet we were in our magnificent yellow Falun Dafa shirts. Everyone around was looking at us. I suggested that two practitioners wear shirts of different colors so as not to draw attention, and find a place for sending forth righteous thoughts. We got out to the place where swimming pools and an exit to the sea were. We found a place where we could stay a long time and be less noticed. We stayed there for almost ten hours continuously sending forth righteous thoughts, building a field of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance for all who participated in this conference. When we came back, we put on our yellow shirts, validating Dafa this way. A Chinese man from the Chinese delegation stood in the hall by the reception. He looked at us in astonishment. His conduct was telling me that he might be from the Chinese Security Service. The practitioner from Israel started talking to him in English, telling him about the magnificence of Dafa.

Next day, as we were walking in the street, I sensed intense pressure and thought that the head of evil was perhaps at a nearby place. I told this to another practitioner and she said she sensed the same thing. We stopped and started sending forth righteous thoughts. After two or three minutes, from nearby hotels, one escort car after another appeared. From afar, I saw on the windshield a sheet with three letters, CHN, the Chinese delegation. I decided to use still another opportunity, for validating the Fa, given to me by the Teacher. I went forward to the road, and stood up so all the Chinese delegation would see me well. I was wearing the yellow shirt with the inscription "Falun Dafa" in Chinese and "Falun Gong" in English. I stepped forward and stuck out my shoulders so each letter could be clearly seen on my chest so that everyone in those cars would receive an opportunity to read the words "Falun Dafa" and make a choice for themselves. At that moment, I sent forth righteous thoughts and the cars slowly rolled past me.

That evening we acquainted the residents of that town, children, and grown-ups, with Falun Gong. Little Fadu, whose father was tortured to death, played on that square while her mother and I showed those people the Falun Gong practice. Practitioners from different countries taught Mexicans the exercise movements.

I hope all fellow practitioners will put more effort in studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the facts to offer salvation to everyone.

Concluding this cultivation experience sharing, I would like to thank our Teacher for everything.

Thank you everyone.