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Former Disciplinary Committee Secretary Mr. Liao Yuanhua Suffers Brutal Force-feeding

December 01, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Based on news from Hubei Province, Liao Yuanhua and other Dafa practitioners who were abducted to Shayang City's Fanjiatai Prison in Hubei Province started a hunger strike in late September to protest the brutal persecution. Some practitioners' lives are currently in danger. On October 28, Clearwisdom.net revealed the brutal persecution of former discipline enforcement secretary Liao Yuanhua of Wuxue City, Hubei Province, in Shayang City's Fanjiatai Prison.

It was said that in 2000, Liao Yuanhua, exercising his legal right to appeal, told the government and everyday people how good Dafa is with his own experiences. However, what awaited him was being handcuffed and jailed. He was kept in Wuxue City Detention Center for one year and then sentenced and sent to Shayang City's Fanjiatai Prison.

According to a news source, in October of this year, after Liao Yuanhua, who was sick and lying on a bed in jail, looked at a flyer brought in by an official that had facts about the persecution, he solemnly said, "The facts are true, the real situation is more serious than what was stated on the flyer." He pointed to jailers Xiao and Xiong, who were nearby watching him and said, "It was they that did this." When that person wanted to have a look at the burn scars left on his feet, Xiao viciously hit the foot Liao was about to raise and blamed Liao by saying, "You passed out the information, otherwise, how could other people know this?!"

From news in July from the Mainland, Liao Huayuan was severely tortured during his detention in Shayang City's Fanjiatai Prison. Within a month after he was jailed, the guards instigated inmates to hurt one of his legs. In the Brick and Tile Factory of Fanjiatai Jail, the temperature inside a kiln stays between 70 to 80 degrees Centigrade (a heated glowing brick is like a branding iron). The police and inmates joined together and pushed Liao Yuanhua down to a pile of heated bricks. Instantly, the smell of burnt skin and flesh along with desperate cries broke out. Liao Yuanhua immediately lost consciousness on the scene. The vicious people laughed wildly, shouting, "Where are the actor and sounds of the show?" In order to protest the brutal persecution, Liao Yuanhua and other practitioners who also suffered from these tortures started a hunger strike in late September 2003, refusing to eat or drink.

According to insider information, the jail handcuffed and chained Liao Yuanhua's hands and feet, brutally inserted a rubber tube into his stomach, and force-fed him three times each day. Jail head Shi even shouted, "If we cannot force feed the food, let's open his throat with a knife and pour the food into his body!" A physical examination showed that Liao Yuanhua is currently in extremely weak condition.

Liao Yuanhua is a good husband, brother, and father. He has a 90-year-old mother at home. He had devoted his attention to taking care of her and is a dutiful son. After knowing the facts about the persecution, many people said, "He is such a nice person! Are those stories about the torture true?" "Is Liao Yuanhua still alive? How is he doing?" "He is so nice. When he was the Bureau Chief of Workers Protection and Compensation Bureau, he personally delivered pensions to a 90-year-old retired worker (because the older man did not have any family members around to take care of him). When he was the Discipline Enforcement Secretary at the Bureau of Agriculture, and low level work units presented him with New Year gifts, he took none of them." "He is honest and straightforward, and is the pride of our Wuxue people!"

November 17, 2003