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Heilongjiang Province: 610 Office in Wuchang City Detains and Tortures Practitioners in a Brainwashing Class

November 30, 2003 |  

November 14, 2003


Practitioner Ms. Du Guoping is a farmer in Niujia Town, Wuchang City. In the middle of the night of July 20, 2003, Niujia Town police chief Ren Zhong, police officer Lin and several other policemen broke into Ms. Du's house. They violently dragged her out for 100 meters, beating and kicking her along the way. The violence tore off one of Ms. Du's toe nails. Later Wuchang City "610 Office"* staff Fu Yanchun and a few others came to Niujia Town to take Ms. Du to a brainwashing class. For two days, Fu Yanchun tortured Du Guoping by slapping her face and forcing her to squat. The torture lasted nearly one hour each time.

Practitioner Mr. He Yaoduo is a farmer in Niujia Town. On July 20, 2003, three policemen led by Lin and Minqing Village head Chen Bo abducted Mr. He to the town police station. Policeman Lin handcuffed He Yaoduo onto a bed's headboard, and then they slapped and kicked him for an hour. The same day, police chief Ren Zhong and village head Chen Bo took him to the Wuchang City 610 brainwashing class. In the following two days, 610 staff member Fu Yanchun and Mo Zhenshan tortured Mr. He Yaoduo violently: they slapped, kicked and shocked him with electric batons for more than one hour each day. They forced him to squat on the floor and shocked him with electric batons, twisted his jaw left and right, and even inserted the electric baton into his mouth. Mr. He Yaoduo was very steadfast, and the torture failed to shake his faith.

Mr. Liang Kerong is a government employee at the Harbin Development Zone Bureau of Industry and Commerce, a native of Harbin City's Dongli District. He was arrested in another city when he was involved in the production of truth-clarification flyers. The police later sent him to the Wuchang 610 brainwashing class. Over there, "610 Office" staff Fu Yanchun forced six practitioners to watch a defamation video. (Practitioners were forced to squat on the floor while watching the video.) After the video, Fu ordered everyone to repeat what they saw on the video. When Liang Kerong refused, Fu was furious. For two consecutive nights, he cuffed Mr. Liang's hands behind and slapped, kicked and shocked him with electric batons.

Mr. Na Weichen is a practitioner from Lalin Town, Wuchang City. On September 28, 2003, Mr. Na was abducted from home by "610 Office" deputy head Mo Zhenshan and several other policemen. The police took him to the 610 brainwashing class. In the evening, Fu Yanchun severely tortured Mr. Na. He slapped him first, then kicked him on the face and chest with a hard boot. When the beating failed to break Mr. Na's will, they started to shock him with electric batons. Later they forced him to grab the baton tightly to shock him. At last, they forced him to squat on the floor for a long time.

* The "610 Office" is a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well all other political and judiciary systems.