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Practitioner He Huajiang from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province Tortured to Death

November 30, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner He Huajiang, from Heilongjiang Province, worked in the fourth mine in the sixth oil extraction factory in Daqing city. On September 16, 2002, Daqing authorities asked the Qingxin Police Station in Hulu District to forcefully take He Huajiang from his workplace. After being detained for over three months, on December 23rd, he was put into the Daqing city labor camp. Midnight, the same day, He Huajiang was brutally tortured to death. Below is an account of what happened to him after he was illegally arrested by the Qingxin police.

On September 16, 2002, Daqing authorities asked Qingxin policemen Geng Yongling, Li Zhiyou, and other policemen, in collusion with the fourth mine security cadre Zhang Xinyou, to arrest He Huajiang at his workplace. There was no reason for this arrest. The arrest of He Huajiang was agreed upon by the fourth mine's cadre.

At around 5:30 in the afternoon, Gao Honggang, Geng Yongling, Li Zhiyou, Wang Qi, Zhang Lianfu, and others, seven or eight people, carried him in a car to the front of his house and demanded that he open the door. He said loudly: "What is wrong with my practicing Falun Gong? What crime is committed by being a good person?" He tried his best to get out of the vehicle. He also pleaded with people around him to take care of his sick son at home (as his wife had passed away).

The police were afraid of He Huajiang's shouting, so they choked him, beat and kicked him to push him into the vehicle. When his son heard his shouting, he ran out the door. The policemen even pushed his son into the car. The father and son were taken like this and then later separated at the police station. At the same time, He Huajiang's home was ransacked. He Huajiang was sent to the Longfeng detention center that night. He was kept at an undisclosed location, and it was said that he would be put into a labor camp for a few years. He Huajiang's son was not allowed to go home until 11 o'clock that night. During that time, policemen threatened him and tried to force him to tell who some of his father's fellow practitioners were.

On December 23rd, when He Huajiang was transferred to the Daqing labor camp, policemen instigated prisoners Wang Qinglin and others to force He Huajing to write a "repentance letter." That night, from around 9 to 11pm, prisoners poured cold water on him, tied him up to a steel chair, stuffed his mouth, opened the windows and doors, and sometimes took him outside to freeze. Because He Huajiang was kept in the freezing cold for too long, his heart stopped beating. After 11, He Huajiang was tortured to death in the bathroom of the second team.

The Fourth mine leaders who participated in persecution:

Fourth mine party committee secretary: Li Nianzhang

Fourth mine head: Wang Hongmin

Fourth mine security cadre: Zhang Xinyou

402 team secretary: Zheng Dewen