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A Detailed Account of Horrific Acts of Sexual Abuse and Torture by Authorities in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp

November 30, 2003 |   Article by just and kind insiders

(Clearwisdom.net) On June 29, 2003, the "News Overview" program broadcast on Dalian's TV Station reported on the situation of Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp. The Chief and the "educators" (who are actually prisoners) from the labor camp swore in front of the camera, "Our policy towards Falun Gong practitioners is 'to educate and influence them with compassion.' We and Falun Gong practitioners are like 'brothers.' There is absolutely no such thing as persecution here." The TV station also showed the staff in the labor camp singing, dancing, and playing in a yard that was full of flowers and grass. Is this really the truth? The following will unmask the staged kindness of the Dalian labor camp staff.

1. Long-term sleep deprivation and brutal tortures result in many deaths

Every Falun Gong practitioner here is imprisoned illegally and suffers from all sorts of inhumane tortures such as long-term sleep deprivation, beatings, and physical punishment.

The high-level officials in the labor camp have said to the public on different occasions, "Any kind of method will do as long as it can transform (the Falun Gong practitioners)." The methods they use include forcing Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, forcing them to write a guarantee letter [A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners.], a repentance letter[In this statement the practitioner is forced to admit remorse for practicing Falun Gong, promise to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.], a disclosure letter, and an examination letter (the so-called four letters). Chairman Hao Wenshai, Vice-President Zhang Baolin, and all captains, personally participated in the persecution using violence and brutal torture. In 2001, during politically so-called "sensitive" dates such as March 19, April 11, and May 10, these men persecuted all of the Falun Gong practitioners in a frenzy.

On the afternoon of March 19, 2001, under the direct command of Vice-President Zhang Baolin, ambulances with oxygen tanks arrived in the yard of the labor camp. A group of "educators" holding fully charged electric batons, some of whom were very drunk, started shouting at and beating the Falun Gong practitioners. They locked the practitioners in a room and one by one took them to another room to try and force them to give up their beliefs and sign a "transformation letter." They also tried to force the practitioners to slander or scold their most-respected teacher and Falun Dafa. Those who refused to do so were beaten with both electric and plastic batons. In the hallway, the loudspeakers broadcast the threatening harassment as they tried to force the practitioners to transform. The buzzing sound from the electric batons, the shouting from the thugs, and the screaming of the practitioners could be heard throughout the entire building. The tortured practitioners were randomly placed in the hallway and had wounds all over their bodies. Some of them were shaking and some were groaning in pain.

Mr. Chu Hui, 32, a worker in the Dalian seaport, was tortured with numerous strikes from the electric baton from 9 at night until 8 the next morning. There was not one spot on his body that was not burned from the electric shocks and his buttocks had been pulverized; he passed out many times. Whenever Chu Hui regained consciousness, Han Qong, the camp physician, would say that Chu Hui was fine and was fit to endure more beating. Officer Qiao Wei was laughing and shouting while he brutally beat Chu Huei, "I have not felt so satisfied in many years." The torture resulted in Chu Huei becoming paralyzed and thus, handicapped for the rest of his life.

Mr. Zhang Ruiming, the general manager of finance for Beijing Pacific Life, Dalian Division, had an electric baton stuck into his mouth and was shocked repeatedly. His lips became severely swollen from the shocks and his face was covered in blisters.

In the female prison, Dafa practitioners were forced to stand with their heads pointing towards their feet, holding their arms around their legs, while keeping their legs straight. There were pieces of paper placed in front of them that viciously slandered Falun Gong and Teacher. They were forced to hold this posture from 9 at night until 11 the next morning for seven days in a row. Some practitioners could not stand the pain and fell to the ground. The officers would immediately try to force the fallen practitioners to sign the slanderous papers. If they refused to sign, the practitioners would be shocked with the electric batons. Even old women were not spared from this treatment. Due to the long-term physical punishment, Ms. Hu Guilian and several other practitioner's faces were covered in bruises and their eyes were so swollen they could barely open them. Their facial muscles were swollen and stiff, and bruising on their heads caused tremendous pain and pressure.

Two people became handicapped during the this persecution. When Vice-president Zhang Baolin saw the badly wounded practitioners, he yelled sarcastically, "See how pitiful you look, that is because we did not beat you hard enough!."

In 2000, Dr Huang Guoqi, in his thirties, was beaten by Zhang Baolin, Jing Dianke, and Zhao (first name unknown) with electric batons because he insisted on practicing the exercises. He was then taken into a bathroom (which was usually filthy) and tortured for a week. His sentence was extended by 3 months.

In June, 2001 in the male prison, under the command of officers Qiao Wei and Wang Jun, practitioner Mr. Liu Yonglai's mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth so he couldn't scream. Then he was stripped and pushed facedown to the ground and beaten with 4-5 electric batons at the same time. The officers even poured cold water on him to cause more pain from the electric shock. They especially targeted the sensitive areas in his body such as his genitalia, soles of his feet, his palms, neck, mouth, and ears. His skin was burned by the electric shocks and emitted a burnt smell. Both sides of his mouth sustained tear wounds. At that time, officer Wang Qi made Mr. Wang Enchang watch the torture of Liu Yonglai. Wang would be shocked if he looked away.

Mr. Cong Wei was stripped, his hands were tied behind his back, and then he was pushed to the ground. An officer placed a chair on him and sat on the chair with an electric baton in each hand. There were two other officers holding electric batons in both of their hands. With a total of 6 electric batons shocking Cong Wei's sensitive body parts, Cong's body convulsed violently. No words can express how he felt he would 'rather be dead than alive.'

Mr. Chen Jiafu, in his fifties, died from the torture in 2001.

In June 2001, Mr. Wang Enchang, 65, was beaten by officer Wang Qi using an electric baton and a baton with a serrated edge. While beating Wang Enchang, the officer was shouting, "This is the law of the country! I represent the government!" Officer Wang Qi then appointed two "educators" to strike Wang Enchang's knees and shins with a folded short chair (mazha). Wang Enching fell to the ground from the unbearable pain. Officer Wang Qi also asked the "educators" to use a wooden board to beat Wang Enchang's shoulders and back and the baton with a serrated edge to hit his chest, which caused him such extreme pain it felt like his heart was bursting open. Then the thugs kicked and stomped on Wang's genitals for over 10 minutes. Officer Wang Qi hung a filled water bottle on Wang Enchang's penis to torture him. After this, Wang Qi sent 2 'educators' each day to take turns beating Wang Enchang and shouting, "Let me represent the government to teach you a lesson!" When Wang Enchang lost consciousness, they claimed that he was just pretending. They tied Wang's hands with leather strips and then violently pulled on the strips. Wang was tortured all day long and had wounds everywhere; his lower body was totally covered in bruises. Many people witnessed the horrific torture he was subjected to.

From August to September 2002, Mr. Liu Xiyong, 62, was taken to a bathroom by officer Jing Dianke (male, assistant captain) claiming that Liu had scabies. Officer Jing Dianke asked the "educators" to tie Liu onto an iron bed and beat him brutally. Officer Guo Peng (male, Assistant Captain) wore heavy boots and kicked and stepped all over Liu; Guo even cuffed Liu's hands behind his back to the bed, which made it impossible for Liu to turn around or clean himself for over 40 days.

In the female prison, officers Sui Ziqiang, Yong Mingjiu, Wang Jun Sr., Wang Jun Jr., Tao Jun, Han Youfa, and Gao (first name unknown) also brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners.

Ms. Man Chunrong, 40 plus, practiced the exercises one night and consequently was dragged outside and brutally beaten from 8 until 11 am. Officer Sui Ziqiang beat Ms. Man until both of her legs were severely bruised. Her leg muscles were stiff and immobile for two weeks.

Ms. Fan Wangyue, 30, was a dentist in the Dalian Chinese Medicine Hospital. Her legs were severely bruised due to the beatings and were so swollen that the skin looked shiny.

Ms. Chang Xueling, 38, almost suffocated because the police officers covered her nose and mouth with layers of wet towels. In the winter, the officers poured cold water on her and opened up the windows to make her suffer more.

Ms. Wang Binhua, 27, was tortured in the bathroom, which caused all of her fingernails to turn black for over a year. She was not allowed to use the facilities for so long that her bladder became painful and she ended up urinating in her pants.

Ms. Hu Guilian, 50 plus, practiced the exercises one night and was thus punished. She had to stand all night long without moving. Officers Lin Yi and Sui Ziqiang kicked her in the head and beat her with plastic batons.

Ms. Wang Hurong, fifties, was beaten so severely that her buttocks were injured and an inch thick raised welt appeared.

Ms. Sun Yuying, forties, was beaten until her entire lower body was black with bruises.

Ms. Fu Shuying, 60, was locked in a dark cell and punished by a method called "splitting the horse" (an extremely brutal punishment in which ones limbs are pulled in 4 different directions with extreme force) for an hour. She felt she was almost torn apart and suffered extreme pain.

Ms. Wu Yueju, 50 plus, was locked in a bathroom and tortured for a month. She was handcuffed day and night and had to wear a boxing helmet [to make the victim feel extremely hot and uncomfortable] for a week.

Ms. Li Yumei, 40 plus, was dragged to the ground from an upper bunkbed and was punched on her ears and physically tortured by officer Lin Yi until the morning. Consequently, she was unable to hear for 2 months.

Ms. Ding Yuqin, 40 plus, was severely beaten by officer Yang Jing and a group of new officers while her head was covered. She was later taken to the bathroom to continue the torture.

Under the order of officer Jiang Yi, Ms. Li Yurong, 60 plus, was beaten by Lian Shu and others until her mouth was so swollen that her lips couldn't close and her eyes could not open.

Ms. Sun Lianshia, over 40 years old, and a medical doctor, died in 2001 because of the torture.

Ms. Gong Xueqin, over 50 years old, and her daughter were both tortured until they suffered from a mental collapse; the daughter was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Ms. Jin Guirong, 53, refused to give up her practice and was hence beaten by a group of people. She was not allowed to sleep for a long time. After this, she was locked in the bathroom and tortured for 5 days.

Ms. Wan Jing, Ms. Wang Rongjian, and Ms. Zhou Meihua were all determined practitioners and so were brutally beaten and severely tortured.

Ms. Wang Qiuxia, 48, was threatened, harassed, and deprived of sleep. When she was not in a normal state of mind, she signed a "transformation letter." After returning to her senses, she immediately asked the captain for the letter back. As a result, around June 10, 2001, she was dragged to a storage room, stripped by 7-8 people, and beaten by a gang of 20 so-called "educators." The people that participated in the beating included Wang Qi'er, Qu Huan, Xiu Yue, Yao Hui, Zhang Xuemei, and Lian Xu. They used shoes and Coke bottles filled with water to beat Wang Qiuxia. Wang was screaming, "Help!" but the officer on duty, Wan Lingyue, just stood and watched Wang being beaten to death. Wang's body was taken away in a cloth sheet.

Wang Qiuxia was beaten until she was black and purple all over and her head was severely swollen (at that time, the captains in charge were Tao Jun, Ma [first name not known], and Gao [first name not known]). After Wang Qiuxia's death, the labor camp tried to block the news from getting out but failed. Everybody in Dalian, in China, and even in the entire world knows about the brutal acts in the labor camp.

Wang Qiuxia's death exposed how evil and underhanded the persecution of Falun Gong is. A group of people was chosen among the "educators" to beat Falun Gong practitioners. Whoever was able to transform the Falun Gong practitioners received a reduction of their prison sentence. A female "educator" refused to beat practitioners; officer Huang (first name not known) female, approximately 40, threatened, "you have to beat them no matter whether you want to or not!" Assistant Chief Zhang Baolin said, "Why do people keep a dog at home? To watch the door and bite. Why does the labor camp keep you? You are dogs and you must bite for us!" This is how the labor camp maintains a team of people to conduct brutal beatings: female educator Zhang Xiujuan, is a well-known cold-blooded criminal who wears boots when she is beating practitioners; Xie Xiaoli, Ge Hong, Zhang Yang, Gao Binling, Guo Ling, and Wang Fang and male educators Liu Fengliang and Liang Changsheng are all "tools" of the labor camp used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The officers do not physically participate in the beatings so they will be able to claim that they are not responsible if the incidents are exposed to the public.

Ms. Zhang Xiujuan and others dragged Ms. Yang Ming, 50 plus, to an iron cage and stripped off her her clothes so she was topless. When Yang Ming could no longer stand being beaten, Zhang Xiujuan made some ropes from a torn bedsheet and tied Yang Ming to the bars of the iron cage in a T-shape. Yang's toes barely touched the ground and she was continuously beaten. One time Yang Ming was walking in the hallway and as Zhang Xiujuan walked towards her, Zhang suddenly kicked Yang in the face, which tore Yang's lips open. Eventually, Yang Ming suffered from mental collapse from the constant persecution.

Mr. Ju Fei was taken to the labor camp in March 2003. Officers Guo Peng and Song Henyue asked Liu Fengliang and Liang Changsheng to kick Ju's face and neck with boots, which caused Ju's face to become swollen. A few days later, people in the labor camp persecuted Ju Fei again; Song Shuwu used the bottom of a shoe to continuously strike Ju Fei's mouth; Yang Lixin pulled out a piece of straw from a mattress and stabbed it into Ju Fei's ears. The straw penetrated approximately 2 inches and damaged Ju's eardrums. Song and Yang were beating Ju Fei in a fury and shouting, "It's nothing if you die. So what if a few people die in the labor camp!?" Ju Fei's face and mouth were all swollen and he was wounded everywhere. Officer Guo Peng later ordered Liu Fengliang, Liang Changsheng, and others to beat Ju Fei with a wooden board on his bare buttocks.

Mr. Zhang Yong, 36, is an engineer in the Dalian Electronic Research Center. In March 2003 Song Shuwu from the eighth team beat Zhang on his head with a folded short chair (mazha) and slapped him with the sole of a shoe. Zhang was tortured by being hung up by his handcuffs" on March 28.

Mr. Liu Wencan, 59, was put into a bathroom and tortured by Jing Dianke in February 2003. Liu was handcuffed to an iron bed, with his hands tied behind his back for 7 days. After the handcuffs were removed, Liu's lower body was paralyzed. He is still unable to take care of himself.

People in the labor camp tied Mr. Shi Yueli's legs to the legs of a chair and cuffed his hands to the back of the chair. Afraid that Shi would scream, they covered his head with 4 layers of bed sheets and then shocked him with electric batons and beat him with plastic batons from toe to head. A few people became exhausted from the beating and said, "We want to stop beating you but the captain insists we continue. There is nothing we can do." Officer Jing Dianke came in and shouted at Shi, "I must beat you until you are transformed. You do not drink alcohol because of the practice? I will feed you some today." Then they pried open Shi's mouth using a hard board, dislodging one of his teeth and causing his mouth to bleed. Regardless, they still forced alcohol into Shi's mouth, which flowed into his trachea and caused Shi to become unconscious. Later on, they handcuffed Shi to a bed for over 2 months. During this time, with the permission of officer Jing Dianke, Shi was brutally beaten many times and ended up being totally paralyzed and not able to take care of himself. Investigations have shown that from early 2002 until May 2003, Shi Yueli was severely persecuted three times and tortured with brutal beatings.

Mr. Lu Kaili was severely persecuted starting in January 2001. Both of his hands were cuffed and he was forced to wear a boxing helmet [to make the victim feel extremely hot and uncomfortable] and force-fed with strong liquor many times. Lu was not allowed to brush his teeth, wash his face, or take a shower during this time. The "strict class" is a place that intensively tortures determined Dafa practitioners. The beds in the "strict class" do not have mattresses and the boards on the beds are spaced quite far apart. Practitioners are handcuffed to the beds in a T-shape, which is extremely painful. Practitioners are not allowed to move and are under surveillance all the time; they are beaten if they move, and there are no covers on the beds. In the winter, cold water is poured on the practitioners. Practitioners are either deprived of water or force-fed a lot of water but not allowed to use the bathroom.

When some practitioners stated that the transformation letters they signed under duress were void, the officers would warn the practitioners in a threatening way, "It is harder than reaching the sky if you want to change your mind here. It is not possible to void a transformation letter." This is how the "rate of transformation" is exaggerated and unreal "records of success" are reported.

2. Vicious mental destruction

Together with the physical torture, the police officers also added mental torture, personal humiliation and spiritual persecution.

Officers know that Dafa practitioners highly respect their Teacher, hence Zhu Fongshan, Yong Mingjiu, Sui Ziqiang and Jing Dianke used the most vicious and unbelievable words to slander Teacher and practitioners. This caused psychological stress upon psychologically and caused them to feel very hurt.

Ms. Sun Yan, was over 30 years old. One officer wrote Teacher's name on her body and humiliated her with insulting words.

Ms. Hu Guilian, was over 50 years old. Officers wrote Teacher's name on her face, torso and hands (both front and back) and twice stripped-searched her touching her body in an sexually inappropriate manner.

Ms. Gong Chunxiu, was over 50 years old. Officers wrote malicious words on her body (both back and front) slandering Dafa and Teacher. She was forced to carry 2 large bags and was criticized and badly beaten.

Ms. Li Ping, was over 40 years old. Male officers persecuted her physically and humiliated and degraded her. They shaved off her hair, cut off her eyelashes, pulled out her puic hair with tweezers and sexually abused her. The men kept on saying, "we are working for the government; we are the real "good" people." To force Li Ping to give up her practice, Xie Xiaoli followed the captain's order and force-fed Li Ping urine!

Officer Jing Dianke not only writes slanderous words on practitioners bodies to insult Falun Gong he even uses more base methods to destroy Falun Gong practitioners psychologically. According to the survey, Jing Dianke not only took part in the events of March 19, April 11th and May 10th persecuting Dafa practitioners, he also planned the persecution of practitioners Lu Kaili, Wu Jun, Gu Chun and Shi Yueli in the year of 2002. He is the most notorious among all police in the labor camp. We have his detailed criminal record.

Police Chief Hao Wenshuai and Vice-Chief Zhang Baolin, repeatedly claimed in all meetings, "Everything is allowed as long as it can transform (the Falun Gong practitioners)". All these are direct result of Jiang Zemin's genocide policy "defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, destroying them physically". Zhang Baolin often says, "Aren't you talking about evil and malice? I am the evil! I am the malicious ghost!"

3. Cruel and base methods to torture female Falun Gong practitioners: shoe brushes and long rods forced into their vaginas until bleeding is caused.

For the female Falun Gong practitioners, the labor camp adapts even more beastial means to conduct sexual assaults. In the female prison, by order of Captains Han Jianmin, Wan Lingyue, Wan Yalin and officers Yang Shengsheng and Yang Jing, a group of hit men led by Zhang Xiujuan and Ge Hong adapted brutal ways to persecute female practitioners.

Ms. Chang Xuexia, 34, was stripped and brutally beaten and locked in a bathroom. Officer Wan Yalin ordered a hired man to forcibly insert a shoe brush into Chang Xuexia's vagina until she began bleeding and fainted.

Ms. Fu Shuying, 60, was punished by having her limbs pulled with extreme force in four directions simultaneously for an hour. She felt she was almost torn apart. The hired thug forcibly inserted a long rod into her vagina causing severe inflammation necrotic tissue from the resulting infection.

Ms. Zhong Shujuan was punished by being by having her limbs pulled with extreme force in four directions simultaneously. The hired man also forcibly inserted a toilet brush into her vagina to torture her which caused heavy bleeding. So later when she was forced to sit on a small stool, she passed a lot of blood and the police attempted to cover up her medical condition by saying saying that she was suffering from a feminine disease.

Ms. Chen Hui, 27, received the "stretching punishment" to her genitals. Her mouth was stuffed with a mop and a thug forcibly raped her repeatedly by forcing a thick rod into her vagina again and again. After that, she was forced to stand motionless for an extended period of time.

Ms. Sun Yan, 30+, her thumb became numb due to being stretched backwards for a long time by the police. She suffered from uncontrollable vaginal bleeding after being subjected to the horrific "stretching punishment" and the blood ran down her legs. Even the hired men said it was too cruel. Sun limped for a year from the torture.

Ms. Chu Sumei had to squat in the bathroom for five days. The hired thugs forcibly inserted a mop covered with chili pepper into her vagina to cause her extreme pain. The torture is so heinous that it caused her not to be able to lay down for more than 3 months.

Ms. Man Chunrong, was over 40 years old. A hired thug poured hot chili sauce into her vagina while torturing her.

Ms. Wang Lijun, 33, was locked in the bathroom for more than a month and hired thugs forcibly inserted shoe brushes to sexually torture her.

It is impossible to report every horrific detail here. The officers still say: "We represent the government in transforming you!"

4. Practitioners are forced to work long hours at intensive, even unbearable labor.

Dafa practitioners are not only tortured but also have to perform forced labor and make money for the officers. Some jobs include picking beans, sewing on buttons, making holes in the chopsticks and tying seaweed into knots. In order to make money, the police assign practitioners to forced labor everyday. Practitioners work non-stop trying to finish the work. If they don't finish, they are not allowed to sleep. The labor time is constantly prolonged. Initially it was from 8 am to 8 pm, then it turned into 5:45 am to 11 pm. The overly long hours coupled with extreme stress for the physical labor caused many practitioners faint. The terrible food caused malnutrition among many of the practitioners. In the winter of 2001, the officers fed the practitioners sprouted and green potatoes. Many practitioners became ill and lethargic and had allergic reactions. The practitioners are so downtrodden and officer Han Jianmin still said, "This is the best treatment for you, this is heaven for you," "Don't even think about leaving here. If you die, you die here!"

Crimes continue at the Dalian labor camp. The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg of the violent acts there. Since the persecution against Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, Dalian labor camp has killed 6 Dafa practitioners Mr. Chen Jiafu, Mr. Liu Yonglai, Ms. Sun Lianxia, Ms. Wang Qiuxia, Ms. Yu Lixin, and Mr. Zheng Wei. Many people were physically disabled from beatings including Mr. Qu Hui, Mr. Liu Wencan, and Mr. Xue Nan. And others became mentally ill (Ms. Gong Xueqin and her daughter, Ms. Yang Ming, Ms. Li Hua and Ms. Liu Hua) and many others have been left with physical and mental trauma that will never heal.

So this is the result of "educational transformation," what Dalian forced labor camp claims to be "like a family," "with compassion and patience!" Chief Hao Wenshuai shamelessly spread lies on TV. The directors and editors from "News Overview" have given up their conscience, dignity and responsibility as news reporters. They lied only about themselves and lied to fool the public. The Dalian labor camp is a combination of bloody and brutal beating policies and a bunch of base gangster-like police officers.

Over the past 4 years, Jiang Zemin has manipulated the national system and social resources through lies, propaganda and deceit to carry out the national terrorist genocide of "defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, destroying them physically" against Falun Gong. Jiang siphoned a quarter of the nation's financial resources to persecute millions of innocent people and to destroy people's belief in truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. Spearheading the persecution against Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin is already etched onto history's column of shame.

The Dalian labor camp completely supports Jiang Zemin and fanatically persecutes Falun Gong. It is definitely guilty! The vicious hired thugs in the labor camp have already been put on the list of evil. For whatever is mentioned in this article, we have reliable witnesses and detailed true physical evidence. We will take the criminals to the court when the opportunity presents itself!