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Dafa Practitioner He Huajiang from Daqing City Tortured to Death, His Orphaned Son Cared for by Local Falun Dafa Practitioners

November 08, 2003 |  


On September 16, 2002, Falun Dafa practitioner He Huajiang was abducted by persons from the No.4 Mine, the No. 6 Petroleum Collecting Plant, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province and the local police. His 14-year-old son was left alone in their home.

When local Falun Dafa practitioners heard this, they immediately sent food and helped fulfill the daily needs of the child. They also took turns going over to where he lived to take care of him. The neighbor saw all this, and deeply moved, said, "I never believed that people this good still existed in current society. Now that I have seen it with my own eyes, I am convinced. Only Falun Dafa disciples can do this."

He Huajiang was tortured to death on December 23, 2002. Jiang and his regime left his son nothing but a cold box of ashes. The young child can only cry on the inside as he has become an orphan and has no way to appeal for justice. Local Falun Dafa practitioners all came to take the child home, and said to him, "Kiddo, Falun Dafa practitioners' homes are your home. You are our child." Their true compassion calmed the child quickly. He did not want to leave the apartment where he used to live with his loving father. Hence, Falun Dafa practitioners paid for him to have a live-in housekeeper, and arranged for his school and living costs. They often went to visit him, and brought all sorts of groceries. A retired Falun Dafa practitioner gave the money he saved for his own grandson's bike to this young man. The financial conditions of local Falun Dafa practitioners are actually not so good. Some, who are retired, have only a 50-Yuan per month income [the average monthly pay for an urban work in China is 500 Yuan], but they are determined to bring this child up well, no matter what kind of hardship they have to endure.

During the 2003 mid-year Examinations (for high school level), this young man was admitted by Daqing City Petroleum Mine Vocational College into a 2 to 5 year college degree program. Falun Dafa practitioners gathered more than 10 thousand Yuan in educational funds for him. Though he normally lives in the dorm, every weekend he is treated by local Falun Dafa practitioners with good food and necessities, plus some pocket money. This child has no worries any more; he has already become one of the family members in each of these Falun Dafa disciple's homes.

People all see this child's situation, and all talk about it. Whenever someone mentions He Huajiang's child, people who know the truth will say with tears in their eyes, "Falun Dafa is great! Truly great!"